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B01IECO106 E-Commerce Proof Reading Services

Executive Summary

Grey Teak is Australia based company which is offering software, system, website and application development. Their website is presently at interaction stage. This provides a good human-computer interface. The website is convenient to use. It provides clear description of services and reviews of their satisfied customers. The website has some positive and negative aspects also. The website design is simple and there is lack of attractive appearance. The present study defines a strategy to transform the website into e-commerce website and study has proposed hardware and software requirements.


The present report will discuss about Grey Teak website. It would find about overview of the company and its services and products. The report will find out key features of website and would identify the negative and positive features on the basis of navigation, graphics, appearance etc. The study also elaborates about current interaction stage of the website and hardware, software requirements for Grey Teak website. At the end of study, a detailed e-commerce features would be include in order to make current website into proposed e-commerce website and hardware & software requirements for proposal.

Home Page of Grey Teak, Australia

Overview and Description of Grey Teak Website

Grey Teak is Professional Software Development Company. This company is mainly known for providing custom technology solutions for individual, business, and entrepreneurs. They are offering wide range of services such as website development and maintenance, system development design for enterprises and software development. They are developing web based software’s for their customers. The website of Grey Teak also presents client testimonial about the quality of products and services delivered which influence the new customers.

Identify and Elaborate the Main Feature or Features of Grey Teak Website

Grey Teak website has some important features which helps in gathering customer attention and provide ease of interaction. The main features are explained as follows:

Product Categories: Grey Teak has categorised their product and services so that visitors are convenient to choose. The website clearly depict their services like- enterprise  software development, advanced website development and its maintenance, system design and development, application management etc. The lists of services are available on home page. Therefore, it is easy to select them.

Product category of Grey Teak website

Service Description:The website has detailed service description related to each offered services.  Service description includes all the key features provided by the organisation. For example- advanced website development service offers backend system design, integrate PayPal to website in order to collect customer payments online, or collect donation.

Service Description at Grey Teak website

Trusted Clients & Reviews:This is the plus point of the website. The website presents a list of satisfied customers along with the customer reviews. Clients have presented their reviews about services of Grey Teak. For example- According to Randy Koroluk, Foothills Business Brokers Ltd. (Customer of Grey Teak) gave testimonial “Grey Team completed several projects for me. They have always been careful about understanding client requirements and project scope (Grey Teak, Australia, 2016). The quality of end product is excellent and they deliver it on time.”

Clients of Grey Teak

Client Registration and Login: This feature of website allows interacting with the clients. The interested customers can add with them by creating their accounts and able to retrieve information on their E-mail ID. The customer is authenticated at time of log in.

Client Registration and Login

Identify the Positive and Negative Aspects of the Website

Positive Aspects

Navigation:Grey Teak website has provided buttons and bars for navigation which are easy to understand and use. The navigation in the website is simple. Navigation buttons are important for users because it give a clue about visiting page of site.

Graphics:The graphics of website are properly defined by associated label. Every graphic is matching according to link information. Graphics are simple also and its colours are eye friendly (Funk.et.al.2010).

General design: All the page of this website easily fit into 800*600 pixels. The website is consistent in design in terms of the colours, design and fonts.

Service Description:The website includes proper information related to each service. The description involves complete detail about what the client can expect.

Negative Aspects

Appearance:The website appearance is little bit boring. The website does not use any slider at home page. There is one simple picture only. The colour contrasts is not effective and it fails to attract the visitor by just one time visit.

Lack of Images:The website does not use images that define their service. Rather a written review is presented. However, Images are more attractive than written points. The user is much more convenient to see the images rather than reading the reviews. Images are easily seen and help in attracting the customers (Margolis and Pauwels, 2011).

Question 1: Determine the Stage of Grey Teak Website

The Grey Teak website is currently at the interaction stage. The website is providing HCI (human computer interface) to their clients. The aim of the interaction stage is to involve the users rapidly while they access web address (Lee, 2010). It is implemented on the basis of viewer’s view and provides effective accessibility solutions. Interactive design is allowed to make decision making from different options. The website is following accessibility standards and guidelines.

The customers are convenient to access the website as all the web pages of this website are properly linked with each other. Interaction stage of the website is motivated to designers and developers to show their product and services which is the foremost requirement for any business (Huertas.et.al.2011). Grey Teak website has used this stage to add basic information like- contact details, description of services and products, add reviews, client registration and log in.

