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In this 342612 Human Resource Management Assignment Help the essence of the job documentation of the organisation Pizza Hut will be highlighted. The importance of the HRM function in the management can be effectively drawn from this report. The relation between the HRM and the other activities in the organisations will be discussed. Along with that the relationship of HRM with the internal and external factors will be related with the PEST and Porter’s five forces analysis. The second part of the report will show the job evaluation process of Pizza Hut for a position of Supervisor. Along with that an analysis will be carried for supporting the job evaluation process. 

Assignment 1: Job Documentation

A) 1) Relationship between the Organisation success and HRM functions and activities.

The success of the organisation is interlinked with the factors like competitive advantage, differentiation, unique value proposition, optimum utilisation of the best resources, positive working environment, structured recruitment and selection procedure, specific communication process etc. (Hendry., 2012). All the factors have a link with the Human Resource management functions.

The organisation is Pizza Hut which is one of the US based renowned restaurants specialised in pizzas, across the world. The organisation is operating over 15, 000 locations. Thus it is a global organisation which gives localisation as an important consideration in order to attract the people towards their restaurants.

Organisation structure is the systematic allocation of roles and responsibilities in the organisation which enhances the communication process and line of authority (Gagne, 2014). Pizza Hut is the global restaurant headed by the Chairman along with the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer. Under their leadership the departments are categorised in to the marketing, corporate affairs, human resources, finance and strategic planning. The organisation chart for Pizza Hut:

organisation chart

As the company is operating across the globe, Human Resource Management plays a major role in order to align all the departments for achieving the business goals. Human Resource Managementenhances the functions like planning the HR needs, staffing issues, developing the workforce, monitoring the performances of the employees, administrating the daily needs, managing the change, maintaining the long term relationships etc. (Sims, 2011). (Buhler, 2012)The role of Human resource management in the organisation like Pizza Hut can help to achieve the competitive advantage by creating a positive environment in the organisation. The Ulrich model can help to understand the importance of the Human Resource function in the organisation.

HR roles modals

  • As a strategic partner the Human resource management can align the activities of Human resource with the overall strategy of the business. The human resource department maintains and develop the human resources for giving the productive performances.
  • The change adopted by the top management needs to be communicated and shared with the work force. This vital role is played by the Human resource management by involving and convincing the entire workforce to adopt the change (Price, 2010).
  • As an administrative expert, the human resource management focus on the low cost by addressing the business process re-engineering mechanisms. The efficiency and the effectiveness is given emphasis by the human resource management.
  • It is the Human resource management that combines the individuals towards a group and to increase their motivation for achieving the targets. The issues faced by the employees are covered in the areas of Human resource management.

There is a relationship between the Human Resource function with other functions in the organisation. Human resource management is the unit in the organisation which coordinates with all the departments in order to enhance the smooth operation of the business. In case of Pizza Hut, human resource function can be related with the other functions or activities in the following way:

  • In case of Marketing, human resource management plays an important role by encouraging and motivating the employees to generate revenues for the organisation. Training and development session organised by Pizza Hut is to make competent work force in order to achieve the organisational targets. The motivated and the efficient marketing professionals successfully close the deals with the franchisee holders, suppliers, customers etc.
  • For Strategic Planning, human resource management links the Human resource planning function for creating an edge. Human resource planning determines the demand and supply of the competent workforce by evaluating the gaps in the workplace which assist the strategic planning function (Buhler, 2012). The objective of Pizza Hut is to deliver best quality foods to the customers. In this case employees are strategy implementer and for that human resource function addresses the skills gaps by conducting assessment in order to support the business objective. Thus recruiting the competent employees along with the evaluation of the performances are done to implement the strategy successfully.
  • In case of Finance, human resource management can gives the estimate of the cost or expenses related to the training and development. It will help the finance team of Pizza Hut to prepare the budget effectively.
  • For Corporate Affairs, human resource management design the process and conduct the meetings or seminars in the organisations like Pizza Hut. It is the human resource department who gives the estimation of the required workforce and reflects the true picture of the productivity in the organisation.

