BSBCUS501 Manage Quality Customer Service Plan Proof Reading Services

BSBCUS501 Manage Quality Customer Service Plan Assignment Help

BSBCUS501 Manage Quality Customer Service Plan Proof Reading Services


The quality customer service is the major motive for any organization to attracts customers and maintain the high customer loyalty. The quality management is important in every organization so as to satisfy the customer maximum. This assignment is based on the simulated business Innovative Widgets. The customer service plan of the organization is developed and understood as well as the reflection of the plan is prepared. The reflection includes the quality management service of the company and the regulations followed for the same. This explains the importance and usefulness of the customer service plan. The customer complainst and handling them as well as the customer feedback form is also included in this report.

BSBCUS501 Manage Quality Customer Service Plan Assignment Help

Task 1

Customer Service Plan

Innovative Widgets Customer Service Charter

Welcome to Innovative Widgets!

Our vision and mission:


The vision of the Innovative Widgets is to develop the lead in the customer service satisfaction. The customer satisfaction service on time is the vision and providing excellence in service within the expectations of the customers. This all will be achieved in 5 years.


To deliver the best service experience. The mission is to lead the customer service by providing them the best experience and the ability to realize the customer value (Bergman and Klefsjö, 2010).


Who are our customers?

Our internal customers are:

Customer service representatives

Our internal customers require:

  • Proper working environment.
  • Advance customer service options.

Our external customers are:

Buyers or customers who purchase the products

Our external customers require:

  • Good quality of products
  • Excellent service to customers
  • Prompt replies


We’ll give you what you need … and more!

We promise to deliver a widget that’s right for your needs:

Widget Dimension= 10mm

Tolerances +/-  3% variance (0.03)

Every widget with tolerances= 9.7mm-10.3mm

Pricing is determined by the size and the material of widgets

Material is plastic and metal

Delivery can be done via courier or pick up 24 hours. Delivery is guaranteed within 3 days.

We promise to support you:

The delivery is guaranteed within 3 days if the courier is to be delivered. The pickup will be available in 24 hours of order taken (Bergman and Klefsjö, 2010).

We’ve support our people to support you!

Innovative Widgets
Customer support policy and procedure – collecting market research


The policies are to remain competitive and become the leading manufacturer of customer needs and become the leading distributor according to the customer needs.


Customer support employees

Relevant legislation etc.

  • Competitors and Consumers Act 2010
  • Privacy Act 1998
  • Australia’s Spam Act 2003

Customer support process/es

Write any processes that support this policy. Write processes in steps where possible, e.g. step 1: greet the customer; step 2: ask the customer what you can help them with, etc.

1. Customers are contacted through telephone or emails to understand their experiences and expectations.

2. Effective listening skills and communication skills are used by the employees to provide updated information correctly (Bergman and Klefsjö, 2010).

3.  The RATER survey method provide the following-

Reliability, Assurance, Tangibleness, Empathy, and Response

Innovative Widgets
Customer complaints policy and procedure


This policy aims to ensure the proper management of the complaints which is constantly, and transparently carried out in relation to organization.


Customer service dpartement

Relevant legislation etc.

  • Equal opportunity Act 2010
  • Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004
  • Privacy Act 1998
  • Competition and Consumer Act 2010


This policy was approved by CFO in 2011

Customer complaints resolution process/es

Write any processes that support this policy. Write processes in steps where possible, e.g. step 1: greet the customer; step 2 ask the customer what you can help them with, etc.

1.Greet the customers and introduce yourself.

2.Listen effectively to the customer complaints and note it on a notepad properly.

3.Ask questions to clear the doubts.

4.Do not argue with your customers.

5.Ask the customers about how willl they like this to be resolved in a particular manner (Bergman and Klefsjö, 2010).

Innovative Widgets
Recordkeeping policy and procedure


The aim of this is to record the data for the management. The management of the data system which meets the business needs as well as the accountability requirements.


Management team

Relevant legislation etc.

  • Anti- Discrimination legislation
  • Do not call register Act 2006
  • Privacy Act 1988
  • Industry codes of Practice


This was authorised by CEO of Innovative Widgets in 2014

Recordkeeping process/es

Write any processes that support this policy. Write processes in steps where possible, e.g. step 1: greet the customer; step 2 ask the customer what you can help them with, etc.

1. Clear and accurate as well as updated data must be provided.

2. It must be undertood to the accessor.

3. they must be private and confidential.

4. Incorrect infromation must be charged (Bergman and Klefsjö, 2010).

Reflective Statement

The Innovative Widgets is performaing well and providing he great experience to its customers. The customer service is the aim of the Innovative Widgets and to convey the passion for the customer services and to continously provide the best service experience to its cutomers.

