Robot Technology Assignment Help

Robot Technology Assignment Help

 This is a solution of Robot Technology Assignment help,in which we discus developing  the evaluation of robot technology,can help your company cope with aging system and limited resources. 


This era is rapid and having potentials in science and technology. The autonomous robots are an ambitious program and target for the mankind where lots ofinformation technology strategyhas been developed. There are lots of Hollywood movies which are giving us an idea of how an autonomous robot can work after their proper evolution and huge development. The movies like “Transformers”, “Iron Man” are where including the autonomous robots working in the direction of benefits of the mankind;“Jurassic World series” is including the replica or clone of Dinosaurs hence excavating the development of autonomous robots to an extent. Animated movies like “Wall-E” are the best examples for the purpose we are developing this paper. There is a huge threat for the management of the organization with these autonomous robots after developing the synthetic DNA which will ultimately create the artificial brain which will make the autonomous robots wise enough creating their self-help programs which can create destruction in the management of the organization related with their data, monitoring and controlling characteristics.This paper is concentrating on the opportunities for the autonomous robots they are having and the global potential threats which might affect the management of the organization by the data privacy and piracy, data threats for their collection and gathering methods, their communication. Also there is a huge global threat of the artificial intelligence they will utilize in the destructive programs which can harm the organization and mankind.Hence for this comprehensive purpose this essay is developed concentrating the factors which are focusing on the threats of the software and hardware combination into autonomous robots in management of organization.The paper is covering the possible factors of the displacement theory, replacement theory and substitution theory for making the global potential threats by the autonomous robots considered and concentrated to get the possible outcomes as an idea to work upon for the solutions.(Read more about:System Thinking Assignment help)

Literature review and Critical Evaluation

A: Ends and Means, Easing the transition

Means and Ends theory can be better understood with couple of examples which we have considered as we follow furtherthese are easing the transition and making the person compatible to work in minutes than hours. But what is the respective goal of saving that high time. These examples ate focused on those factors only (Kartalopoulos, 2008).

The development of the technology for using liquid hydrogen and liquid helium made possible the invention of the bubble chamber, which greatly simplified the study of disintegrations produced by the giant machines. The development of milli-microsecond techniques of electronics, growing out of radar, has combined with new methods of detection such as the anti-particles produced in energetic nuclear collisions (Janert, 2010).

The development of science is enormously increasing our knowledge of the physical and biological world. The astrophysicists have been able to work out the life history of starts and to relate them to observations of astronomy. The work of the radio astronomers is supplementing the work of optical astronomers in a notable way. We know now that radio waves can come from supernovae, such as the Crab Nebula, from colliding galaxies, and from many other sources of electromagnetic disturbances, such as sun spots (Hiney, 2014). Very recently a pointed source of radio waves picked up by a radio telescope was identified by the optical astronomers with faint star moving away from us with a velocity half that of light, for which they concluded that it, was 4.5 billion light years away. Our knowledge of interplanetary space is now being supplemented by observations from balloons, rockets, and satellites and we have learned about the two Van Allen radiation belts of high speed protons extending up from 603 to 4000 miles. These may diminish greatly the expectations of life of the space travelers of the future. The expansion of the interest and work in astronomy and cosmogony is good for stretching human imagination (Haberfellner, 2009).

Robot autonomy is still today one of the important growing points of the science, though the main interest has shifted from transitionof the elementsto the high controlling and functioning programs of the software’s and hardware’s combination, which depends today of multi-billion dollar autonomy combinations, of which the culmination is the giant and triumphantly successful. We do not know whether our increasing knowledge of the autonomy robots will ever have any practical implications, and we would probably say that it is unlikely (HO, 2011).

Hence the end and means are classified with the different field examples and robot autonomy is studied to an extent where the potential and global threat can be highlighted where the organization leadership management can trouble the departmentswith their data privacy issues and other integrity and compliance threats can allow in the industry.The above discussion provides the daily usage of science in the life of human and how much dependency has been created on the technology which is making the mankind losing control over the parameters and natural processes (Moss, 2010). Hence the technology can develop the artificial intelligence where the synthetic DNA can create the self-madeprograms losing the control over the data mining techniques in an organization and hampering the process of management.This process of automation can also reduce the chances of mankind in future like we have evidences of various technology obsolete and nonfunctioning. There are various movies highlighting the same in an efficient manner on the over and abusive usage of technology (Narayan, 2010). 

