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This assignment is all about soft drinks market in the USC University. This University is large and they attend thousands of students every day for this project. The main purpose behind this project is to establish soft drink market at the University. In this assignment group of 5 students make a group for this project and under this they target students of University to identify the popularity about the selected drink between the students. For this project group of students selects Coke as their soft drink. To conduct this project, students select 80 students as sample size in which some students are local and some are international. This will help to identify the popular and least popular soft drink between local students with the comparison of international students. The soft drink sample as Coke is selected by considering some data and information from social sites as most of the people like Coke in soft drink. This soft drink sample easily helps to establish soft drink market at the University. Selected sample size for students are from BAC21 in the University. This marketing assignment helps to evaluate the loyalty of the students towards brand.

Data analysis

Proportions of local and international students in the project sample

For this project, 80 students from BAC21 course are selected as the project sample and by taking interview from all the selected students, popularity and least popularity about the selected drink can be analyzed. Among all the selected students, there are 60 students who are local and 20 students are international students. Proportions of local students are high and large as compare to international students at the University.

What is the relationship between price and average quantity consumed by the students

RThe relationshipbetween price of the Coke and quantity of the Coke have major impact on the consumption of soft drink. If price of Coke is high and qthe uantity of Coke is low then supply of soft drink can be reduced (Mumbua et al, 2017). This relationship is all about how much customer pay for the item and how much they buy and through this demand of the product is evaluated. In this project, students decide to provide 375ml of can for Coke and decide $ 0.50 as can price. This selected price and quantity for soft drink is equivalent to each other which increase the demand for Coke between the students. Price of Coke is effective as compare to the can quantity. This will attract the students to buy the drink.

What are the most popular and least popular soft drink among the students

Through the analysis it is evaluated that, Coke as soft drink is more popular among the students but on the other side Pepsi is least popular between the students. Pepsi is least popular among the students because its price and quantity does not match which reduce the demand of Pepsi. Price or Pepsi is high and quantity is low.  

How loyal students to their brands

Loyalty of the students or customers is mainly depends upon two things one is on the product brand and other one is on product price. With the help of analysis, it is identified that most of the students are loyal towards the Coke brand as they like its taste, quantity and price. But some students change their preference for soft drink when discounts offers are provided to them (Pulligadda et al, 2016). To test the loyalty of the students, discount of 25% on the Pepsi is offered to the students and among 80 students, 25 students change their preference from Coke to Pepsi. But 55 students are still loyal with the Coke brand.

How does the demand of international students differ from the local students

80 students are selected for the data analysis and among them 20 students are international and 60 are local students. Demands of international students are differ from the local students because of taste, quantity and price of the product. Demand of the product depends upon relationship between price and quantity of product. Local students prefer the soft drink which is effective and suitable in terms of price and quantity but international students change their preferences according to the price of soft drink (Nevo and Wong, 2015). International students also get attracted towards the discounts offers on the product.

What are most popular and least popular drinks among the local students and how this compares with the international students preferences

Local students are loyal towards Coke brand and they like Coke as soft drink but due to lack of relationship between price and quantity of Pepsi, Pepsi become least popular among the local students.

Table 1: Comparison between local and international preferences

Local students preferences

International students preferences

Local students like Coke as soft drink because of its low price and enough quantity.

International students change their preference according to the soft drink price.  

They stick with the Coke brand even when other brands offer 25% discounts on their products.

Previously, international students also buy Coke but when discount is offered on Pepsi they move towards Pepsi brand.

How likely is it that the students will choose soft drink as their first preferences

Coke as soft drink is the product which is selected in this project and it is estimated that this will become most popular drink among the students. This will become most popular soft drink because of effective relationship between price and quantity. This effective relationship will definitely increase the demand of the Coke (Nagle et al, 2016). Taste of Coke is also better from other soft drinks which make the coke most popular among the students. The results show that most of the students like Coke and they get stick towards Coke brand and do not move for other brands.


From the above data analysis it is evaluated that selected project for soft drink is effective to convince the students for buying the Coke. From the analysis it becomes clear that relationship between price and quantity of the product is the most important point which increases the demand of the product. Coke price is suitable for the 375ml of can as the quantity. Local students are stable towards the coke brand as compare to international students because international students move towards Pepsi when they provide discount. The validity of this product is for 1 years because after 1 year new students are get admitted in the University so new analysis will be conducted which change the preferences of the students.


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