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BSBMGT616A Develop Organisational Review Assessment

BSBMGT616A Develop Organisational Review Proof Reading Services


Running a company is not a single day’s job. It takes months of dedication and wisdom to carry on with the great job. With great efforts comes great success. To run a company wisely the goals are supposed to be well formed. Those well formed goals are then to be well followed. The Vision and Mission of a company are hence set to realize the requirements of running a successful business development.

BSBMGT616A Develop organisational Review


it is about what the company or firm or an organization is aiming for. In a nutshell the mission of a company gives the idea about the company’s destination.


It is the inside story of a firm. The vision is basically about where the company sees itself in the long run.

Being the General Manager of MacVille’s successful import / export business center in Sydney for the past two years it is well understood that the company has a bright future and capability of becoming a national brand. Being able to serve the entire world with high class coffee machines MacVille has made it clear that success is not far away(Kocovic, 2011). By reviewing the previous year’s statements and records it can also be said that MacVille is a potential market holder with thriving business prosperity. Since generating revenue is not only the concern providing services to every customer is important. MacVille’s large chains of customers are supposed to be given the best service with the best products.

Vision and Mission:

As already said, in the next five years MacVille will become a national brand. It will hold a special position in the hospitality industry. Serving the best quality espresso machines to the clients MacVille will be successfully making a difference in the hospitality industry. It will be considered to be a prime concern to the clients. Both large and small business clients using MacVille will perceive it to be one of the key components of successfully running their businessMarketing environment.

Customers and clients help build our brand. Serving the best to the client MacVille helps in building a strong clientele. The large numbers of espresso coffee machines provided by MacVille brings efficiency and sustainability in the hospitality business. Hence higher the rate of serving the clients more will be the rewards. Serving customers is an integral part of the business. It is their rewards and money that is going to allow the stakeholders and other concerned people to earn for a living. This will also give rise to the chance of every person connected to the business to prosper and progress.

MacVille has been maintaining its top values. The stakeholders and the employees have been working under the same management with high standards. Being nurtured by the morale of the organization the stakeholders have learnt to adhere to the compliance and policy(Oldroyd, 2004). Given the chance of cultivating their own talents and leading themselves the stakeholders have been using the opportunity of leading self – directed teams of professionals thereby maintaining their high standards. MacVille is externally offering the customers the best possible services and value.

Not much of a change in the strategy was seen in the business flow of the company for about two years. Yet a few strategic changes were formulated. These strategic changes are vital as they bring an enormous change in the total system. The mission and the vision of the company must reflect the changes in the strategy in order to carry on with the best services that are brought to the customers.

Since the stakeholders are given the opportunity to run a self – directed team they are thought to be given the ample support to incorporate innovation in the system. Adding new systematic changes and incorporating new trends in serving the customers is essential. Having served the old ways the customers would be glad to welcome the new changes(Kotler and Armstrong, 2006). Evaluating the new processes would give room to improvement, better thinking, finer customer service and planning. There have been many instances where a proper planning and incorporation of a new idea were expected. In fact, this was a long lasting expectation of the customers who were eagerly waiting for a change in the system. Hence we must not rest but raise our standards by striving for the better and achieving the best. Here also comes the chance to innovate new planning and ideas with partnerships and alliances that would be eager to promote our thoughts and raise standards with time.

Further changes that can be made

It has been highly recommended that MacVille recognizes the crowd it works with. The people and the surrounding must be well anticipated. In order to be a law abiding and responsible citizen it is important for us to be an active part in the society. To be able to blend in it is essential to stand the needy in need. Donating a percentage of the income to the society is not too much to ask for. In fact, this will lead to a better understanding amongst the people and the company. The non – profit organizations can get a part of the profit even it is a small percentage(Kotler and Armstrong, 2006).

The changes are all brought in the system in order to make things easier and give “A” – class support to the clients. This will make the working environment friendlier and clients will be able to feel the smoother service. It is MacVille’s responsibility to improve the business needs.


As responsible citizens it is also important to understand the social norms and needs. If taken all possible steps in order to improve service and business MacVille will flourish all the more in the recent years.


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