Smart kids App Android Proposal

Smart kids App Android Proposal


The Pie-RD3 App will be developing to keep in mind to enhance learning capabilities of children from age 4 to 11. This app will not be specific to any age group but we are supposing to make levels of learning in the app. This app is combination of vocab exercises and math exercises. I am proposing the learn by fun fundamental with this application. The basic math operation will be asked in the most interactive manner that the children will eager and easily solve the problem. Just other than that, the second segment of the app offers the word spelling improvement. Words are arrange in small tabular format with the level it will become complex. In other word I can say this app will work as small kindergarten for the kids through they can learn things in interactive manner.

We proposed to develop pie-RD3 mobile application on the android OS. There are many reasons to choose but most common is its reachability. If I talk with the facts, android’s reachability is quite more than iOS and Windows 8

Need of app

In the current scenario education is changing, guardians try to taught inside for preliminary level and those who are going enhance their skills. This app fulfils the both need of an children it will taught you enhance knowledge and it is interactive will give fun. There are many applications in the market but they are specific to subjects i.e. some games are part of maths and some spelling. In a survey report June, 2015, children most likely to play games on mobile rather than playing outside so this application serve the purpose of fun activity and also utilizes the time. This app enhances the learning capacity of the children.


This app is having complete relevancy with the current lifestyle of the people, as this is era of smart gadgets and smart peoples so why the education system is not on the smart platform. Our idea is to give parents an option to e-learning with fun. The application is small in size and currently will be available to free so it won’t bother anything to parents and provide an distinct option for educate their in more better and convenient way.

Target Audience

Target Audience is a group potential people or customer whom we want to make out business. Target market' is the first stage in the marketing strategy of a business, and is a process of market segmentation. To grab opportunity out or this group we do promotional activities which is also helps to build brand value of our product.

In this android app we are targeting those kids who seeking a particular android mobile application which helps him/her to develop their skills in Math’s and English Vocabulary. The age group we target is 5 year to 12 year age kids.

According to S.T.P analysis:-


  • Educational android math’s and vocabulary app development is time to time called kids edutainment. It is a vast industry. It’s also a competitive one, as educators and parents are more concerned about the quantity of time children spend in front of a screen, so they choose carefully the apps kids can use, even if we’re talking about educational ones. However, the rapid growth of mobile apps with educational purposes cannot be denied.
  • In this application, all those people who use android platform in their mobile phone.
  • This application is totally depend on android platform. So all those people use android platform in their phone are comes in our target audience and will put them into target segment.


  1. Our target audience is kids who all are come under the age of 5 to 12 year old.
  2. All those kids or parents who seeking an innovative android application which helps their kids to make learn them into Math’s and English Vocabulary. From this their kids can learn all tricks and formulas regarding Math’s and also make their communication strong by teach them English Vocabulary.
  3. In this digital world everyone have access to technology. So all those parents or Kids who want to learn will be targeted for this application.


  1. To make promotions regarding our product among the target audience we will provide free app download for certain level and to open and unlock the remaining level we ask a minimal amount of money, promotion on social media platforms and many more.


We Provide in Our Educational android mobile application:


  • The biggest problem is faced by any parent is to provide best education to their kids to make their future brighter.
  • Math’s and English are the main factors from which any one can build his/her life in better way. Parent’s biggest challenge is how to choose the right apps for the kids to teach them Math’s and English Vocabulary with entertainment.
  • Another factor is that whatever you pay for any educational game is worth for that much or amount which we paid.


  • To choose the right android mobile game application for the kid. Our app developers have grasped that an app dedicated to children has to be both educational and entertaining.
  • Children have a countless natural sense of wonder and interest, so the trick is to finding the best way to nurture their behaviors this is how your effort to develop a mobile educational android application will pay off in the end.
  • The educational android math’s and vocabulary application for children helps them to learning at their fingertips.
  • This application will make your kids’ education both interactive and entertaining.
  • We focus on high quality contain.
  • Design the best user-friendly & basic level form these kids can involve with this app easily.
  • Mobile educational app that teachers, parents and kids will appreciate and use.