It is the Human resource management that integrates all the functions of the organisation for achieving the business requirements. It supports all the functions of an organisation by sharing important information, managing the relationships and establishing sound coordination among all.

A) 2) Relationship with internal & external factors.

The internal factors that influences the activities of HRM function can be determined by following the Porter’s value chain analysis.

firm instructions

The following table can able to address the internal factors that influences the activities of Human resource management (De Menezes, 2010).

Primary Activities

Secondary Activities

Inbound Logistics: Involving the movement based on the inbound activities like raw materials needed for the manufacturing process from the suppliers. It is the human resource management who maintains the relationship with the suppliers of Pizza Hut.

It is the vital process at Pizza Hut where the standard and quality is being designed by the Human resource management in order to achieve the organisation’s goal.

Day to day activities are being monitored and controlled by the administrative activities of human Resource management and that indicates the requirement of HRM function at the operation. Delegating the responsibilities are the part of operation that is conducted by HRM (Berger, 2011) (Belcourt, 2012)

Human resource Management:By imparting training and development session, human resource management increase the competency of the employees working at Pizza Hut. Apart from that motivation is given to assure the productivity (Hendry., 2012)

Outbound Logistics: The finished items or the ready foods which are served to the customers are followed the steps like operation, maintenance which are also supported by the HRM. Briefing the employees to follow the designed work process and to develop them are the part of HRM which can be linked with this internal factors. are reachable to the consumers with the strong distribution process (Hill, 2010)

Technology:Imparting training to the employees for following the advanced technology is also the part of the function related to the HRM.

Marketing and Sales: Making the employees competent by inculcating the required skills are the part of the activities followed by HRM. With these activities effective marketing and sales can be done

Infrastructure:Aligning the business objectives with the needs of the organisation is also the area covered in the HRM function.

It is the Human resource function that recruits the right employees in the service areas of Pizza Hut. Thus it is also depend on the HRM function.


Other than that Porters five forces can also determines the internal factors which can also be linked with the HRM function in the following way  (Trkman, 2011) (Berger, 2011):

  • Buyer: The customers are the revenue drivers of Pizza Hut and the employees are given training to support the customers with their requirements. The customers must feel the difference with other brands which is mainly focused in the training of Pizza Hut.
  • Competitors: The differentiation can only sustain the business of Pizza Hut and for that developing the resources by giving training, feedbacks, monitoring are the basic functions of HRM  (Aswathappa, 2015). The uniqueness that will form can only differentiate the brand Pizza Hut with Mc Donald’s
  • Suppliers: The deals that are made with the suppliers of the beef, pork and chicken are renewed periodically. It is the Human resource management that supports to maintain the terms and conditions of the contracts.
  • Substitutes: Resource based theory can be related with the function of HRM. The substitutes of the products offered by Pizza Hut can be controlled with the effectiveness of the workforce. The quality as well as taste can reduce the impact of the substitutes.
  • New Entrants: The power of the new entrants can also be controlled with the effectiveness of the HRM function in the form of addressing the demand and supply of the workforce, monitoring the performances, selecting the most capable candidates etc.

The external factors can be addressed with the help of the PEST analysis that is shown below in respect of the organisation Pizza Hut.

Political factors

The political factors includes the political situation, legal consideration of New Zealand which is linked with the HRM activities. The labour laws in New Zealand is structured and strict. The rates related to the lending are high and for that the organisations operating in New Zealand has to pay more taxes. Free trade system supports the business activities. HRM functions involves the laws and the regulations related to the labour laws are to be followed in the organisation otherwise there is provision for penalties by the Government. HR manager sets the norms workplace in accordance with the laws related to the health and safety and in this way it influences the function of HRM. As per the employment agreements specified by the Government of New Zealand, the written agreements of the jobs must be signed by both the parties. Trial periods are permissible in New Zealand which is around 90 days. Minimum four weeks annual leaves are granted as per the employment regulation of New Zealand (Now, 2016). The minimum wage rates for the adults specified by the Government are also the function of the HRM. Thus political factors influences the HRM functions in the organisation.

