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401003 Professional Communication Assignment

401003 Professional Communication Proof Reading Services


This 401003 professional communication assignment is a reflective report based on six abstracts of different research paper. In this reflective report along with six designated abstract we would also include our view point and two more sources to support the basic idea of the learning. These designated extracts are taken from text books which are recommended for the module. On the basis of this analysis and supporting viewpoints a total summarization of the learning would be made.

401003 Professional Communication Assignment

Body of Essay

First extract is discussing the importance of nursing health assessment in diagnosis of a patient and different frameworks which are used for the nursing health assessment. There are different types of health assessment framework like

Gordon's II Functional Health Patterns
The Emergency Care Cycle
The Body Systems Framework
The Head-To-Toe Framework

Which are used by nursing students and practitioners in their clinical practice. abstract is also mentioning brief case studies which are indicating the different in prioritization of nurses regarding the work they should be doing and what they prefer to do, and how they are avoiding the work they are not sure about by stating it is doctor’s job not theirs. Nurses are also showing their lack of knowledge and medical terms and still pretending to understand them instead of asking about it. This is clearly indicating a gap in current nursing assessment practices and areas which require improvement (George, 2011).

Second abstract is discussing about the difference in open ended and close ended questions which are asked by a nurse to a patient and how they differentiate a nursing assessment. It is supported and advocated by many nursing academicians that while doing a patient assessment open ended questions should be avoided and close ended questions should be asked more. Logic behind this is simple that close ended question tend to gather more specific and reliable data which is of diagnostic value. For example being really sick and feeling uncomfortable is an open ended answer by a patient while another nurse asking at what time he started feeling sick or having pain is a closed ended which provide us information about the history of presenting illness. Extracting information from a intellectually challenged person or from a patient who is facing language barriers, psychological barriers, age related issues etc are most difficult to get information from. For such patients using more open ended questions is the right strategy but in cases other than this it is not advisable to use open ended question in nursing assessment.

Communication process and its importance in nursing profession is discussed in this abstract. According to the information distribution and communication model there could be various challenges and barriers between a sender and a receiver making it very difficult for a nursing professional to deal with patients who belong to different cultures, languages etc. Skill set like auditory skills, kinaesthetic skills and ability to communicate message in a  simple and clear language are the virtues which will increase the effectiveness and efficiency of a nursing professional (Salmond, 2007).

Collaborative care is the primary area where better communication skillsif a nursing professional are needed. Collaborative care means that there are a number of healthcare providers involved in an individual's care. In such cases if communication between the nurses is not proper then it would directly impact the treatment and prognosis of the patient (Stevens, 2013).

It is a critical and reflexive process of self-inquiry and transformation of being and becoming the practitioner you desire to be. Reflection or reflective process is natural and human tendency to reflect on the process which just happened or the act which is done by a person. A reflective process is the ability of a individual to self analyse and identify the areas which are weak and areas which are strong suit for them. Through self reflection a monitoring process is developed which will work continuously and keep a check on the ability of an individual to work recklessly. A reflective process is dependent upon the ability of a person to understand the concept of self and ability to objectively analyse oneself. It is also important that self reflection should objectively assess an action, neither should it overly justify it nor it should be overly critical because both will derange the self improvement process of a professional. There are different types of self reflection observed like reflection in action, reflection on action and reflection for action.

Clinical reasoning and ability to critically evaluate a situation are some of the skill sets which help a nursing professional to make good diagnostic decisions. A nursing and midwifery professional should be aware of medical terms, their applicability in clinical settings, their ability to remember theories and its application for a patient etc. A nursing and midwife should not just do their job mechanically, instead they should be able to understand the logic and reasoning behind each medical decision. This way they won’t be just a low level hospital employee who is supposed to follow the direction of a doctor, but they can also help the doctor in patient assessment, diagnosis and identifying signs and symptoms of emergency situations (Debra, Et al. 2008).

Health education and counselling is also a responsibility of the nursing professional and it helps in restoring the normal health and quality of life of a patient. Through health education and promoting healthier life style a nurse can enable a person and their family members to practice habits which are healthy for them and at the same time they are also trained to identify any early signs and symptoms of a change in behaviour of patient. Health education have impact far reaching than particular patient, it can impact entire families, social groups and communities through its message. Only issue associated with health education and promotion is that it is a slow process and its impact can be visible only after a significant amount of time. Thus there might be some patients and families who would perceive that there is absolutely no benefit of being associated with health promotion behaviour.

Discussion and Supportive Argument

According to the American society of registered nurses (2007) emotional intelligence is a very important skill in modern nursing practice and it empowers a nurse to make decisions which are right, justified and at the same time ethically and humanly right. While making these decisions a nursing professional should be able to control their emotions and take decisions which are for the greater good rather than immediate gratification.

A nurse has to interact with a lot of patient and listen to their problems regularly, if they get emotionally attached with each patient and their problems, then it would be very difficult for them to make decision for that patient.

Similarly according to Blackman, (2010) having a keen understanding of different cultures and their beliefs, their customs and taboos is very important in modern nursing profession. Patient population is increasingly getting varied and more and more nurses are facing challenges to effectively provide care to the patients who belong to different culture, language etc. Authors are promoting that nurses should be trained to remain sensitive and understanding about different cultures and they should not judge a patient on the basis of these attributes.


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