BSBHRM506A Manage Recruitment, Selection and Induction Process

BSBHRM506A Manage Recruitment, Selection and Induction Process

BSBHRM506A Manage Recruitment, Selection and Induction Process

Task 1 (a): New employee induction checklist

An induction program is being conducted to welcome the new employees in the organisation. According to the view of Boudreau et al. (2009), induction program enables the new employees to be accustomed with the new work place. On the other hand, Branham (2009) argued that induction program helps the employees to understand the values and cultures of the organisation. Therefore, it can be concluded that induction program helps to strengthen the bonding between the employers and the employees. In the following discussion, an induction program checklist has been designed for BEST Pearls organisation.

BSBHRM506A Manage recruitment, selection and induction process

  • Instruction for the new employee and the supervisors:

The new employees need to follow the instructions of the supervisors thoroughly. In case of any issues, the employees can directly contact with the higher authority by maintaining the correct protocols. The new employees need to undergo the 1 week training session for understanding the work process. The code of conduct needs to be followed by each of the new employees. The employees need to strictly follow the safety guidelines for avoiding any accidents in the workplace.

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The supervisors need to train the new staffs as per the best knowledge to improve the skills of the new employees. In addition, the supervisors also need to motivate the employees. Special attention needs to be given on the team work. The supervisors also need to investigate whether the new employees are following the safety measures properly.  In the case of any disputes or such issues, the supervisors need to settle the manner at the immediate basis.

  • BEST Pearls of code of conduct:   

Each of the employees needs to focus on maintaining the ethics in the work places. In any of the cases, malpractices will not be entertained by the firm. The employees need to maintain the quality benchmark set by the firm. No compromise will be considered with the quality of the raw materials and the manufactured products. The employees need to maintain a friendly relation with each other. Personal goals need to be aligned with the organisational goals. The employees are not allowed to share any documents or facts any person outside the organisation. Smoking and drinking alcohol are strictly prohibited in the organisation. PDA (Pubic Display of affair) is not allowed in the office premises. Any kinds of harassment (like sexual harassment) and exploitation of the staffs are strictly prohibited in the organisation.

Two relevant policies and procedures:

Just-in-time approach;:

In the BEST Pearls, the just-in-time approach has been followed. It allows the products to be delivered in accurate time to the customers. Therefore, each of the staffs also needs to maintain the approach to attain the loyalty of the customers. Therefore, the employees are required to use the latesttechnology business and understand the processes effectively to reduce the time of delivering the products to the end users. In case of any problems with the operation and machineries the staffs are needed to report to the higher authority as soon as possible.

Diversity management:

In BEST Pearls, the workforce diversity is needed to be maintained to create a sound working environment. Each of the employees needs to respect the others irrespective of the sex, religion or caste. In addition, the employees are required to share the views among each other to derive the best possible solution to any problem.

  • The process of the induction program:

In order to organise the induction program effectively, it needs to be conducted in a sequential manner. The induction program can be conducted on the first day of the joining of the staffs.  In order to ease the employees, an ice breaking session can be considered. In the ice melting session, the staffs are required to introduce each other and share the feelings of joining into the organisation. After the session, the general manager can deliver a speech regarding the codes of conduct of the organisation. After that, relevant policies of the firm can be delivered by the managers. The process can ensure a successful induction program.

  • Initial expectations from the new employee of BEST Pearls:

The employees are requested to go through the HR manual of BEST Pearls to understand the organisational culture and policies in a better manner. The employees can also share the thoughts with the supervisors to understand the values of BEST Pearls. At the initial stages the employees are needed to have an attitude that can help them to learn the processes as early as possible. Lastly, the employees are requested to enjoy the job in the organisation.  

  • Post induction questionnaire:

Q1: Has the induction program meet your expectation?

  • Yes
  • No

Q2. Do you think that the induction program was relevant enough to make you ease with the management and other staffs of BEST Pearls?

  • Yes
  • No

Q3. Have you understood the organisational policies and code of conduct delivered in the induction program?

  • Yes
  • No

Q4. How to you think that the induction program can be improved?

  • Making the induction program more interactive
  • Conducting the induction program in two days

Task 1(b):





Dear Mr. X,

We are pleased to announce that after the subsequent interview process, we have decided to offer you the post of WAREHOUSE MANAGER. As discussed during the interview process, you will be provided a salary of AU$51000 per annum. Apart from that you will also be eligible for other compensation and benefits such as PF, gratuity, and medical benefits etc. after the competition of the probationary period.

You will need to serve a probation period of 6 months to confirm your employment. During the probation period, you will not be allowed to take any casual leave. However, in case of any emergency such as sickness, you will be given leave based on our consideration. In case of any discrepancies in your performance and behaviour during the probation period, you will be terminated from the job without any prior notice. However, after the completion period, you will be given a notice period of 1 month after issuing of the termination letter. Similarly, as a confirmed employee, you will need to provide a notice period of 1 month, before leaving the company.

As a post of Warehouse Manager your primary responsibilities will be to supervise the daily product transaction from the warehouse, manage the inventory level, monitor the performance of the staffs working in the warehouse and submit the weekly report to the top level management. In addition, you will also need to perform the other secondary roles as directed by the supervisors.

The office hours are: 9 am to 5 pm, from Monday to Friday. Maximum 5 minutes late will be allowed. However, in case of any important issue you will need to inform prior to the reporting manager for the delay. You will also need to strictly follow the work ethics and maintain the employee code of conduct designed by the company. Based on your routine job and behaviour during the working hours, your performance will be appraised by our HR mangers.

If you agree with the above mentioned contract of our company, you can sign the letter and revert back to us within the 3 days of getting this letter. Based on your acceptance, you will be invited to join our company within next 15 days. At the time of joining you will also need to submit the documents such as:

  • All the certificate and testimonials related to the education.
  • Identity Proof.
  • Experience certificate (if any)

Hope you agree with the above employment contract and we can extend our relationship.



General Manager

BEST Pearls


Task 2 a):


Key performance requirements

Actual performance


to be considered

Maximise output



Use of the Latest technology

Attending the office after the right time on a regular basis.

Irregular attendance

Implementing the technology properly


Consequent three days delay will be considered as one day absent.

Salary will be deducted for absent.

Maintaining a sound workplace atmosphere

Behaviour with the other staffs.


Smoking within the work premises.

Very friendly with the colleagues, liked by the other staffs.

Openly showing the affection to the males.

Frequently come outside the warehouse to smoke.

Actions can be taken for sexual harassment.

Fine for smoking in the office place.

Task 2 b):

In order to confirm the employment in BEST Pearls, Boris needs to improve the behavioural aspects. It is quite satisfying that Boris is quite friendly and enjoys the works. However, Boris needs to attain the office regularly and in proper time. In case of any special emergency, Boris can inform the supervisors prior. In addition, the smoking habit needs to be changed as early as possible. Frequent leaving from the workplace may affect the workflow. Boris also needs to avoid flirting with the guys. It may create a negative attitude to the other employees and the management. If any staffs complain against the sexual harassment, it may endanger Boris’s employment.


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