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200088 Brand and Product Management Proof Reading Services

Brand Strategy Development

In this section of the report, a detailed description as well as analysis of the brand strategy will be carried out for the selected product for this report. The product that will be discussed for this report is the product is called Raspbela which is a mix of raspberry and bitter melon.

Brand and Product Management

Description and Justification of Brand elements of the new fruit

It is very important to decide on the targeting and the positioning of the new fruit for deciding on the brand elements of the as well as justifying the same. Raspbela which is a mix of raspberry and bitter melon will be positioned as a health fruit which will be able to provide the consumers with the goodness of the bitter melon, the bitter taste of which will be compensated by the taste of raspberry. Hence it will be possible for the position the fruit as something which will be tasty as well as very helpful in terms of the various positive health benefits coming from the bitter melon. Hence it will be possible to target not only the health conscious adults but also children and young who should be getting the nutrition’s of the bitter melon without compromising on the taste. In view of the fact that the children and young people tend to avoid foods which do not taste good and parents usually face a lot of problem for ensuring the nutritional intake of them, this will be an idea fruit for them. On the basis of this the brand elements will be looked into.

  • Name: The first element amongst the brand elements will be the name (Kotler, 2013). As has been mentioned already the product is called Raspbela which is a mix of raspberry and bitter melon. The name Raspbela has been chosen in view of the fact that it has the hint to raspberry which is loved by the target segment. Also the name is catchy and is easy to pronounce which is required keeping in mind the very low average age of the target segment.
  • Logo:The logo again has to be designed for attracting the young and young adults as well as for the parents who will be the key decision makers for buying such article for their children. The logo will also need to showcase the fruity and goodness sides of the same and hence the following logo has been designed for Raspbela:

Brand and Product Management

  • Colors: It is also important to establish early the color for the brand in view of the fact that this is something which can be used as a signature color for all the marketing communication as well as the packaging of the product. The color of the brand will be kept to a reddish orange which is the color for raspberry as well (Kotler, 2013).
  • Tagline: Since a tagline can be a very effective way for verbalizing the unique selling point of the brand and as the product which is being discussed will be sold on supermarkets where the packaging the slogans are easily visible, an appropriate catchphrase will be made for the brand. The business tagline for the brand can be “The healthy Raspberry”.
  • Tone: This crucial part of the brand, which is needed to be used consistently across various digital and printed materials including the integrated marketing communications, defines the nature of the message which will be put forward by the company. In view of the fact that the product will be aimed at younger people, the tone has to be that of a happy and fun one. This will be conveyed through the graphics on the packaging as well as the color of the brand.

Description and Justification of marketing mix elements

The marketing mix elements which will be used for the brand are as following:

  1. In store marketing: Tagline: Since the product will be mostly sold on supermarkets and the hypermarkets (e.g. Walmart etc.) it is important the brand is easily visible in the stores and this can be achieved through the in store marketing with the help of the elements like stickers, danglers, tent cards on the cash counters etc. This will be aimed at educating the customers regarding the product as well as the goodness of the same (McCarthy, William & Pascale 1997).
  2. Print Materials:There are various health and wellness magazines which have high level of circulation amongst the health conscious adults, who will also be health conscious parents and hence it is very important to attract their attention towards the brand as well as the goodness of the same through advertising on those magazines through the print ads. Also the local newspapers can be used infrequently as a way of mass media (Kotler, 2013).
  3. Billboards:Billboards which are strategically placed in front of the schools or kindergartens or gyms can be very effective medium of creating a brand awareness in the mind of the target customers of the company. For the reason that the young and young adults tend to get attracted to the marketing communication made through the billboards due to their size and vastness, this same will be used by the brand (McCarthy, William & Pascale 1997).
  4. Online marketing:Digital or online marketing including e mailers, Google ad words etc. will also be used. One of the major channel for the online marketing will be the social media. As the word of mouth marketing through good referrals can be very effective marketing medium for the brand, the social media needs to be utilized which act as the initiator of the word of mouth marketing.

Highlighting of secondary brand associations

Secondary brand association can be defined asmarketing or branding designthe product through any of the inherent factor of the product or the overall brand (Keller, 2008). The entire brand elements as well as the marketing mix of Raspbela has been prepared keeping the secondary brand association in mind. The color, tagline etc. for the brand will all attempt for an ingredient branding in which a brand for an ingredient or component of the product is created for projecting the high quality or the performance of the ingredient and thus the brand. The ingredient which will being utilized in this case is the raspberry which is a well-liked fruit amongst the target audience. Also the goodness of the bitter melon is being communicated everywhere. 


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