I also believe that with the use of RATER model the training tool the customer service can be effectively marked by delivering the promised and expected product, ensuring the customer trust and knowledge about the customer confidence. The innovative Widgets are represented in a positive way. I think that the Innovative Widgets ensures the attetiveness towards the customers service plan developed by me can achieve the quality of service by understanding it. The customer service can provide with the use of the provided information. The quality can be measured with the help of the given details about the company’s mission and vision. The details about the customers of the company and their requirements helsp the company and the employees getting the information about the customers needs (Jahanshahi, et. al., 2011). This plan will helps in providing the customers with the product specifications and the purpose of the service which is to be provided (Jahanshahi, et. al., 2011). The use of active listening skills proide the company an empathy. The company also aims to be responsive to their customers.

The legislations and the laws used in this for the customers compalints, recording, and managing data are very efefctive and this will help the company in gaining the updated information of these laws. The laws and the regulations are very important to understand for the Innovative Widgets.

Task 2

Part A


To: Board of Directors

Innovative Widgets


This report is writtent with a view to discuss the perfromance of the team of customer service in Innovative Widgets. There are various problems which are found in the performance of the team of customer service from the last few months of customer service. The various causes of customer shortfalls are also determined in this report to inform you about the perfromance. Some of the solutions to the problem occur are also determined in this.

Customer Service Team Performance

From the last few years, the perrformance of the tem of customer service in Innovative Widgets has lowered down as the customers are complaing about the behavious of the employees (Kassim and Asiah Abdullah, 2010). The customesr service departemnet are not workig in the diection of the company’s policy of providing the frequrent service to the people or the customesr of the company. The services are not satisfactory as the product’s delivery is also not efficient. The dissatisfaction of the customesr are influencing the customesr loyalty and they are facing problems in mainitian relations with the company. According to the customers, the service of the company has been delayed and not prompt. This provides the problem to the company in remaining on the policy of being prompt on the services. The several misundertandings with the customers are also noticed in the last few months which is affecting the relations with the customers.

Causes to the Service Shortfalls

There ae certain causes or the reasons which are found for the service shortfalls which are-

1. Delivery of wrong product

2. Misunderstanding between customers and employees

3. Unfollowing the policies and the procedured of the company of being friendly to the customers.

4. The delayed services and replies to the customers.

5. Arguent with the customers (Kassim and Asiah Abdullah, 2010).

Solutions to the Problems

There are various options through which the problems can be identified and solutions can be provided to the problems occuring in the customer service. These problems can be resolved with the proper trianing of the employees. The customer response must be provided with excellence. The patience in the customers must be developed in the nature of the customers (Kassim and Asiah Abdullah, 2010). The various solutions could be-

1. Proper trianing to the customer service team to deal with the customers.

2. Promt replies on the telephones or emails.

3. Note the problesm to avoid misunderstandings.

4. Note down th orders to avoid wrong information of the order.

5. Prompt delivery and availability of the products within 3 days.

6. Tracking system must be installed in the company for the products (Kassim and Asiah Abdullah, 2010).


The conclusion can be made from the above report is that due to the various delay and the problems in the services, the list of the customers are getting short and this is destroying the image of the company. The various problems must be considered and the solutions to the problems must be implemented. The delay in the delivery is revokes the policy of the company of providing the products in 3 days. To mainitain the company policies and guarantees the company must ensure the tracking system of the products so as to deliver the products within 3 days.




Subject: Sorry for the inconvineice

Respected sir,

We are very sorry for the inconvienence you faced because of us. There was some misunderstanding with our customers support department in understanding the problem. The delivery was guaranteed within 3 days and we appologise for the delayed delivery. The product which was wrongly delivered will be soon replaced within 24 hours and the next deliverly of the corrctly ordered products will be provided within the next 2 days (Mosahab, et. al., 2010).

For avoiding these problems in future we are installing the tracking systems for the products soon. These systems will be available to you hand and in company also. With this, the products locations could be tracked.

For any further issue of problem, you can contact to our customer support team anytime as we are available 24 hours for your service.

Our customer happiness and sarisfactio is our main motive. We will never give you a chance of complaint in future. Our customers are valuable (Mosahab, et. al., 2010).

Thanks for shopping with us!
Innovative Widget team

Part B


Mary- I am sorry sir, this was a big misundertsnading with the client!

Me- Mary, this client was already very angry on the delayed delivery of his products, this can be very much disastrous.

Mary- Sir, I misunderstood him. I undertood that the client has just ordered the product yesterday.

Me- Its ok, now we have to avoid such problems. I will coach you.