B: Displacement Theory

Displacement theory has various results and outcomes in the practical world. It is considered to be an unconscious defense mechanism which can substitute the thoughts of the mind in further different and destructive activities which are not in benefits of mankind or the subject. Here with the scenario we are considering it is very important to discuss the displacement theory as to get the appropriate and adequate details for the technology we are dealing with and making an appropriate mechanism which can deal with the sad and tough times when the expected outcomes displaced and substitute with the destructive mechanisms and programs (Pardillo, Mazon, & Trujillo, 2008).

Making the terms easier the combination of the software and hardware’s in the autonomous robots can create an artificial intelligence in their selves which can finally be utilized in their growth and expansion of a new robotic community which can find human as their danger (Ponniah, 2010). It is worth mentioning that a community we are describing will be efficient more than human in any way as the only brain virtue was with the humans and antidote of brains – artificial brains are created which is run by synthetic DNA and are controlling the programs prepared in the robots by them only and not by the humans. This is also a great cause of the data threats available with the systems and hence once this data theft is started it will be a great breakdown for the share markets, commodity markets, inflation, deflations, whole economy will be shattered and left for nothing. The monetary values will be equal to zero and conversion is not acceptable at any cost. This automation will increase like a chronic disease as the each part of the global world is connected with social networking sites and various e-commerce platforms (Romero & Abello, 2010).

Technological development itself depends more and more on the work of teams made up of scientists with different skills and disciplines contributing to a common problem. This kind of inter-disciplinary teamwork is beginning to be adopted even in universities (Rothaermel, 2008).

The displacement in the automation of these robots can also develop a program where they find human community as their rivals and started preparing the techniques for the nuclear invasions and other nuclear activities. It is a can true picture if serious steps in the direction of controlling the programs would not been initiatedand developed for the wellbeing of the society (Shmueli, Patel, & Bruce, 2010).

The threats for the data can trouble many other areas like the international transactions between the countries, the global transcripts, ADR, GDR etc., and hence there may be global crises with the technology usage which cannot be solved by the humans as it go beyondtheir control. Remaining with the management of the organization they can face the severe throttle like the data lost and exploited to be in usage of the unfavorableelements. For example, the vendor is provided the data of the company actual prices, where they can avoid supplying the services and products to the organization hamperingtheir production and operation process.Another set of example is related with the company statistics which can be provided to the competitors and hence it can be utilized again in hampering the production and operation process of the organization (Software Testing Help, 2015). 

C:  Replacement Theory

The replacement theory is considered in this evaluation for the data management in the management of the organization to make a proper mechanism by using the replacement techniques over the obsolete machineries and making the difference possible.The replacement theory is indeed essential to discuss as the technologies are replaces as per they are obsolete, depreciated or are now unable to be utilized (Ullah & Lai, 2013). For example, we can consider an automobile industry where the giant robots are working for preparing the vehicles, the whole process is autotomized and hence there are hardly any requirements for personnel’s. Only few persons are working in the giant corporation and that too for some of the manual work which is not autotomizedup till now.Automobile industry includes heavily functioning robots which are assembling the machines fully from lead to conversion making them efficient to use. But right now they are inefficient in collecting and procuring them from right place (Zinkhan, 2009). This research is going on and sooner or later the machines will be replaced with the new mechanism where the robots are self-sufficient and efficient in recognizing, procuring and collecting the resources utilized in the process. At that time a threat is considered that this self-intelligence can harm the functioning and operation of the human cycle or they will work like the same. This threat is making the uneven balance in the economy making the organization available and diverged with threats with the automation of the robots (Glassman, 2011).

