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BRD209 Creativity and Innovation Editing Services


Ideas leading to the rise of bathtubs

One of the ideas leading to the rise of bathtubs was that it there was a need to come up with something that would enhance people’s health and safety because of almost 70% of the accidents that happened in homes resulted from bathrooms. Coming up with tubs would help those with mobility problems, the aged and other people who had standing challenges when taking shower (Tim, 2015). This would also prevent them from falling into the bathrooms which sometimes led deaths or serious injuries. Coming up with bathtubs was a great idea because it enhanced the safety of different groups of people as it allowed people to take shower while lying at any position.

Secondly, after the Roman Empire collapsed, the levels of sanitization among people declined. This is due to the fact that many people used perfumes instead of bathing (Tidd & Bessant, 2013). Hence after implementation of modern plumbing, there was a need to develop modern bathtubs that would have encouraged bathing, therefore, increasing sanitization levels among the society. Thirdly, raw materials and manufacturing processes were affordable and more available as well as the development of modern plumbing in private homes gave the manufactures an idea of developing bathtubs (Vicent, 2016). Fourth, rising technology also allowed the development of the modern bathtubs which is an aspirational addition to modern bathrooms making bathing experiences enjoyable to all people who would use them.

I believe that the above ideas were crucial to the rise of bathtubs because if the innovations hadn’t occurred, it would have hindered their development. The idea of observing homeowners safety was very important for the success of the bathtubs after innovation. The issue of technology was also crucial as it led to the development of comfortable and luxurious bathtubs which are needed in modern homes (Siobhan, 2016). Therefore, the development of bathtubs entirely attributed to these innovations.

Recent innovations

Modern bathtubs are now made of different materials as there are available in a solid surface and in classic lightweight styles. This is due to the color trend which is shifting to white, the original elegance, and also the soaking claw foot luxurious bathtub (Sonia, 2017). This was an important innovation as the homeowners started gradually to rip out their old school tubs and replacing them with freestanding bathtubs which are much trendier than the old ones. Secondly, as things changed, the old bathtubs morphed into enclosed modern tubs which had an apron front (Bettina, 2012). The main importance for this innovation was because it provided maintenance to the modern homes’ bathrooms much easily. There was also emergence of a colored sanitary ware that was different which gave the creative homeowner more options for design. Thirdly, modern bathtubs can hold more than one person compared to bathtubs from years ago. This innovation enables the tub to accommodate two or more people as some of them use it for relaxation while others use it for bathing (Bob, 2010). Also, decks are built around the bathtub providing a platform to access it and place towels on. There are also separate controls and separate faucets available for each person.

Innovations predicted

One of the innovations to be expected in the future is a bathtub with a tub corner seat and a backrest. This seat at the corner of the tub would allow for a more comfortable showering. This seat could be located at the corner of the tub in order to save space, providing comfortable, generous seating while in the bathtub (Annie, 2018). This seat could also be used to place some of the bathing items. As for the backrest, it will provide comfort as it could prevent back strain when bathing. The second innovation is a bathtub with a door where you open and get into the tub. This door to have a mechanical safety lock coupled with drain that only when the door is locked will the bathtub be filled with water. Also, this door should have a special door seal that guarantees complete water tightness.

Bathtub existence in the distant future

According to Annie (2018), Bathtubs will still exist in the future, although different and more advanced types will continue emerging. This is due to the fact that, selling a home without a bathtub will isolate various buyers such as families with children, the aged, and expectant women (Maniatis, 2017). Little children tend to use bathtubs as young busy couples prefer showers. This means that a good bathroom should have both if it is to be sold in the future. Some crazy features might include a whirlpool jet to massage and soothe you when you are bathing which will come with a showerhead nozzle that is extendable. Another design could be a neck-support platform that is raised and have a feet-leveling frame that is adjustable (Faisal, 2016). Another design could be sleek and curved out of wood and also looking like a boat. Another feature could be a bathtub curved to perfection with fitted air jets with a molded bathing seat and has a safety bar.


Healthy Aging Association (HAA)

Creative and innovative activities

This association was launched in 2002 in Singapore and was the first one to promote healthy aging. It was launched by business professionals and a group of doctors. HAA educates the citizens on the importance of their old age which will contribute positively to the society and also satisfy the organization. It customizes health checks for the people in the 50-80s age group where they also provide them with nutrition and health talks with the aim of closely observing their health. Aging brings with it concurrent diseases, hormonal changes, and depression which mostly affects the sense of well-being of the elderly as it accelerates aging where one ends up being a burden to self and also to their respective families and the society at large. Once active and fit have also become a burden as well as they are reduced to become shadows of their former selves. Therefore, HAA works hard to try and get these people to be back in shape, both mentally and physically.

HAA also encourages those in the older population to engage in more meaningful and challenging things which enables live independently and healthily by giving them new purposes in their lives (Nick, 2014). This, in turn, reduces the reliance the old people have on their relatives and children and the state as well. HAA also establishes social networks and engaging in activities that interest the older population. They also hold forums and talks with the aim of promoting healthy aging where they educate the public about aging to help them make informed and immediate choices which will impact both their physical and mental health.

Organization structure and creativity

Organization structure is how team and individual work are coordinated within an organization (Ravindra, 2016). HAA enables freedom of activity hence it structured for creativity naturally because it is characterized less by its department or functions and more by their culture desired human interactions. The fact that HAA was created by a group of professionals forms a firm basis for its creativity as they formed it to help educate the public on aging hence makes sure that the decisions they make are in the interest of the older population and also the wider community at large. Also, given their size and the number of people who are age 45 and above makes them apply even more creativity, because of their diversity which is the most important ingredient to creative thinking. This is because diverse teams tend to give back more creative results. This is one of the reasons why the organization succeeds mostly in their duties. Also, this organizations market segment needs to be more creative as they various criteria so as to create a target market or group of the older population to offer their services to. Their group of marketers usually determines the kind of setting they will concentrate with and also how they approach them. And in case of a fundraising, market segmentation plays a crucial role in ensuring that they target individuals who have the greatest propensity for donation to the charity.


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