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ACC706 Accounting Theory Editing and Proof Reading Services

Summary of the case

ACC706 Accounting Theory Assignment Help is about entrepreneurship and an active business plan. In addition to all other parameters the person Mr. Pedro Santini talks about complete feasibility and clarity in relation to an innovative word processor that is to be launched. Though the product has already been tested and tried by the friends of the inventor but still in order to commercialize it a lot of preparations have to be done. Marketing is one important aspect which is to be taken care of properly and in order to meet the escalating expenses Mr. Pedro Santini is in need of venture capitalist. The venture capitalist in addition to the cost and profit may also ask questions related to the technical feasibility, legal constraints and future prospects etc. All together the presented case is interesting and probably it has to be analyzed from entrepreneurial point of view.ACC706 Accounting Theory Assignment Help,Assignment Help Australia

Q1) Investment is one of the important parameter that determines success of a firm. Though the prime concern for a venture capitalist/ Entrepreneurs is related to finance profits and success of the launched products in long run but in addition to these prime aspects they may be interested in other aspects too (Casson M., Yeung B. and Wadeson N., 2008). These questions will further clarify their doubts and may present a clear cut picture before the venture capitalist. The questions will further smooth the process of decision making. In addition to the financial aspect the venture capitalist may ask following questions to Mr. Pedro Santini

How the Word processor (which you have developed) is different from that of competitors?

This question is related to the competitive analysis. By asking this question the venture capitalist will try to know the competitive potential and unique selling proposition of the word processor(Casson M., Yeung B. and Wadeson N., 2008). Through this question the venture capitalist would easily know and comment about the technological advancements, additional benefits and core competencies of the prospects. A prompt answer to this question may also clarify the product differentiation points and also help to satisfy the venture capitalist in terms of strategic formulation.

Specify your plans of growth? 

This is one of the important questions which will be asked. By asking the questions the venture capitalist will know and assess the business plan of Mr. Pedro Santini. Answer to this question will specify how the developer has thought about growth and development of the product in nascent and commercial scale.

What would your preference of capital, if agreed upon, in debt form or in equity form? 

 By asking this question the venture capitalist would probably want to know about the capital form preference of Mr. Pedro Santini that he want to take a debt to commercialize or whether he would like to include him(Venture Capitalist) as shareholder.

Why me as a venture capitalist? 

This question will provide information to the venture capitalist that why Mr. Pedro Santini chosen him oven other venture capitalist or capital sources. The question will further clarify the thinking and expectations of Mr. Pedro Santini from the capitalist.

What are the parameters of success for you in relation to Word Processor? 

By asking this question the venture capitalist wants to know about the personal meaning/ aspirations of success of Mr. Pedro Santini and how he defines his ways of success? The answer to this question will also clarify the mental attitude and expectations of people towards the product/ company.

Some other important questions which can be asked are as following

What are the different ideas involved behind development of the product?

How you have started working and what were the important doubts arising in your mind in relation to this product?

Have you got your product patented? If yes, then how strong it is?

Have you gone to another venture capitalist before coming to me?

Who else has shown interest in your project?

Have you done lab testing/ test development of your product?

Who will be the potential consumers of your product and how will you target them?

What will be the probable growth rate you will assess and propose for your business and how will you attain this?

How will you start and spent?

How will you open the doors of opportunities for your products and for your investors too?

What makes you the most suited for your business?

What are the targets/ milestones that you have decided for yourself?

What will be your sales plan?

Have you take care of the technical specifications and other related regal requirements in relation to the development and launch of the product?

Who are the other parties whom have shown interest in your proposal?

 What was the method adopted by you in context to the valuation of your proposed business?

Have you initiated and sales or target marketing so far?

Do you carry and intellectual property rights/patents in relation to your business?

What are your expectations from me?

Q2) Business plan highlights the business objectives and goals. It is a formal statement that highlights the plans and also explains that how the plan will help the organization/ entrepreneur to attain the stated objective of the organization (David F.R., 2006). They also include the documents describing the respective explanations and details. Business plan would be of great value to Mr. Pedro Santini and following reasons may support the same.

Business plan will clarify and specify the direction of movement – Business plan will specify the objective of the proposed business which Mr. Pedro Santini want to starts and will also allow him to understood what are the thing and actions required to be undertaken to achieve the stated objectives of the organizations. It will also specify the product basket and associated services which are to be offered to the consumers.

Vision –Business plan will also help Mr. Pedro Santini to ensure the future growth of the company and its direction of movement. Clarity in vision will enable Mr. Pedro Santini to compare the budgeted time limits and actual growth.

