BSBINN601 Lead and Manage Organisational Change Assignment

BSBINN601 Lead and Manage Organisational Change Assignment

BSBINN601 Lead and Manage Organisational Change Assignment


Lonsdale is the fitness centre in Australia which has several branches in the country. The fitness centre wants to conduct a meeting of all trainers for the proper regulations of ethical policies and standards. There is a need to improve the facilities in fitness centres due to lack of standardization in the functions and operations and low quality of the several training levels. The fitness centre wants to appoint the change lead and manageorganisational to prepare a new plan to execute the changes in a wider scope.

Project Sponsor

The senior manager of Lonsdale fitness centre will approve the project after evaluating the plan so that it cab be implemented in the organisations. The changes that are required in the project plan are accountable to the senior manager.

Project Objectives

The main objective of the project is to execute a change plan for Lonsdale so that it can take new initiative for the improvement of the structure of the fitness centre. Its main aim to provide satisfaction to the customers and they are meant to be availed with the safety measures which is the first priority of the customers. It also makes its employees follow the code of conducts so that they can easily formulate the plan for the changes that take place in the centre.

Change Objectives and Principles

The changes that take place in the Lonsdale fitness centre will help in providing the customers with proper knowledge and information about being healthy and fit. The trainers are provided with the training facilities and programs so that they can provide satisfaction to the customers. The trainers are provided with the information about the criteria of qualification they require in Lonsdale. The trainers are made to participate in the changes of the organisation so that they can reach the ultimate level of training that has to be provided to the trainers (Appelbaum, 2013).

Various principles such as consultation, timeliness, inclusiveness help in formulating the strategies for implementation of change plan in the organisation. The time has been meant for the trainers so that they can complete their training period and provided services to the customers. They are made to consult with each other regarding the issues or problems that have been faced by the customers due to the training period. This would help in evaluating the plan of the organisation in its implementation.
Various ethical issues such as safety, education, certification, guidance etc. are the issue faced by the trainers in the Lonsdale. These issues are resolved by adopting the code of conduct in which the trainers are provided with training facilities and employees who are posses with the utmost qualification of cert III. The trainers are provided with equal remuneration with the study material as well as accommodation facilities.

Estimated Cost & Time

The estimated cost of implementing the project plan is $20000 and the time it would take is approximately 2 years.

Change Plan Elements

The various elements that need to be taken into consideration for implementing the project plan in Lonsdale are-

1. People- The people in the organisation need to be provided with the training even the people who have experience in providing fitness services to the customers need to be trained. The communication gap needs to be reduced in the Lonsdale so that the employees can have interaction with others so that they can know the needs of training in various prospective. As well the culture of the organisation would be understood and the allocation of task to responsible people will be made. People are the important elements of culture and organisation that needs to be trained so that they can provide safety and services to the employees (Barton and Court, 2012).

2. Technology- The up gradation in the technology is necessary to be adopted by the Lonsdale fitness centre so that they can provide the qualitative services to the customers. The use of new technologies also makes the organisation to use different methods of training so that the trainers can get to learn new measures of providing services and safety to the customers. The use of technology will reduce the time of training that is to be provided to the employees in the Lonsdale (Bik and Goldstein, 2013).  

3. Documentation- The documentation is required to implement the plan in the organisation as it makes the management to know the number of people who require training as well as the number of people who carry the required level of qualification. The systematic record of each and very employees and the customers need to be maintained in the organisation so the plan can be implemented efficiently after considering each and every aspect.

4. Roles- The different roles of the employees in the organisation plays and effective role in the implementation of change plan in the organisation. As the role of each and very individual is different from one other and they take initiative in the development of the structure of the organisation with the adoption of ethical norms and code of conduct.

5. Process- The process that needs to adopt in the Lonsdale for the effective implementation of the plan is very important as the process of the organisation is a core element of the project plan. It also involves the process of communication among the employees and generation of their feedbacks.

6. Skills- The manager as well the employees in the organisation needs to have efficient skills so that they can implement and execute the plan in an effective manner. The manager should have such skill so that it can motivate the employees to avail the full period training as well as to adopt the ethics and standards.

A rationale for the Change

1. The resistant of the existing employees- The employees already working in the organisation are not ready to accept the changes that take place in the training pattern of the organisation. The experienced people in the organisation are no ready to take the training again (Mowday, et. al., 2013).