The creative power of modern technology is so great that it is quite often possible to predict the course of development ten years ahead. We can predict, for instance, that it will take ten years or so to bring a new type of nuclear power station or a new airplane to the construction stage. We can also to some degree predict what new products will be produced by development teams (Gallinelli, 2008). Many of the new antibiotics were discovered as a result of intensive team work, patiently trying one mold after another until useful one were found, and a similar process has developed may of the new insecticides; the new fibers and plastics come from a similar process of trying one product after another, rejecting 99% in the process. Laboratories staffed by one or two-hundred scientists and technologists when given a mandate to apply science to develop new products of interest to their company have produced new magnetic materials, synthetic diamonds, new ceramics etc. (Fitzgerald, Kruschwitz, Bonnet, & Welch, 2013).Read more about: Computer Programming Assignment Help

The replacement theory here related with the technology displacement and the factors related with the automationof robots which can transfer the obsolete technology and the previous mechanism to the new dimensions making the threats more strengthen in the process and making the management of the organization more unsecure and unreliable (Deans, 1993). The replacement theory thus able the autonomy of the robots strengthen as the new innovation might develop the artificial intelligence with the synthetic DNA in theserobots which can provide a data threat in the management of the organization. Also this artificial intelligence may cause an obstruction in the departments which will not allow proper functioning and operation in the organization hampering the process (Chekitan, 2010).

D:  Infill//Substitution

In a similar way the wartime development of radar led to the new huge radio telescope, which are now supplementing optical astronomy’s in a major way; and the development of rocket technology is enabling observations to be carried on outside the earth’s atmosphere and into interplanetary space (Chauhan, 2015).

In the field of biology the impact of new techniques such as chromatography and radioisotopes has greatly helped the work of the biochemists. Molecular biologists are able to determine the structure of more and more complex molecules by using computers to process their X-ray data (Chang & Wu., 2011).

Today is an era of modernization. In this modernization the first and foremost development and innovation is computer as a technical aspect. With this computer we are able to do complex things taking years in a minute or less time than before. Arranging, synchronizing has becoming easy. The access to internet made reach of countries very near and global. With this advancement and mobility the computer become massive popular and adorable and also it is providing business and employment to many individuals, groups, households, corporate etc. All these factors make computer a necessity today (Carme, Mazon, & Rizzi, 2010). They are used in every sector today, whether big or mere, but involvement of computer in every business or transaction is there. In future they can also be used for replacing organs like hands, legs etc. They can be used as proper human substitutes. There are end numbers of uses depending on the thoughts how high can we think. But coming to the suspicion stage whether everything going with the usage and dependency of computer is right or it will turn into destruction someday. We have seen lots of movies on this basis that firstly we (human) develop machines and they automatically got the artificial intelligence (Adeyinka, 2008). With that they are able to control the world, spread the massive destruction as well as end the society of humans. In my opinion to avoid this dilemma we have to be much conscious with the affects and side effects of what we are making and also we should be well prepared for the negative implications. There should be adequate training programs to avoid these types of situations and also some new chapters should be involved in the courses at school level or primary level to make the students understandable for the dangers arising in this field (Abello & Romero, 2010).


In the end I would like to conclude that autonomous robots sound very attractive as heard and felt. The threats underlying with these autonomous robots are classified and displayed by the way of media representations in form of Hollywood movies and arts clips. The matter of fact is technology is still trying to compete the natural availability autonomy and is continuously trying for developing the robots or science technology to help and assist the man in their all the needs whether it should include lifting a toothbrush to comb the hairs, preparing the food to making the person ready for getting towards their work. In fact, helping them in their work so that the person can relax and the relaxation therapy of the foot and hand massage is also provided by those robots only. The manual assignments are expected to be covered by these autonomous robots so that they can be utilized in the proper functioning and operations where man can save time and … the questions arises what they want to actually do by getting a substitute of their working functionality and operations. Also the combination of these software’s and hardware’s might be able to create a disaster to the industry related with the data threats and autonomous robots threats. Autonomous robots are self-excellence robots that have an artificial brains and synthetic DNA which allows them to create programs for their benefits. Now a huge doubt lies in the benefits that the autonomous benefits are aligned with the human benefits or are destructive for them. Also a question arises that are we capable enough to face the issues like these in practical or can things go beyond control as are discussed with the artificial brains and synthetic DNA in these autonomous robots. Hence these questions should be in mind while developing the technology and a control should always be there in the grip and hand of man to make the things stable and normal.

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