Ensuring and attraction of finances –  A full proof plan will help Mr. Pedro Santini to attract venture capitalist and investments towards the proposed business. An integrated and detailed business plan will present and would equate the proposed investment, earning and timings and hence, would present a clear picture in front of the investors. It wouls also help in effective and efficient management of working capital and cash flows.

Attraction of other team members –  A well drafted and well presented business plan will attract different competent staff, suppliers and other human ware to the project (David F.R., 2006). It can also be shared to secure cooperation among the team members and will also help in promoting efficiency and supportive environment inside the organization.

Ensures effective and efficient management of the company –  A well designed business plan will help in the establishment of a clear hierarchical structure including an equitable distribution in authorities and power among various positions (Stokes D., Wilson N. and Mador M., 2010). A well drafted plan will also help the management to ensure proper management inside the organization. Business plan will also help Mr. Pedro Santini to manage the organization in effective and efficient terms.

Ensure effective management and strategic exit –  A well prepared business plan is much needed as it will help Mr. Pedro Santini to manage the business strategically and to help him to secure and investment and even it would assist the promoters in gaining safe exit if in case it is required or expected in near future.

Helps in assessment of actions, opportunities and threats –  A well planned business plan will help Mr. Pedro Santini to decide the future course of actions and will also assist him to find out and classify the potential opportunities and threats which may affect the prospects of business in a negative manner.

Q3) Following are the recommendation to Mr. Pedro Santini in relation to the meeting of him with the venture capitalist.

Be prepared with details and documents –  T every first advice /recommendations which I would like to give to Mr. Pedro Santini is about preparations. He should be prepared with all the relevant detailing of the products and the business plans. He should prepare n terms of documents detailing and knowledge in relation to the product/ proposed venture.

Get minute and detailed detail of the topic involved - Mr. Pedro Santini should try to identify the factors which are related to the proposed meeting or business and should try to get details of each and every thing which may be involved in the discussion as far as possible. This will help to gain an integrated and comprehensive knowledge on the topic.

Gain knowledge of the Venture capitalist as much as you can -  Mr. Pedro Santini should prepare his homework in a full proof manner related to the background and taste of the venture capitalist. This would help him to prepare his plan and pitch in a better way. Knowledge about the venture capitalist will also help Mr. Pedro Santini to know about the interest of the venture capitalist and will help him to eradicate those points which has created a failed meeting in past.

Carry out networking task -  Mr. Pedro Santini should carry out extensive work on TCP IP networking. He should try to find out the persons whose suggestions are being valued by the venture capitalist. This act will improve the chances of success of the meetings.

Prepare a backup plan -  Mr. Pedro Santini should have a backup plan prepared in his mind related to another source of investment in case in the currently planned meeting fails. The presence of a backup plan will boost the morale and the pitching / planning of the meeting with venture capitalist will be carried out in a proficient way.

Approach politely with prior appointment -  Mr. Pedro Santini should ask for an appointment and should also brief the purpose of the meeting in advance. This piece of information will give a fair idea to the venture capitalist about the topic of the meeting and at the same time the approach should be very much polite.

Approach with Open mind preparations –  One of the important recommendations which I would like to give to Mr. Pedro Santini is to meet the venture capitalist with an open mind and should be ready to receive the critical comments from the venture capitalist. Corporate Finance is not an easy task and it may take more time to convince the venture capitalist for investment. Mr. Pedro Santini should have in mind that the venture capitalist wills really going to ask tough questions related to the product, market, business plans, investment and profits etc.

Be prepared in terms of size, content and delivery of pitch   This is one of the important recommendations. Mr. Pedro Santini should prepare a note in advance regarding the size and content of the pitch. The pitch should be crisp, catchy and informative. The flow of the pitch should not be disturbed and it should be presented with a bold personality and a great confidence. The doubt clarity session should be tried to keep at end as much as possible. The pitchy should not be too much rigid though it should be drafted and practiced with great care.

Pre work on the best chances/ Methods of Investment -  Mr. Pedro Santini should carry out a comprehensive task before going for the discussion related to the modes of investment which will best suit the need and requirements of the organization. During the discussion he should tyry to convince the venture capitalist related to same.

Present in terms of concrete plans, objectives and figures -  Mr. Pedro Santini should try to present his plans in terms of timelines and specified measurable objectives and should back every point with logical and statistical details. This method would help the venture capitalist to ease his decision with respect to the proposed opportunity of investment.


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