Economic factors

Economic growth of the country is fair and the population is also limited to 6 to 7 million. The resources are abundant. The unemployment is low in New Zealand and there is a huge scope for the employees in different organisations (Kelsey, 2015). In this case the HR department needs to retain the employees for reducing the operation cost and also to increase the productivity. Periodic trainings should be conducted in order to engage the employees towards the organisation by creating interest.

Social Factors

The literacy rate in new Zealand is 100% and it reveals the fact that the employees are educated and aware of the business. The function of the human resource department is to increase the level of knowledge by giving opportunities of higher studies related with the functions that the employees are working (Chapman, 2011). This will increase the competency level of the employees and accordingly the business of Pizza Hut can evidence the high productivity. Along with that the focus of HRM should support the work-life balances of the employees.

Technological factors

The country is having their own system in the education by the programs of OECD. The education system is strong and effective at New Zealand. The usage of internet and adoption of the technology is common in New Zealand. In that case the function of HRM is to address the gaps of the employees in order to implement the technological advancement for accelerating the business operation of Pizza Hut. The HRM department can easily access the performances of the employees with the help of technology.

B) 1) Write a “Job description”, “Person Specification” and “Job Profile”

Job evaluation: is the structured process of assessing the jobs in order to determine the relative worth of the particular job in the organisation. The evaluation is done based on the content of the job and accordingly the hierarchy of the job is being designed in the organisation (Belcourt, 2012). The basic purpose of job evaluation can be the determination of the pay structure for the particular job. Thus a job evaluation process is done before the employees are hired in the organisation.

Job Analysis: gives importance to the specific information about the concerned job in order to have a clear idea regarding the responsibilities and related skills associated with that job  (Hayre, 2015). This information will support the Human resource department for preparing the job description as well as job specification.

Job Description: is the highlights the duties and the responsibilities for the specific job in the organisation. It helps the candidate to understand their roles in the organisation. With this job description, the HRM department of the organisation can successfully delegate the duties and responsibilities among the employees which will reduce the misunderstandings  (Bohlander W., 2010).

Person Specification or Job Specification: Job specification determines the required skills, knowledge and experience for the concerned job in the organisation. The candidates will be aware of their capabilities before applying for the job (Aswathappa, 2015). It helps the HRM department to collect the candidate with the specified skills and knowledge related to the concerned post.

Job Profile: is the overall summary of the job responsibilities, required skills, pay structure, growth opportunities related with the particular position in the organisation (Farndale, 2012). The candidate can have a clear idea about all the necessary elements associated with the concerned position. On the other hand the HRM department can also communicated effectively about the areas related to the job.

The following table can help to get an idea about the job evaluation for the organisation Pizza Hut




Great South Road, Manukau, Auckland 2104

Job Type

Executive Level

Joining date

15th August 2016

Working Hours

40 hours per week

Pay Scale

Average pay scale is  NZ$ 16.44 per hour

Task to be undertaken

The role of Supervisor is important in the fast growing restaurants of Pizza hut. Supervisors have to maintain a sound working environment in the restaurant by encouraging the employees. All the issues of the employees are needed to be communicated to the Manager. Allocating the day-to-day activities, rotating the employees, preparing the duty sheets are part of the position of a Supervisor.

Objectives of the Position

The basic objective is to establish a positive environment of working. The employees can give their best for that motivation and encouragement are needed to be taken care. As a result the customers visiting the food outlets can feel the difference between the Pizza Hut and other brands.

Equipment provided

A Log Book where the Supervisor needs to allocate the duties by recording the names. Health and safety booklets will be given to keep a watch for the safety and security in the workplace. Gloves, apparels will be given in order to distribute those stuffs to the employees when required

Dress Standard

Supervisors need not have to wear the uniforms having the logo of Pizza Hut. But they must carry their Identity cards.

Key task

The key task are:

a) Allocating the responsibilities to the employees

b) Rotating the employees for improving their efficiencies

c) Communicating the issues of the employees to the Manager

d) Ensuring health and safety practices to the workplace


A Graduate from the Hospital management or Business management are eligible for applying for the post of the Supervisor.


Minimum two years’ experience in the hospitality segment.