Question 2: Estimation of the Hardware and Software Requirements of the Current Website

Estimation of the Hardware Requirement

Table 1: Hardware Requirement for current website





The current website requires minimum 2.5 gigahertz processor.

Faster processors can be used up to 3 gigahertz (Shen and Lipasti, 2013).


The current website requires at least 1GB RAM to run.

2 GB RAM can be used.


1024 * 768

High resolution display can be used.


At least 56 kbps connection is required to client and server

Faster connection can be used to increase the access speed.

Hard Disk

It requires NTFS file system and minimum 3 GB free space.

3 GB plus adequate free space for website.

Estimation of Software Requirements

1. Web application server
2. My SQL database
3. Extendible Hypertext Mark-up Language (Cooling, 2013)
4. PHP as server side scripting language
5. A development tool- Edit Plus

Question 3: E-Commerce Implementation Strategy for Current Website

The current website is on interaction stage. For transforming the website into an e-commerce website following strategy could be used:

Product pricing: The website can be implemented into an e-commerce by adding feature of product pricing. The customers visiting the websites need to be aware about the prices of the products and services (Chiou.et.al.2010).

Place Online orders: The website needs to provide an option by which the users can place online orders like- which kind of software they want to purchase and its complete details. It is considered as an important feature for e-commerce website. After placing the order the system should also display service delivery date and cost of product that need to be pay.

Improve Graphics: The website requires improving their graphics. It needs to include images like- application images can be used. The graphics needs to be more attractive so that users like to visit.

Online Payments: Efficient payment gateway systems are required to be implemented in the present website where clients will be able to pay for services online. The online payment need to include different payment modes like- master card, debit card, PayPal, VISA, pay dollar etc. At present, Grey Teak website is adding customers internationally and also taking orders from them. In order to switch to E-commerce website, Business should handle online payment internationally and nationally. It includes various payment modes so that visitors are more comfortable to select convenient payment options.

E-commerce feature- online payment

Live Chat:At present website is taking system requirement by telecommunication or e-mail. There needs to be an option where customer can communicate with the Grey Teak team. Live chat is a useful utility through which a customer can interact with the team (Yu.et.al.2011). Live chatting  would be useful for customers in inquiring about the services

Security:  As the e-commerce website would be taking online orders and payments, the website needs to be secure. Therefore, a secure payment option and security on database is required against hackers and attackers.

Customer complaint:As Grey Teak website provides development services, there are chances that the consumers may find issue with the products and needs to log in a complaint. Thus the system needs to have a service support system where a service request number needs to be generated on logging a complaint and the customer could communicate further using the service request number.

Question 4: An Estimation of the Hardware and Software Requirements for Proposed E-Commerce Website

Proposed E-commerce website needs following software and hardware requirements:

Web Server:A Web server is used to deliver content which is available to access via internet. E-commerce website will take orders online therefore, it would need web server.

Server Software:A Server is required for hosting the e-commerce application. The client makes connection with server. The system can use- Apache, Debian, Free NAS etc. (Fuggetta and Di Nitto, 2014).

Database system:A data base system is required to link with official website where it collect user information or send online data from database like- store items, passwords and payment information.

Programming Languages:e-commerce website would be developed using JavaScript, ASP.net language.

Processor:4* 1.6 GHz processor speed is required for both web and data base server.  

Hard Disk:Proposed E-commerce website requires 4 TB free space

Payment Gate way:The payment gate option is used for online payment. This option is integrate with website (Yang.et.al.2010).

Firewall:Firewall is necessary to be installed for secure payment gate way and maintain security of data base because e-commerce website store sensitive information that should not be accessed to third party


This report concluded that Grey Teak is offering web based development services, system and software designed services. The key features of present website are product category, reference to the satisfied clients, user reviews etc. The positive aspects of the website are navigation, graphics, design and good service description. The report also includes negative aspects also like- unattractive appearance. Further, the study concluded the reason about interaction stage website and software and hardware requirements for current website. The proposed E-commerce website requires some strategy like- payment gate way, live video chat, online place orders etc. This would need additional hardware’s and software’s which have been presented in the report.


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