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Assessment 1 – Customer Feedback Assignment


This advanced operation management assignmen help will elaborate the importance of the guests’ feedback for the success of the hotel. The perception of the guests of the hotel should be analysed for satisfying them and thereby achieving the targets of the organisation more easily. The trip advisors should be requested to give their feedbacks on the working of the hotel, as they contribute a lot in raising the market share of the organisation. In this report, the discussion is about the Horizon Hotel in Auckland, which is losing its market share rapidly. Hence, general manager is seeking ways to improve its condition through a proper research methodology.


Part A: Explain why guest satisfaction is important to the success of the hotel.

In the recent times, the competition level in the hospitality industry is growing tremendously. The hotels need to change their service delivery methods and criteria as per the continuous changing marketing management conditions (Banerjee & Chua, 2016). The customer satisfaction must be the ultimate motive of every industry for achieving success in this era. In the present case study, Allen Smith who is the General Manager of the Horizon hotel is facing the same problem as it is unable to meet its targets and is losing a number of customers (Daft, 2015). Therefore, Allen should review the customer delivery services of its organisation and design new approach for the satisfaction of its guests (Bolfing & Cadotte, 2015). The success of the business is directly related to the customer satisfaction. The Horizon hotel would be able to occupy a big market share, if its guests are satisfied with its services (Velazquez, Gallarza, & Saura, 2015). The more customers lead to the more profits of the organisation. If the visiting guests are satisfied, they will recommend availing the services to their relatives and friends (Bowen & Baloglu, 2015). The qualitative products are needed by the guests. The satisfaction of the guests is the best advertising technique for the success of the hotel industry (Ford, Sturman, & Heaton, 2011). If the guests are not satisfied with the ambience, food quality and other services of the hotel, then it will be a major loss to the hotel, as he will tell many other prospective guests about his bad experience and divert them from availing the services of the landmark hotel.

Compare the functions of guest feedback forms, Trip Advisor and other forms of social media

The feedback of the guests is very important for the hotels. The hotels should take proper feedbacks on their experience about the hotel for improving the weaknesses in the system (Subramanian, Gao, & Gunasekaran, 2016). However, many hotels don’t take it seriously, but it should be taken into account for achieving a big market share in the hospitality industry (Cezar, Ogut, & Okumus, 2016). In the present case, Allen is confused between the feedbacksfrom guests and Trip advisor. The basic information about the front desk, its efficiency, housekeeping, maintenance facilities, quality and taste of the food, and general comments about the rating for the price structure, references and advertising techniques should be included in the Guest feedback form (Mendrano, 2011). And all the recommendations of the guests should be entertained by the landmark hotel for raising the market share again (Chen & Yang, 2015).

The trip advisors play a significant role in increasing the market value of the hotel in the market. Most of the tourists follow the advice of the trip advisors for the selection of their destinations, specifically for the hotels (Jonathan & Thomas, 2015). The trip advisors will give reference of that hotel to its visitors who provide best customer satisfaction services. Hence, their feedback is very important for the landmark hotel (Mok, Sparks, & Kadampully, 2013). The reviews of the trip advisor should be written on the landing pages. It will be one of the advertising media for attracting more guests to the hotel.

The other social medias like starting a Face-book page describing the main functions of the hotel to attract the youth generation, Television advertisements, newspapers adds, magazine posts etc. can also help to motivate the prospective guests to move towards the landmark hotel (Ladhari & Michaud, 2015). Advertisement is a necessary part for the success of the business.

Design a research programme to gather information regarding importance and satisfaction- this needs to include justification of the methods used

The satisfaction of the guests is the main target of every enterprise. The information about the experience of the guests with the services and ambience of the hotel is to be gathered for improving it as per their needs and requirements (Lee & Okumus, 2016). The hospitality industry is spread on a wide range in the market place. Hence, new and smart techniques should be used to stand in the tough competitive environment (DilPazir, Amin, & Insha, 2015).
The visitors can be requested to fill the feedback form for giving their opinion on the services of the hotel. The feedbacks from the trip advisors can be taken to attract the foreign tourists and other unknown people. The number of social networking techniques can be used for the purpose of motivating the potential users towards the hotel. Customer is the king of the market. The customer satisfaction is very important for the success of the organisation. If the feedbacks are taken from the guests, they will be motivated to avail the services of the hotel. The perception of the guests is to be analysed before designing any strategy of the hotel (O'Fallon & Rutherford, 2011). The customer oriented organisations can achieve success more easily as compared to profit oriented organisations. The customer surveys and questionnaires can also be conducted forevaluating the perceptions of the guests. The front line staff should be active enough to gather information about the experience of the visitors (Rahman & Reynolds, 2016). The general manager should evaluate the methods for gathering information about the guest’s satisfaction and adopt measures to implement them in the working of the organisation.

Design a way to manage to integrate feedback from the different sources and share information within the hotel

The online and internet services play a crucial role in the market place in the current era. The landmark hotel should use the online feedbacks from the guests, trip advisors and other users for designing the strategies of the hotel (Schwartz, Uysal, Webb, & Altin, 2016). The guest feedback should be considered and best efforts are required to be made by the hotel for implementing their recommendations in the policies of the hotel industry(Xiang, Schwartz, Gerdes, & Uysal, 2015). The trip advisor feedbacks should also be taken into account and then the proper analysis should be done of all the feedbacks. The online web portals can be created for having the customer response and their comments on the services of the hotel (Ford, Sturman, & Heaton, 2011). The manager of the hotel is responsible for managing the several aspects in the organisation such as gathering the information from the feedbacks, analysing their recommendations, evaluating the outcomes and deriving an appropriate opinion for the achievement of the targets of the hotel (Sparks, So, & Bradley, 2016). The newly framed policies and information should be shared within the hotel members properly so as to enable them to contribute to the efficient working of the hotel.


From the above report, it is concluded that the satisfaction of the guests is one of the significant issues for the success of the hotel. Several methods should be used for gathering information about the importance of the guests’ satisfaction. The information should be then shared within the hotel for enabling the members to work more efficiently as per the needs and requirements of the service users.


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