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BSBINN601B Manage Organisational Change Assignment Help

BSBINN601B Manage Organisational Change Proof Reading Services


As an external change management consultant employed by Fast Track Courier Pvt Ltd., this report is prepared in order to understand the change requirements in the company. The required changes are identified for the organisation. It will be discussed how different environmental factors impact on the objectives of the organisation.

BSBINN601B Manage Organisational Change Assignment Help

1. Analysis of the organisational objectives to identify the change requirements of fast Track Couriers Pvt Ltd

Identify requirements for change

The company is required to implement some changes in their operations and structures so that the goals can be met. The company need to reduce the delivery times by improving the distribution systems. The company need to motivate its workforce well so that they can contribute to achieving the goals of the company. They need to develop a professional and motivated workforce which can work in the direction of achieving the goals of the company. They need to bring change in the employee unions and the relationship maintained with them. It will eliminate or reduce the resistance to change in the workers. Safety needs to be increased at workplaces which will reduce injuries. The company need to bring changes in productivity reporting (Gerbec, 2016).

The linkbetween the identified change needs and organisation’s strategic goals.

The changes made in the company should match the requirements or the goals of the company. Fast Track Courier Pvt Limited identified some change needs which are linked to the goals of the organisation. The link is shown below:

a. The changes in the workforce are required to expand the business in the metropolitan area by 7.5%. The workforce has to be more efficient which can be done by motivating them. Technology can play a better role in making the workforce efficient. Training can be provided to the employees so that the resistance to change can be reduced consistently.

b. The systems like PDA should be used which can manage the distribution function in a better way.

c. The workforce should be developed in accordance with the requirements of the business plan and to achieve the functional, operational and strategic goals and plans.

Review the organisation’s current state to understand how the current policies, practices and operations deliver against the organisation’s strategic goals.

The performance of the organisation against its objectives with regard to:


People:The workforce of Fast Track Couriers Pvt Ltd. plays a major role in achieving the goals of the company. The drivers need to be trained and motivated so that they can take part in learning and development activities. This removes the resistance to change and help in achieving the expected results (Campbell, 2014). The introductionof PDA systems and the policy of one driver per truck instead of two drivers created a clash between the drivers and management which creates resistance to change and affects the performance of the company.

Processes:The process systems of the company are slower because of which the delivery times are longer. The processes like GPS systems assist drivers in reaching the exact locations. It reduces the time wastage and efforts of the drivers. The drivers are frustrated with the processes of PDA because they are not properly trained for them.

Technology:Technology improves the efficiency and productivity of the workers but it needs proper training for the usage of devices like GPS or PDA. When the workers are not trained for technology, it creates resistance in them to accept the changes in the organisation.

Structure:the structure of Fast Track Couriers Pvt Ltd. shows that the higher authority, General Manager has to be out of the office every time which lacks the control over the main office functions and operations. The drivers, CFO and office team managers have to directly report to General Manager who doesn’t have proper control of the office.

Monitor external trends to identify events or trends which may impact on the achievement of the organisation’s strategic plan goals

Two external trends are identified which may impact the achievement of the organisational goals. They are:

Government regulations:government regulations keep on changing and this can affect the operations of the company. The increase in tax rates, freight or transport charges can increase the cost of the company can reduce profits.

Technology:Technology is ever changing and the change in technology might impact the productivity of the company. They will have to adopt the best available technology to provide best services to their clients (Geelhoed, et. al., 2014).

Identify major operational change requirements:

Identify changes due to performance gaps

The changes due to performance gaps are easily seen when the company decided to limit one driver per truck instead of two. They decided to reduce the costs and increasing the benefits of the company. This created dissatisfaction among the workers and they were not ready to accept the change initiated by the company.

Identify changes due to business opportunities

The changes are made when new trucks are purchased in order to expand the market share by 7.5% for the business. This would help them in covering more markets and new technologies like GPS are introduced which would reduce the time taken in making deliveries.

Identify changes due to threats

The company have to arrange for training programs and have to maintain good relations with the trade unions so that they can have control over the workforce. It will also help them in combating the threat of strikes or lockouts by the workers.

Identify changes due to management decisions.

The management decided to build better communication systems with the drivers and the industrial unions in order to make their plans successful.

Identify specialists to be consulted to assist with identifying change needs

  • 1. HR specialist
    2. IT expert

Problem-solvingand decision-making consultancy model can be used to engage specialists in the change management. This includes identification of the problem, action planning and then taking the actions to solve the problem.

Consult with the specialist to assist with identification of change management requirements and opportunities

HR specialist:It is to be consulted to develop a motivated and trained workforce so that they can adopt the changes.

IT expert:IT expert is necessary to teach the workforce about technology and its benefits to them so that they can know the usage.

Identify who, when and how stakeholders managers will be engaged to review and prioritise change requirements

The managers who need to be informed are the general manager, IT manager and the HR manager. The General Manager is responsible for all the operations of the offices. So he should be informed about all the changes in the business in terms of people, processes, technology, structure and more. HR manager is responsible for responsible for training and development of the employees so that they can manage the changes in the organisation. So, HR manager needs to be informed. The IT manager is the one who looks out for different available technologies and chooses the best for the business. So, he should be informed about what changes are required in the organisation (Geelhoed, et. al., 2014).

The company can adopt a stakeholder planning process where the stakeholders are identified, their issues are identified and plans are made for engaging them in the company’s operations and achievement of goals. The process completes with the evaluation of the whole process and reporting back to the shareholders. Here, the managers, employees, trade unions and customers are engaged to review the requirements of a change in the business (Pollack & Pollack, 2015).

Priority to the changes recommended to business





Motivation to workers

First of all, motivated workforce is important to understand the needs of the company


Training and Development for employees

Training and development will nurture the employees and will help in resistance to change.


Development of relations with the trade unions

Good relations with the trade unions will develop trust between company and employees.


Development of integrated systems

This will help in bringing the change and will help in achieving the goals of expansion of business.


It can be concluded that Fast Track Courier Pvt Ltd. has to go through many changes for which it has to develop its employees. It is done so that they can face the changes in the organisation which are good for the organisation's growth. Training and development will provide motivation to the workers and the company will be able to grow with the support of its workers.


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