bsbhrm602 Manage Human Resources Strategic Planning

bsbhrm602 Manage Human Resources Strategic Planning

bsbhrm602 Manage Human Resources Strategic Planning

Task 1: Executive Summary

Human resources is based on the marketing position and development of human resource management of company C Design in Australia. The report has been developed in a specific manner to understand the operations of C Design and the way all the operations and activities of the company are measured. The company has been providing different design services to Australian business sectors. It has also been responsible for coming up with different styles and developments that have influenced market leaders and profit system. The present state of the company has not been what it used to be in the past. It has experienced a decline in profit. The company has experienced effective styles and design systems for many years and it have been gaining new heights inmarketing managementscales over the past few years.

The present state of the company has been declining since the last couple of years. Other companies and shareholders have been providing clients with PDF version of designs and visual systems, which has affected the business of C Design. The company is based on providing print copies of designs and visual systems. There have been different development strategies that have been proposed by the executives of the companies. It is based on the situation, which is laid down as a four phase growth strategy. This includes introducing new products and attraction to improve digital designing offered by the company.

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Human resource management which is the fourth phase of the strategy would be outsourcing people form the company to external parts in order to create a more sustainable corporate strategy for the company. The report has been effective in highlighting various HR strategies that would be influential in improving the state of C Design. The HR strategy would be focused on effective recruitment and selection process of the company and would also training programs for the employees. One of the significant parts of the company’s strategic policies is the long and short term goals. These strategies are aimed at improving sales and providing people with the kind of modern services that is required which will be under continuous monitoring facilities.

Vision Statement: One of the main objectives of the company would be to portray themselves as an effective corporate entity in the global market of producing designs and effective visual systems. It is important for the company C Design to portray themselves as a strong marketing company with efficient resources. The company which has fallen off the radar needs to invest time and money in strengthening their corporate image and also consolidation of brand image.

Mission: As highlighted above, the company has been strategizing an adoption of four phase strategy to counter the effects of modern technologies. The four phase strategy would include repositioning of the brand and also updating software and technologies to provide different modern services to the customers. Building up profiles and products through the use of new technologies is one of the major operational goals of the company in the near future.

Task 2: Marketing Strategy

The marketing strategy of the company would highlight different strategies that are focused on the positioning of the brand. It is important to understand that the company C Design employed different HR group to manage the strategically sections of recruitment and selection of new staff. People Consultant Deborah Page was hired by the company to select and recruit a Digital Producer for C Design. This Producer would be tasked with providing new designs and marketing products for the company which would be influential in the market.

This is the major strategy of marketing as it focuses on three aspects which are product development, brand development and new business model development (Wehrmeyer, 2017, p.33). The marketing strategy would be to increase efficiency in the product development and providing people with the kind of designs and technical products they require.

In the above case study, the company has hired a consultant to recruit an effective Digital Producer who would be influential in bringing new styles and designs. This is a clear indication of changing marketing strategy to build new products. The business development indication was also provided as the company had indicated towards recruiting new employees as the company regains lost grounds.

Task 3: Organisational Hierarchy

Organisational Hierarchy Model

Organisational Hierarchy Model

Management: The senior level management consists of the Chief Executive Officer of C Design. It is important to note that the senior management Mr. Francis is in charge of the whole operational business of the company. This is an important part to highlight as senior management of C Design is the person who oversees the direction in which the company goes and the way it runs. The next part of the hierarchy is the Senior Designer and Human Resource manager of the company. Human Resource Manager of the company is equipped to perform certain tasks that are focused on recruitment and selection of relevant staff for the company. There are also responsibilities pertaining to different training programs and regime that is influential in keeping the staff members trained and productive. Senior Designer of C Design, Amanda Manson is responsible for the actions and is in charge of the company when the CEO is not present and cannot perform the usual tasks that are directed towards proper running of the company. The lower tier of the company would be comprised of Digital Producer, Marketing Consultant andOperational Management. One of the main tasks of digital producer is to provide designs and visual structures for products and services of the company. Marketing consultants are responsible for laying down definitive decisions and procedures for the company for proper growth. Operational manager is a person who would be in charge of all the operations and business activities that are required to run the company and business activities.

Type of Employment: The senior and middle level management and people acquiring those spots hold a permanent position in the company. The job type of Digital Producer can be of freelancing and permanent as well. Marketing Consultant’s job would be part time and the manager would be responsible for providing newer business ideas for the development of the brand and products. The operational manager’s job is permanent and the respective person will be responsible for guiding different teams and members in completing jobs and functions of the company efficiently within the given deadlines.

