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This essay is about how communication skills and technical expertise are important in effective leadership. In the essay it is also discussed that why technical expertise is more important as compared to communication skills. The characteristics of effective leadership include sound interpersonal skills, communication skills, creativeness, confidence etc. Therefore a person should contains all these qualities and also conscious about organizational goals. But without proper knowledge or expertise a person cannot be effective in leadership because due to lack of knowledge it is very difficult to address a team. However interpersonal skills are also important as the technical skills because both the attributes are crucial for anyone who leads a team. These days each and every profession required specific technical skills to meet the market demands. Nowadays the corporate sector is also running after various applications which are useful in digitalization,so to develop these applications technical criteria’s should be meeting. To achieve these goals entrepreneurs required leaders who have sound technical knowledge about the project (Barnlund, 2008).

B01BCOM101 Business Communication Assignment Help

Effective Leadership

To be successful as leader, one should need combination of character and competence. For effective leadership, the person should lead from front and set examples for the rest of the team and this could only be reached when leaders are open to listens each and every one and analyses them on the basis of their own expertise. Hence a leader should beexpertise over the subject so that he or she able to guide the team and meet the organizational goals. Various theories also explained about the concept and practice of leadership.

Skills Theory

This theory explained that the practical knowledge and acquired skills or abilities are very important factors for effective leadership. This means that wide and varied knowledge is the real key for the leadership. A leader should have effective communication skills to convince the people and it is possible only when the he or she would be highly qualified and deeply experienced over the project proceedings (Spillane, 2004).

Path – Goal Theory

This theory is about the motivation given by leaders to the followers. Hence the head would only be able tomotivate the teammates when he or she has the cleared ideas of how to accomplish the target or obtained desired output. Therefore the leader should develop qualities to handle pressure and motivate the team with the help of his own expertise (Foss & Littlejohn, 2008).

Hence these theories completely emphasized that the technical aspects and communication skills both are required for the effective communication but the focus on technical expertise is more.  Generally it is observed that when developing any business the organizations are always preferred expertise that have immense knowledge and can lead a team.  For example, to develop any software it is essential for the team to know the technical requirements and the team leader should have deep knowledge so that he or she can lead the team in an effective way. Therefore leadership is not an easy task and may be difficult when the leader itself do not have wide range of knowledge to carry out the proceedings. For effective leadership, a person should have following abilities:

1. Should have thorough knowledge and can handle every technical challenge
2. Must have ability of transform a project from failure to success by applying his technical expertise (Floyd, 2009).
3. Enhance the working capacity of team by sharing  expertise over the issues
4. Groomed oneself for directly contributed to the success of company with the help of technical expertise

Apart from all these attributes effective communications are equally important to convey the messages to the team in organized manner. In each and every field, different level of skills, education and certifications are required. Effective leadership is all about the fundamental ability to believe in you.A leader should have high energy and stress tolerance ability to deal with the business obstacles. Early level of Leadership includes leading the people who have same frame of work as their leader such asteachers leading teachers, engineers leading engineers etc. It is noted that effective leader have higher level of intelligence and expertise which would help in developing better coordination between the team. Moreover a leader should clear about his positional authority and can be achieved by properknowledge of laws, rewards and industrial agreements (Berko, et al. 2010).

Communication skills are also important and play a significant role in developing effective leadership. A leader who has great expertise over his workings but unable to develop strong bonding with the team will not be effective. Interpersonal communication is required for the exchange of information between two or more people. Hence the key find is to build the balance between technical expertise and communication skills because both are important for the effective leadership. Technical skills are essential in order to utilize the appropriate technology to obtain the desired output. But good communication skills will be handy to understand the new technology. Overall technical expertise and communications skills are interdepend to each other and it is necessary to consider both the aspects for the effective leadership. Number of IT and engineering professionals believe that great technical skills will be the key to success. Since last few year the belief has changed and it is necessary to have technical expertise and interpersonal skills because technical professionals work comprised of dealing with both internal and external agents (Berdahl, & Anderson, 2005).


It is concluded that for effective leadership one should learn how to use expertise and communication skills to be successful. No matter what the situation, leaders need to focus on their work and able to express their ideas and commit themselves to the outcome. Hence technical expertise will be usually on the upper hand because without deep knowledge communication skills alone cannot do anything. Therefore technical skills are being recognized as important but on the other hand to impart knowledge to the other people sound communication skills are also required. Hence for effective leadership it is important to cover both the aspects. The most important skill that a leader need is to develop a habit of strategic thinking and planning to achieve organizational goals. A leader has to display number of qualities and good leaders are extremely good listeners. They should know how to develop good, strong relations with others. Hence for effective leadership communication skills and technical expertise is very important (Roy, et al. 2010).


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