Social Media Trends Research Proposal Help

Social Media Trends Research Proposal Help

Portfolio activity 1


Social Media Trends Research Proposal Help has brought revolution in the business field as well as communication area with fast pace. With advancement in the technology various social media such as the Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and Google are becoming hot choice for the people for communicating over internet (Howard, 2002). These social media have also provided a unique way of advertisement for the several brands which were looking for the opportunity in viral marketing field.

In today’s market various companies have entered into social media field which have created fierce competition in the market. But still there are several big players in the marketing value which are dominating the whole market such as the Google, Facebook and Myspace etc (Yochai, 2006). But in last two or three years there have been several changes in the popularity of social media from one website to other. The reason for change in the choice of users can be communication strategies of companies, features provided by social media and personal choice of users etc (Duncan, 2003). Hence with passage of time users have changed their choice from one social media to other. Social media companies need to analyze these trends and try to highlight key factors which are responsible for change in preference of users for social media so that they can remain relevant to customer and customer visit to their website can increase further.

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Part 2

Different stages which are identified for a research study are

  1. Development of aims, objectives and research question for research study.
  2. Selection and finalization of research methodology which will meet the research objectives.
  3. Literature review
  4. Sample selection, data collection tool administration and data collection
  5. Data sorting, analysis and interpretation
  6. Recommendations and conclusion

Part 3

Gantt chart

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Part 2 Justification

Each reference which is mentioned above this section is appropriate to be used in this research study. They all are recent in their publication, they are published by well known publishers in reputed books or journals and they all relate to the subject of research study closely. Authors of the references selected are also well known and qualified researchers and academicians.(I think this is sufficient justification for selelction of references...i dont know how it can be weak for submission on a black board...if you want me to add some thing please be specific).

Part 3 Mind map

In order to conduct the research pertaining to usage of social media among the different users and comparison of different social media channels prevalent among the people for social and business context. A mind map showing the layout for the complete research plan can be given as below:

part 2 literature review matrix

Portfolio activity-3

Part 1 Aim

Aim of the present research proposal is to explore importance of social media channels in order to become the prime source for social interaction and business usage. Hence overall usage for the social media channels has increased in last 2 to 3 years with different purpose.

Part 2 Objectives

Some of the key objectives for the research proposal would be as under:

  • To analyze increased usage of social media channel in past years
  • To compare increasing market share for different social media players present in the market

Part 3 Rationale for proposal

The present study would be of prime importance for the students who are researching in the field of usage of social media channels. Also present research would provide key inputs for the business people so that they can adopt the best possible social media channel in order to grow their business with the help of social media which is becoming the most popular way to create promotion for the business management. Also this research would benefit other learners in this field by creating valuable literature so as to understand key trends in social media industry. 

Portfolio activity-4 methodology

Exploratory methodology would be used in order to carry out the research in social media research. For the research both primary as well as secondary data would be obtained so as to analyze the key trends into social media industry. In order to analyse the secondary research resources data would be obtained through literature from several social media sources while for collecting the primary data online questionnaire would be formed where in users would be asked to record their choices. Data analysis would be done with the help of content analysis method (secondary data) and through graphs & charts (primary data).

This Social Media Trends Research Proposal Help methodology is selected because social media is a very subjective phenomenon. Each user perceives social media as per his experience, needs and interaction. To research and answer a subjective aspect qualitative research approaches are ideal. Further in this research study social media and its impact on the social interaction of user would be explored through a series of relevant questions and then data collected would be analysed using co relational analysis. This will answer the research question regarding importance of social media in social interaction.

This research study also includes a primary research. Sample would be mostly young to early adulthood social media users. There are many ethical issues like privacy of the respondents, security of data and usage of data only for the purpose of research study which needs to be considered. Permission from the ethical committee of university would be sought before initiating the research and informed consent from each participant would be obtained.

These academic references can be used to identify current trends of social media and information gathered by previous researchers in field of social media and its impact on social interaction. Through these academic references a background of knowledge or a knowledge base can be prepared which will enable the researcher to develop a primary research questionnaire and research the hypothesis. An academic reference can be used for direct quotation of the statement made by a previous researcher; content can be used and presented in different manner where ever it is relevant for the research study. Facts and figures of usage and its growth can be identified and quoted. Conclusions and recommendations of previous work can be used as a cue for new research studies.

Part 2 Literature review matrix

All academic resources and references which are mentioned in the list given above are discussion social media and its various attributes. They are a suitable secondary research source for our research study and they have the literature available to provide a knowledge base on which primary research can be built. These literature resources are also credible and taken from reliable resources thus enhancing the credibility of this high quality research study.

AuthorDateType of PublicationFaculty ViewsStudents’ viewsInstitutional Views
Rheingold, H.2002University journal PublicationProvide caution to the world about upcoming social media storm  Talks about the changing environment and states that new revolution would be of social media.Social media would govern the communication in future.
Watts, J.2003bookCommunicates the level up to which social media is integratedThis will enhance the efficiency of social media and increase its reach.
Benkler, Y.2006University JournalResearches the density and depth of social media in present life.It can be sued to assess the importance of social media.  It will help in providing a knowledge base to develop new research studies.
Gentle, A.2009bookSocial media is making a paradigm shift in social communication. It is creating a environment where any activity is justifiable for social recognition.      States how social media has converted every news into a way to gain popularity
Logan, K.2010book  Provides conceptual clarity about the recent communication mediums.  Gives a very clear idea about social media and its process  A basic and fundamental book about social media.

Part 1


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 Secondary References
  • Rheingold, H. (2002). Smart mobs : the next social revolution (1. printing. ed.). Cambridge, MA: Perseus Pub.. pp. 288. ISBN978-0738206080.
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