Environmental Analysis: This is an effective tool that is required for companies and business organisation to measure external and internal factors of the company in order to gain proper perspectives into the operations and activities of the business.

C Design has hired a marketing consultant who is tasked with providing innovative and new ideas in developing marketing strategies (Kokt, 2015, p.1). It also needs to be understood that the company is using a Digital Producer to change its digital products and services to modern ways. This has serious effects on the business environment of the company. In order to meet up with external elements such as competitors and other firms using different modern digital technologies for providing design services to consumers, C Design have decided to change its products. Environmental analysis provides the level of threats and opportunities that comes with changes to C Design.

The internal forces that might affect the business of C Design are the changing of its products and installing newer technologies. These modern technologies would make certain employees incompetent as they would have no knowledge of the way to perform each task using these technologies. The cost of these technical equipments and software are also higher which would increase the operational cost of the company during a time when the company's profit system is not so great. It is also important to note that the company is designed to deliver newer products and services to the people. This might position C Design as a potential provider of effective designs and visual systems for its customers.

Swot Analysis: 


Internal environment analysis


  • The company has a past reputation which is still intact.
  • Providing newer products and services that are developed would help in gaining more consumers for the business.
  • Provided designs to well known building and structures in Australia such as the New South Wales Parliament and National Museum of Australia.
  • Team members are highly skilled with the CEO of the company completing a course in City of London Polytechnic.
  • Market share has been steady over the years and the company has experienced a growth in profit since its inception.    


  • Lack of digital technology for producing PDF versions of print designs.
  • Ultra competitive global market of designing and visuals has affected the business of the company.
  • Lack of strategically perception in technology and equipments.
  • Modern technologies are missing and have also affected the production of business.
  • Emphasis on print runs and print designs are affecting the sales of the company as people have moved on to digital versions.

External environment analysis


  • Proper recruitment of digital producers can present an opportunity for newer designs and development of products and services of the brand.
  • Newer technical software and equipments would present an opportunity for C Design to attract more customers.
  • Effective recruitment of staff and members of designing teams would increase the productivity of the designing firm based in Sydney.
  • Having a good reputation in the market would help C Design to retain customers.
  • There is also an opportunity for the company to position itself as a modern designing and Development Company which provides clients with effective services.     


  • Failure to adopt 4 phase growth strategy into the business of C Design can impact the business in a negative way.
  • Marketing of the brand can be affected if there is a new business model.
  • Employees would resist change to the products and types of operations of the company.
  • Excessive competition from other companies can affect the overall sale of the company leading tofinancial Accounting.

Task 4: Developing Human Resources Strategies

Long term goals (HR): The long term goals of C Design would be to compete with other large designing firms in the global market. Increasing profit is also a long term goal and sustaining crucial customers is also significant. The human resource department of the company would also be recruiting several other new designers and effective team members that would be trained in better use of modern software. These recruitments would be after successful implementation and increase in revenue of C Design.

Short term goals (HR): The human resource department would be planning the recruitment of effective staff and quality designers who uses modern software to make and develop the products of C Design. Another short term goal of the company is to assess the training facilities with respect to different skills acquired by the employees and new recruits.

Costing and Benefit Analysis: The analysis of cost and benefit would be helpful in determining various weakness and strengths of operational goals of HR. it would be monitored through the production of the company along with proper analysis of income within a given period of time (Kramar, 2014, p.1070).

Task 5: Gap Analysis


Current (Identify if strength or weakness)

Required to achieve goals




Need proper training in development of brand and products.

Skills & Knowledge

Lack of skills in handling modern technologies and software.

Needs improvement in handling modern technologies that is crucial for development of products and services

Technology/ Software

Lack of modern software and technologies in the company.

Digital software and technologies like Adobe and Quark Xpress are needed to be installed. 



Needs investment and higher budget is required.

Recruitment methods & procedures

Recruitment methods are well documented with hiring of People Consultant

More recruitments and selection of effective and competent staff is required in the future with the advancement in business structure

Selection methods & procedures


Training of existing staff members in handling new technologies and computer designs and software is needed in the future.

Training and development


It needs to improve as the training and development program for existing employees need to improve.


In respect with different analysis of marketing and operational strategies, it is important to note that C Design is responsible for providing different services and products related to designs and visual systems. From the gap analysis conducted above, it is clear that the company needs several improvements in its brand positioning and development of products and services. The products and services that need to be developed require proper managerial software and technologies. This technical software and computer programs would be essential in providing newer features that will develop the products and services of C Design.

The steps recommended in the operations require the company staffs and employees to follow a definitive training regime that would be influential in clearly setting up goals and objectives. Modern software and technologies need to be installed in the company for better utilisation of product designs and visual systems.

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