Self Project Management Assignment

Self Project Management Assignment

This is a solution of Self Project Management Assignment which talks about topic of project organization structure,  project planning and responsibility matrix.

Brief Description of the Tasks that I Performed

The tasks which I performed with respect to this particular project had their roots in two broad fields. First part of the task which is done for the Gateway A, dealt with the topic of project organization structure. The second part of the task was related to the project planning and responsibility matrix.

Under the first task, which was related to the topic of project business structure, the exact tasks which were carried out by me were explaining the list of students who will be working in this project and why the particular responsibilities have been assigned to those particular students. Laying out the rules and regulations which will be observed while working in the group or performing some specific tasks has also done by me for this part. A structure of the organization which will be overseeing the real project has also been designed by me for this the Gateway A. This specific task has two particular sub tasks. These are

  1. Covering all the major companies which are related to the field and
  2. Explaining the roles and responsibilities of the people who have been assigned some specific roles in the structure of the organization.

In the tasks meant for Gateway B, the particular parts which have been accomplished by me are under the topic of the project planning and responsibility matrix. The specific tasks which have been done by me are linking the resource map to the activities and backing up with the work breakdown structure, developing of work breakdown structure in to different activities and linking of activities to time, resources and dependencies. The last task also included a mention of the resource list.

 How I Went About Doing the Tasks

The tasks which were accomplished by me were done in tandem with the works of the other group members. Without their vital input and related works, it would not have been possible for me to efficiently and effectively perform these tasks. The tasks were sub divided amongst the group members according to their choice in a unanimous manner. Then I started researching about the particular tasks which I need to perform in the light of the topic and the overall task. Background information for the particular project ere gathered by me and the theoretical frameworks which are needed to be applied for these particular tasks were brushed up by me. An assessment of my team mates were done by me for justifying the allocation of their roles in this particular project and explaining them in the Gateway A. The initial idea of the project along with the proper structure in the organizational excellence which is mentioned in this case study, was formed by me with the support of one of my team member who was also working on the same domain as mine. The roles and responsibilities of the people who will fit in the organizational structure in an efficient way has also been designed by me with help of the previously mentioned team member. These helped to get a base of the activities which were performed for the scope of the project.

How Long the Tasks Took for Getting Executed

The tasks took about 15 days to get executed. But I had to wait in between different stages of executing the tasks since the other important inputs which are supposed to be coming from my other team members took some time. It was impossible to start with the next segment of these tasks without those valuable inputs or pieces of information.

My Learning from Doing the Tasks

The learning curve has been quite steep while working on this particular project. The first and foremost thing which I have learnt while executing the tasks for this particular project is how to work in a team for efficiently carrying out a project management. The other very important learning was about effective communication. As we know it is very important to communicate effectively in a closed group while carrying out some project, we learnt how to communicate effectively with the help of this project. The importance of strategic planning has also been appreciated by us while doing this project.

The part of planning and strategic management which we needed to keep in mind for acting as a project manager who is doing well for this particular project as well as for a successful blue print of a project are the following:

  • Long term and short term planning
  • Formulation and activation of policies

One more set of learnings which was gathered by me through the process of this particular project is the following:

  • How to distribute the work pressure equally among the team members.
  • How performance should drive the recognition amongst the project group.
  • How to modify the perception of the team members by providing them with the kind of job profile which they are at ease with.

What I Will Do Differently in Future Tasks

The things which I will try to do differently in the future tasks which will be attempted by me are the following:

  1. I will try to perceive the threats as opportunities.
  2. I will try to take calculated risks since the learning has been imparted that it will be tough to get reward without taking risk.
  3. It is very important to make the best use of opportunities for innovation.
  4. From the very beginning the goals of the project will be strictly defined.
  5. More emphasis will be given on the team instead of the persons in it since it has been understood that the team together is more potent to accomplish more than a few persons who are not working in tandem.

How What I have Learned from Doing the Tasks Might Affect Other Future Projects

Apart from the points mentioned in the previous segment of the report the thing which I have learned while doing this task which might affect the future tasks done by me is all important characteristic which is needed by a project manager for convincing other people. This will be very effective in these types of projects since it will need a lot of cajoling for convincing the internal as well as the external stakeholders about the feasibility of restarting the project. See more about Marketing Value Assignment Help.


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