BSB51915 Diploma of Leadership and Management

BSB51915 Diploma of Leadership and Management

BSB51915 Diploma of Leadership and Management


In this report role of Human Resources Manager has been discussed for effective management skills. Recruitment and selection procedure is very critical task for evaluating the procedural and employee selection system.

Task -1 Written question

List down 5 important tasks to be undertaken by a Human Resources Manager before advertising any job position. 

There are following task which should be taken by the human resources management department before advertising Job positions.

  • Preparation of complete details of job descriptions
  • Identify the key skills required for the particular role.
  • Finalization of job policies and measures
  • Preparation of advertisement checklist
  • Identification of key legislation regarding recruitment and selection.

This important factors has been very much help in human resource manager in determining the job position for the employees.

Briefly explain the difference between the terms 'Recruitment' and 'Selection'.  (Max. words: 350)

Recruitment- It is the process of identifying that the organization needs to hire someone to note down the place for which application forms is filed. It helps in proceed to selection.

Selection- It is the process of picking up more competent and suitable employees in the business functioning of the organization.

This both process are interrelated for the business functioning. However, selection starts when recruitment process ends.

Consultation is one very important element in the whole recruitment planning process. List down key elements of effective consultation?

Consultation is process of formally consulting or discussing with the experts in order to seek advice.  It is the helpful strategies which are used to evaluate all the process system to hire qualified employees. There are following key elements which are used recruitment, planning process in effective consultation

  • Collection of data
  • Effective communication
  • Networking

Decision making analytical approach.

Briefly explain what methods you would use to determine the requirements of a job role. (Max. words: 350)?

Organization is comprised of several set of activities in which various functions are performed. Job role in organization is also known as designation in process system.

Job ranking method- In this process all job is put in rank order to accomplish set objectives and goals.

Classification method- A series of classes and grades are defined and will help in describe a group of jobs.

Points and factor method- This method provides that each and every employees will be given particular tasks and functions as per their abilities and skills.

This methods are very much useful for identifying the right people right job in the business functioning. Ideally methods sue in determining the job role in business process results into bifurcation of employees on the basis of their

Identify and briefly explain any three legislation which should be considered while planning for recruitment. (Max. words: 350)

There are following legal issues and legislation which should be considered by the organization while considering recruitment process.

The equal pay act 1970- Company has to make equality in its business functions and organizational structure for its employees.  No one in the organization will be discriminated on the basis of race, cast and gender.

Sex discrimination act- All the organization around the globe has to make its policies and rules without any sex discrimination. All men and female candidates will be given equal opportunity to work in the business functioning of the organization.

Disabilities discrimination act- It is noted that company has to make changes as per employees needs and wants in determined approach. Employees who are disabling e.g. handicapped, blind should be given privilege in organization’s premises such as availability of separate lift, toilet and other beneficial program.

Ideally there are several other legislations which should also be followed by the organization for its better functioning (Ahrens, & Auer, 2012).

Briefly explain which advertising channels would you choose, and why, to advertise a particular job? (Max. words: 450)

Job is the designation which should be filled up for the persuasion of desired goals and objective of the organization. Ideally for the better advertisement of availability of job profile In the business function of organization company should use newspaper or other newsletters issued in vernacular languages of the country. However, with the changes in technologies company should use social media to advertisement a particular job such as twitter, Face book, LinkedIn and other platforms. This provides that company has to make required level of advertisement to make business functioning better and effective.

Interview questions are one of the important areas to be considered during the selection process. For the following types of questions, please provide one example question against each type?

Type of Question

Example Question


 What kind of talks you like to do with your friends?

How do you judge yourself?

Open Ended

Where do you want to see yourself in the future?

What kinds of strength would you be able to generate if you are going to work in our company?

Closed Ended

How would you manage your urgent work if you have emergency at your home?

How would you deal with the situation in which you are loaded wit

High amount of work load?


How would you sell the products if you are given job in sales team?

How would you generate process development skills in your process functioning?


What will you do if you are given chance to manage all the office works in your hand?

List down the various activities involved in scheduling the job interviews. 

Job interview is related with set of activities in which interviewee’ choice of actions, their behavior and they will respond with particular situations are examined (Edgar, et. Al., 2015).

Preliminary screening- Candidates who were selected will be called for further round of interview.

Selection test- The organization prefer written test to find out the practical knowledge of the candidates. It includes intelligence test, aptitude test, personality test and trade test.

Employment interview- The candidates who qualified for test are called for test.

Checking the references and background of candidates- company has to check all the required level of activities in determined approach.