Mary- Ok sir.

Me- Mary, our policies are to handle customers friendly. Reply the promptly. Provide them quick services, deliver their products soon. But I have been noticing you from the past few weeks, you have failed in all such aspects achieving the policies of company. Is there any problem. You can discuss it with me (Sallis, 2014).

Mary- No sir, it was my fault. I did not took it so seriously.

Me- this is why we are in this situation today. Yore Mine Co. is our valuable customer and a regualr customer, we should take care of such customers.

There is very simple understanding that different custmers are to be dealed differently. The small customers will not shift to other company for their products if they found our prices and policies reasonable, but big customers like Yore Mine Co. can shift to the chinese material if they are not satisfied with our service. They will not think of giving upon the extra cost of shipping (Sallis, 2014).

Mary- Yes sir, I understand.

Me- You must follow the technique to dal with the customers. The steps you should follow are-

1. Introduce yourself with the courtsey and greet the customer.

2. Propery listen to the customer and his complaints. Understand his meaning of compalining. Gather the facts related to the customer complaint and note them.

3. Never argue with the customers.

4. For the faults and poor sevice always appologise.

5. Ask questions to clear the doubts.

6. Ask the customers about how willl they like this to be resolved in a particular manner. (Sallis, 2014)

Coaching documents or notes

Steps to remember while communicating with clients or customers-

1. Introduce yourself with the courtsey and greet the customer.

2. Propery listen to the customer and his complaints. Understand his meaning of compalining. Gather the facts related to the customer complaint and note them.

3. Never argue with the customers.

4. For the faults and poor sevice always appologise.

5. Ask questions to clear the doubts.

6. Ask the customers about how willl they like this to be resolved in a particular manner (Baird, et. al., 2011).

Task 3


Key performance indicators are the important aspects to understand for improving the perfromance of the company. Here are some of the key performance indicators which mut be considered are-

1. The handling time of the customers complaints must be 24 hours

2. The organizational procedures to manage the customer requests must be followed by every peron of the organization.

3. The customer issues and opportunities must be considered to meet out the customer needs.

4. It is required to assist amd train the team members of the customer service team.

5. Customer retention must be focused by the company. For retaining the customers the customer satsiafction is the important aspeccts which the company must consider (Goetsch and Davis, 2014).

6. For increasing the sales of the company excllent services is required by the company.

7. The employees having ability patience in the nature must be assigned the task of handling customers.

8. Employees having ability to record and store customer information should be consider for this department.

9. Customer satsiafction is the most important apsect for the company to improve the customers loyalty (Goetsch and Davis, 2014).


Question 1


Are you satisfied with the customer service of our company?

  • Strongly agree
  • Agree
  • Neutral
  • Disagree
  • Strongly disagree

Question 2

How did our product perfrom?

  • Miserabaly
  • Somewhat satisfactory
  • Very satisfactory
  • Delightfully

Question 3

Are all your problems get resolved when you contact to our customer service?

  • Yes
  • No

Question 4

Based on your experience, would you like to purchase the peroducts from us again?

  • Definitely will
  • Probably will
  • Might or might not
  • Probably will not
  • Definitely, will not

Question 5

Will you recommend us to your friends and parties?

  • Definitely will
  • Probably will
  • Might or might not
  • Probably will not
  • Definitely, will not



The report is prepared on the basis to priovide the recommendations to the company in relation with the customer service. The issues faced by the company in reltion to the customer satisfaction can nbe improved or resolved with the recommendations provided to the customer satisfaction. retention


To overcome the problem and the issue of customer satisfaction and the customer the company must provide the various solutions which are described below:

1. The customers must be treated with courtsey and politely.

2. To maintain the relationship with the customesr there should be no arguments with the customers.

3. To improve the relations with the public company must follw the regualtions and the poiceis of the company and must communicate with the customers in polite manner.

4. Delivery of the products must be on time and for delayed delivery, there must be a reasonable answer to the customers (Knox and van Oest, 2014).

5. The new twchnology must be installed in the company. In the suggesstion, the company must nstall the tracking sytem of the products.


The customers must be provided with the proper service so as to maintain the customer satisfaction and th loyalty in the custoers. To maintain the customers for the company and to increase the sales of the company. The provided recommendadtions must be considered by the company to grab the opportuities.


The overall conclusion can b drawn that the company Innovative Widgets is perfroming well and for the best performance the company must provide the training to its customer support team and to follow the policies and procedures of the company. The company must install the tracking systems of the product so as to ensure the delivery on time. The customer satisfactio must be improved by the company for getting better results and the management of the quality pf service is the impaortant aspect that the company must consider.


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