2. Safety measures- The training programs set by the organisation for providing the safety to the customers are mot accepted by the people. The code of conduct followed by the organisation is not understood or guided by the employees.

3. Lack of time- The training that is provided to the employees in the organisation is very time consuming as the employees who have already availed the certification of training are to trained further.

The risks involved under this are the lack of coordination among the employee as well as the time taken by the organisation reduces the efficiency of the employees.

Key Stakeholder Analysis



Communication Style


Project team manger

The project manager is mainly concerned with the effective use of resources for the implementation of the project plan. The employees in the organisation would accept the changes and accept the code of conduct.

The communication style is assertive and the level of language is high to low.

The employees are made aware of the terms and policies. They are briefed from the other member of the project team (Reyna, et. al., 2014).

Training manager

Training manager is concerned about the education qualification required for providing training in the Lonsdale as well as the study the use of the code of practice.

The communication style is passive aggressive. The level of communication is moderate that is from one person to another.

The training manager takes a session of the trainers so that they can evaluate their needs and review their dialogues or statements.

External customer service provider

It is concerned on the services availed to the customers and the satisfaction they are made with the quality services.

The communication style is manipulative. The level of communication is high.

The media used by the external customers’ services provider are frequently asked a question to the customers to generate their feedbacks (Lee, et. al., 2013).

Assessment of Readiness to Change

The change that has been taken by the Lonsdale so far has been partially accepted by the employees in the organisation. The employees who already exist in the organisation do not accept the change that has been adopted by the mangers. The training provided to the employees is very time consuming process of the organisationalmanagement. The qualification criteria set up the organisation is accepted by every member of the organisation. The employees are ready to accept the changes that took place for the further study of the trainers so that they can provide the safety and quality services to the customers and provide them satisfaction (Green, 2012).

The employees are ready to accept the changes as they are made to provide with the study material, accommodation facilities etc. to improve their quality of services. This helps in increasing the number of customers as well as makes them get the best services.

Key Change Messages
1. Acceptance of code of practice so that they can provide the best quality services to the people.
2. Adoption of safety measures so that customers would feel safe and secure.
3. The employees are to be trained so that they can provide qualitative services.
4. Provide education facilities so that they can improve their services.
5. Various training sessions for further study helps in improvement of services.

Identify Change Elements

The various elements that need to be changed are that the experienced people need to be trained first so that they can provide training to their sub ordinates and then other people in Lonsdale. Stakeholders would be known to the changes that take place in the organisation so that they can make the people know about the changes so that they can avail the training sessions as well the employees will get the qualification. The involvement of the stakeholders should be initiated so that they can manage the organisation and manage the changes that take place in the organisation. The users or specialist should be involved in the Lonsdale so that they can provide support to the employees for training and accepting the code of practice (Griffith and Macartney, 2014).

Develop Change Plan




Performance Measures

Training programs

Training manager

After the employees join the Lonsdale fitness centre.

The employees need to be provided with the training programs after their joining so that they can provide the quality services to the customers. They are also made aware of the need of being fit so that they can make customers know about this(Green, 2012).

Filling of communication gap

Project manager

After immediate joining of employees at regular intervals.

 The employees in the organisation are to enhance their communication skills so that they can make their issues and problems in front of the management. This also helps them to feel motivated as they are made to assess their performance.

Evaluating feedbacks

Customers service provider/ Project manager

 After the services have been availed to the customer so that they can give their feedbacks.

The customers are availed with the services of the fitness and feedbacks are generated from them. This helps in evaluation of the service of the employees.


The policies and programs made by the Lonsdale help in providing the qualitative service to the customers. This also made to reduce the incident of safety that arises in the organisation. The communication gap has been reducing. The skilled and qualified employees are employed in the organisation so that they can easily accept the code of practice. The changes helped in making the customers satisfied as well the experienced employees are provided with training so that they can effectively use their experience and skills. The performance of the employees is also enhanced with the adoption of various changes in the organisation.


The changes that are made in the Lonsdale are in need so that the customers are provided with the satisfaction and safety. The objective of the organisation is achieved as the training is provided to the employees and the qualified employees are hired that provides the customers with high quality of services. The strategies adopted in the manageorganisation helped in reducing the communication gap due to which the employees can give their ideas and feedbacks from the customers are generated. The strategies are evaluated and made aware of the stakeholder so that they can take initiative steps in achieving the goals of the organisation as well as provide guidance to the other employees.


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