Competitor Analysis

  1. Marble Math Junior

Price: $ 2.76

Core Features: Take care of an assortment of math issues by gathering numbers as you roll or drag your marble through a progression of fun labyrinths for a very long time 5-8. Fantastic application for fortifying centre math ideas with fine engine and visual following advantages tossed in - Smart Apps for Kids.

Fun with Practice: In view of the Common Core Curriculum, Marble Math Junior is connecting with route for early rudimentary students for mental math. Gain new marbles and gather rewards while strengthening enter ideas in quest for a high score. Yet, keep an eye out math virtuosos! You should be engaged and agile to maintain a strategic distance from the deterrents in your way.

  • This app provides a feature like shape recognition
  • We can easily do sequencing of number values and ordinals
  • addition, subtraction and multiplication to 100
  • identifying fractions
  • counting money (USD, AUD, CAD, EUR or GBP)
  • completing addition equations
  • Custom Keyboard for Easy Input is provided in the App.

Best comment:

  • Great app.
  • Used by my 3 year old and 7 year old.
  • Excellent quality, great value for money.

Worst Comment: Non educational, my son hates it.

Screen Shot Image:

marble math junior - smart kids app proposal

  1. Rocket Math Ignition

Price: $ 0.99

Core Features: This App is a fun approach to practice math! Dispatch sensible fluid powered rockets into earth circle and perform hard docking and Lunar Module extraction moves. It is intended to be trying for all age gathers. Understudies can develop with the diversion as their math abilities enhance, from straightforward expansion to complex math issues.

Incorrect answers bring about sensible blame situations: Navigation framework breakdown, G-power Structure Overload, Rocket Stage Separation disappointments and that's only the tip of the iceberg. Whenever amid disappointments the understudy can initiate a Launch Escape System (LEM) and spare the group for an additional reward score.

  • Pick Math Operations independently and in any Combination
  • Different Math Types on every level.
  • There are 3 Skill Levels in the App.
  • In the App a Custom Keyboard is provided for Easy Input.
  • Realistic Physics Simulation.
  • Vitiating Rocket disappointment framework
  • Functional Launch Escape System
  • Players can Use blackboard to Write and Draw.

Best comment: Fun Its real fun but it doesn't get off bonus after you finish it.

Worst Comment: Non educational, Soon will go off Business.

Screen Shot image:

marble math junior rocket math - smart kids app proposal

  1.  Bunny Math Race

Price: $ 3.19

Core Features: Join Bunny and his adorable companions as they investigate a thrilling race for carrots! Bunny Math Race is an engrossing and spellbinding learning instrument, which presents your 3-8 year old tyke to the essential ideas driving numbers, tallying, expansion and subtraction. It's the ideal opportunity for Bunny Math Race; Ready, Steady, Go.

The star of Bunny Math Race is, obviously, an adorable bunny and his companions. They cherish carrots, as all bunnies do, and they are hustling to get more carrots. Be that as it may, there are astonishes on the race tracks. Can you help your pet bunny explore through the race track and win enormous heaps of carrots? Pick your most loved Bunny, and get prepared for a fun activity stuffed enterprise.

  • The App facilitates Diverse math-learning undertakings for 3-8 years of age children
  • Child-accommodating, simple to play interface: they just need to tap.
  • Cute, vivid and cartoonish diversion environment, with bunches of fun assignments.
  • 18 levels of fun, Play in Desert, Icy Road or in Mountain scenes.
  • 3 levels of trouble – the test alters with expansion and subtraction assignments.

Best comment: Very educational, my son loves it.

Worst Comment: Worst sub game for kids and it doesn’t work on all devices.

Screen Shot of the Image:

app for kids proposal assignment

  1. Math Workout Pro

Price: $ 1.50

Core Features:This is the advertisement free form of the most well-known math cerebrum preparing application on Android. Math Workout improves mental number juggling for all ages. Hone day by day, get comes about!

  • The App is 100% advertisement free
  • In this All Workouts Unlocked
  • Unlimited World Challenge
  • At a time 6 User Profiles can be created!
  • 20+ Cool Wallpapers
  • Better, high-determination symbol
  • Have Great fun while playing!

