BSBADM504 Plan or Review Administrative Systems Proof Reading Services

BSBADM504 Plan or Review Administrative Systems Assignment Help

BSBADM504 Plan or Review Administrative Systems Proof Reading Services

Assessment Task -1 Plan and implement administration system (Project)

Specification for the new administration system



Electronic system

All the paper work system must be changed to electronic system in order to keep safe and secured the required information.

Leave approval system

This system must be implemented to avoid unexcused absences. The online system will allow the administrators to establish the employee information and helps in saving the additional cost occurred due to absenteeism.

Record keeping systems

It must be established in order to have proper control of the respective department by the authorized persons in responsible.

Evidence used

Two systems options capable of satisfying the organizational requirements:

1.Transactional processing system must be established to serve at the operational level. It may help in recording the daily transactions of the business.

2.Management information system must serve the middle management operations. It may help in providing the answers of the routine questions containing predefined procedures for answering them.

BSBADM504 Plan or Review Administrative Systems Assignment Help

The email must be used to take and record the consultation with users or stakeholders.

Quotations from suppliers

Supplier       Date : 28/02/3017




Price list

Standard Buying





Bearing pipe

4 nos

42, 778 AUD


Base bearing

5 nos

76, 345 AUD


Bearing Block

3 nos

12, 345 AUD


Bearing Collar


2 nos

78, 245 AUD


Bearing pipe

6 nos

98,345 AUD


Evidence of evaluating suppliers such as worksheets, matrices used to evaluate suppliers or developers

Suppliers must be evaluated in the competitive environment so that the enterprises will produce the quality of the products at the reasonable prices. The quality of the product produce is directly relates with the production workforce and the suppliers. The firms which need to buy more will consider on the aspect of suppliers capability. The current requirement in the business is to lessen the base of the supplier. The supplier must be selected on the basis of minimum and maximum order quantities by using spreadsheet column. It will consider the time required from the issue to the delivery. They are used in order to compare the supplier’s quotations in accordance with the requirement of the business.

 A project plan

Plan must be prepared in accordance with the organizational objective. It must be prepared in consultation with the stakeholders and other organizational staff in order to develop independent strategies. It must be prepared with the help of external consultants so that they can advise better on the strategies needed in future.  Further the plan may include change in the necessary management strategies including the system of preference of paper to electronic system. Strategies must be drafted in accordance with the staff participation. The necessary alteration made in the system must be test by the management before the wider release of the plan.

Procedure for the use of new system

The new system must include the timelines, human and physical resources and other roles and responsibility need to be followed.  The plan must be physically tested before its use. All the procedures need to be communicated to the users in order to introduce the system so that no users will face any problem in regard to the system implementation. The training need to be provided to the user in order to assess the skills required to operate the system.

Communication to introduce and win support for administrative system change


The staff

We are using new system for the better administration. Management information plan is used by the organization to ensure efficient and effective decision making in regard to the prosperity of the organization. It must supports the operation activity be keeping the track records of all the sales, receipts made during the month.

Thanking you,


Head of the administrative department

Training and support to the staff

In order to guide the staff, the manager must take necessary steps for conduct of training process in order to guide the users regarding the new system so that they must operate it accordingly to the requirements. He must conduct skills assessment in order to identify the skills required by the staff, for example in order to use the electronic system related to leave approval systems they must be given enough training regarding the proper use of it.

Risk management plan

A Plan must be made in order to reduce the risk. It must be managed in such way that it must look after the contingencies of the business arising due to the failure of the system.

Copies of the relevant policies

Training policy must be required in order to get to know the requirements in relations to the policy measures followed. Anti discrimination policy will be framed in order to provide equality among the users.

Task 2: Monitor administration system

Performance standards

Performances standards need to be develop in order to measure the current performance with the organizational goals. Use of appropriate information must be done to meet the specified requirements. Policies must be clearly written in order to make it effective and clear.

Monitoring Report

The report must be updated at the regular time interval in order to assess the impact of the various rules and regulations. Monitoring skills must be used to determine the performance of the users and the administration department. It must be done whenever there must be some technology or system change.

Communication to users outlining changes

Proper communication method need to be follow by the managers in regard to outline the necessary changes made to the systems. Proper communication skills must be used to build the trust among the users in regard for the support of the necessary changes.

Induction plan

Induction plan will considered the necessary skills required to perform the administrative task. The learning must be implemented through proper mode so that each and every user must learn the necessary outcomes through face to face interaction. Training session plan needs to be implemented in order to understand the introduction, practice and testing ability to perform the functions.

Copies of relevant policies and procedures

Copies of all the necessary procedures framed in relation to the measure the performance must be kept in order to evaluate the performance. For example: Privacy policy needs to be implemented in order to secure the relevant information and data.