Personality Attributes

Must be pleasant and calm for handling the pressure. Extrovert in nature in order to ensure free communication and openness which can influence the employees towards the involvement in the job


Fluency in communication skills

Must have the leadership traits to motivate the employees for giving their best

Organised in the approach

Go Getter Attitude

B) 2) Support your analysis.

The information related to the post of the Supervisor at Pizza Hut is based are gathered in the following way:a)
a) Observation Method: The Manager plays a role of the Job analyst where he observe the task done by the supervisor at the restaurant along with the time taken and resources needed. He records the duties performed along with the ways that the employees at the level of Supervisor followed. The positive side is the simple collection which is accurate due to the direct observation. But the negative side is the time consumption which is too high and that can affect the job of the analyst (Farndale, 2012)

b) Interview: The analyst conducts an interview in a structured form where the job holders are asked to give the details of the areas (Stredwick, 2013) in the job he/she is doing. Effective judgements are applied in order to extract the information about the position. The positive side is the authenticate opinions from the job holders but the negative side is the time taken is much more which affect other important work  (Wilton, 2010).

c) Questionnaire: It is the document that is being given to the job holders in the form of the questions. Brief description, responsibilities, time taken, extra responsibilities can be extracted from this method.

d) Diary method: This is a method where the job holders need to record the activities they are performing for the related job. It is a positive approach which are being followed as it can collect huge data regarding the particular job that is for Supervisor post (Stredwick, 2013). But sometimes the job holders record wrong information due to the negative relationship with the top management which is the negative side. (Kreitner, 2010)
Thus all the methods are followed in order to extract the best information for the related post which helps the management to have a clear and specific idea about the worth of the job for determining the pay scale.
The effectiveness of the employee’s performances are measured in order to address the skill gaps or to develop the human resources to give their best productive performances. The Key Performance Indicators are there in order to determine the performances of the employees at Pizza Hut in the following way:

a) Performance Appraisal: It is an assessment process where the employees are measured by the benchmarks that are being designed. For conducting the performance appraisal, 360 degree feedbacks are used. The feedbacks are collected from all the employees, customers, manager for getting the response of the performances of a Supervisor at Pizza Hut. All the employees shared their opinions based on the ratings for the benchmarks like punctuality, problem solving, behaviour etc. The positive side is the collection the responses from all the employees which removes the partiality in order to determine the performances (Kreitner, 2010). But the negative side can be the popularity of the employee which influences the opinions. Thus based on the ratings performances are measured.

b) Observation Method: It is also the method used in the Key Performances Indicators where the employee’s performances are measured by the observation of the senior. It helps the management to get the real responses due to the direct observation (Buhler, 2012). But the demerits of this method can be the negative relationship which can affect the measurement. But the management of Pizza Hut is conscious and aware. Based on the observation of the senior, performances are being measured in Pizza Hut.

Based on the information collected regarding the position of Supervisor at Pizza Hut, Job design approaches are also incorporated in. Job Design is the positive effort to allocate the responsibilities, duties, task in an effective and organised way. The three factors are considered in the Job Design approaches which are (Aswathappa, 2015):

  • The content related to the specific task
  • The ways to perform the job
  • Creating a balance between the organisational objectives and departmental targets

The approaches followed in the Job Design at Pizza Hut are as follows:

a) Job Rotation: Sometimes the employees at Pizza Hut are rotated in order to make them efficient. It is helpful when the staffs are absent and another staff is carrying out their function for managing the operation effectively.

b) Job Engineering: After analysing the content of the job, the layouts of the jobs are changed for minimising the boredom related to the post. Varieties are added in order to encourage and motivate the employee at the particular post of the Supervisor at Pizza Hut.


This report has given the essence of the job documentation of the organisation Pizza Hut. The relation between the HRM and the other activities in the organisations are shown effectively. Along with that the relationship of HRM with the internal and external factors are effectively highlighted by conducting the PEST and Porter’s five forces analysis. The second part of the report has effectively shown the job evaluation process of Pizza Hut for a position of Supervisor. Along with that an analysis is supported with the job evaluation process. 


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