Best comment:  I am totally addicted to this app, it is a great way not only to entertain you but also learn and practice math at the same time.

Worst Comment: upgraded to pro version because I was sick and tired of the ads and now it won't save my progress at all.

Screen Shot Image:

4 - Math Workout Pro

  1. Marble Math

Price: $ 2.77

Core Features: Take care of an assortment of math issues by gathering numbers as you roll or drag your marble through a progression of fun labyrinths.

 It has got the Children's Technology Review Editor's Choice Award for Excellence in Design and Common Sense Media ON for Learning Award Winner.

FUN MATH PRACTICE: In view of the Common Core Curriculum, Marble Math is a connecting with route for upper rudimentary understudies to rehearse mental math. Gain new marbles and gather rewards while fortifying key ideas in quest for a high score. Be that as it may, keep an eye out math pros. You should be engaged and deft to stay away from the snags in your way.

  • expansion, subtraction, increase and division
  • including and sequencing parts with various denominators
  • sequencing roman numerals
  • calculating
  • sequencing decimals
  • including and subtracting negative whole numbers
  • checking cash (USD, AUD, CAD, EUR or GBP)
  • looking at number values
  • streamlining mathematical statements

Best comment:  This app is an excellent for my nephews for learning to excel in their math. It is a fun and enjoyable app for them to use and keeps their attention. I would definitely recommend it.

Worst Comment:

  • Hate it.
  • Non-educational.
  • Better options are there in play store.

Screen Shot Image:

Smart kids app proposal document

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  1. KS2 Maths Invaders

Price: $ 1.76

Features: The game is based on a wide range of key mathematical skills.

  • The game can be used to teach Multiplication, Addition, Subtraction and Division
  • Kids will learn to read numbers
  • Kids will learn to recognize Roman Numerals
  • Kids will be able to convert Fractions to Decimals and Fractions to Percentages
  • Kids will learn to tell the Time in Words
  • Kids will learn to Recognize Multiples, Factors, Square and Cube Numbers

Most Common Good Comments:  (1)Sweet game, super fun.

(2)What a nice app. My kid enjoys playing with it and is getting smarter day by day. Learning was never so much fun.

Most Common Bad Comment: (1)This is good App spoilt by the constant ads for the developer. I paid for this app - I don't expect ads! Shame on you!!

(2)Freezes and score screen loops.

  1. Math Attack Pro

Price: $ 0.79

Features:kids will be able to practice different types of Math operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, squares and multiple part questions.

 Statistics let you see how you are doing over time and you can filter by different game modes! Score loop integration provides global leader boards and online high-score lists.

Game modes include:

Practice - Choose the question types and practice.

Timed - Answer as many questions as you can in the time limit.

Survival - Same as timed mode but correct answers add to time left.

Race - Get the best time by answering 25 or 50 questions as fast as you can.

Rounds - User is asked 10 questions per round. You can only get one wrong each round so be careful.

Most Common Good Comments:  (1)Love the music and I feel safe knowing that the game is just the game.

(2)Fun and engaging keeps my grand-daughter occupied.

Most Common Bad Comment: (1) Fun game but it needs to handle the ending of the timed games differently. An easy fix would at least be to move the buttons for saving and trying again somewhere else rather than right where you tap the answers, since in almost every game i end up trying to tap one of the answers when the time runs out and i tap the save or try again without seeing the score.

(2)  Starts to bug out when doing the time trial.

Below is a screenshot of the app. 

  1. Preschool Kids Math

Price: $ 1.26

Features: Cute, adorable puppies make learning fun as the kid joins them in Puppy Preschool to learn about numbers. The Preschool Kids Math app teaches math concepts such as number recognition and problem solving in a very funny manner.

 Key features of this mathematical app includes: • It contains original graphics of good quality to engage kids. • Composed music to keep the environment playful. • After reaching milestones at numbers 10 and 20, a celebration screen appears—now the kid can choose a toy. • The game can also be played in offline mode.

Most Common Good Comments:

  • This is awesome - finally an app that is all about quality.
  • My 4 year old loves it. He keeps going until he has collected all the toys.
  • Love the music.
  • I feel safe knowing that the game is just the game and doesn’t link off to random stuff or show any ads.
  • Great value.

Most Common Bad Comment:

  • This is good App but because of advertisements popping out every now and then, it has spoilt all the fun.
  • This app hangs a lot and drains my mobile’s battery.

Below is a screenshot of the app:

smart kids android app proposal assignment

  1. Talking English 500

Price: $ 4.66


  • This app will help you learn 500 English words.
  • It makes you learn new words with correct pronunciations.In order to make the pronunciation correct, the user speaks, the app will listen and give feedback.
  • The App shows images and asks you to say what you see. It will listen to the response and give you feedback.
  • Upcoming Features - adding translations into new languages. - adding new word lists. - focusing on helping students get over some particular mispronunciations. - providing teachers with notification of how students performed at tasks set to them. - creating an automated English language oral test.

 Most Common Good Comments: 

(1)The game is engaging and the voice used for pronunciations is very good.

(2)Loved the picture answer game. My kid is also learning names of new things with their correct pronunciations. I am waiting for your translation option.

Most Common Bad Comment:

  • Pronunciations are region based.
  • It’s unfair to people who speak other Italian or French to speak in English accent.
  • Bad App.

(2)This app drains my battery very fast.

  1. Math Blobs

Price: $ 1.76

Features:  Math Blobs is a practice program which automatically adjusts itself to your math level.

  • The game takes an entry test to determine the level of the kid.
  • Set of sums is automatically selected according to the response of kid and the entry test.
  • An adaptive way of presenting and repeating the right sums within each collection.
  • When the kid faces problem in solving a sum, help is provided, so it is fun practicing the game.
  • There are regular tests to measure the progress of the kid. Feedback is provided after the test.
  • Bonus game. Here you can put on the blobs that you have collected. Every blob has its own character and certain specials which makes a game different every time.
  • A daily reminder for you so that you do not forget to practice.

Most Common Good Comments: 

(1)Cool game Great game, but could be better. If you play it more than about 6 to7 times it gets boring.

(2 It is an awesome Android app to prove you as genius. Install this amazing app to make your mind quicker.

Most Common Bad Comment:

(1) Very competitive app, my son hates it.

(2)This app is slow to load, which takes out all the one fun from it.

Below is a screenshot of the app

10 - Math Blobs addition substract

Proposed Features

  • Main Features
  1. This education android application is prefect education application for kids to learn basics or Math’s and English Vocabulary.
  2. In this basic mathematical operations will be shown and user has to answer on it. In the vocabulary segment, user has to find right words from puzzled English words.
  • In the first version only alphabets will be included to identify from the images
  1. This application is provides complete Math’s and English training questions material which is generate dynamically, So each time your kids will get new set of questions for each time like for math’s this app will provide  different sets of questions each time and same for the English Vocabulary.
  2. In this app different level for each operation
  3. Easy and innovative method for learning

Bonus Features of this application: - In this education application kids will get credits by completing every level and for unlock next level they need to gain a certain amount of credits

Resources Required

To develop this app we required lots of images and sound to develop zeal in the kids for the app. Images are required to create puzzles. As there will 20 levels in each segments thus there will have required about 40 images. The image will consists of alphabets, animals,  numeric digits and much more. Each image will be Photoshop to make suitable in application. Some images are required to create interface of the application. There are at least 20-25 melodies require that connects user of the app with application activities. The melodies of fun kind are required.


Version 1The alphabets and basic numeric digits will be added in the application, with that user of app can identify the things with the images
Version 1.1The more levels will be added
Version 1.2With more level more interactivity will be added. Basically this version will be developed on the basis of end user feedback.
Version 2The all decided level will be added and the prize feature will be added to motivate about the games. The prize section will unlock the new levels. The memory meter will be introduced in this version according to the results of each level.



This android application is going to be very much helpful to the learners and kids who are eager to learn and will provide brainstorming sessions to children to enhance their capabilities.


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