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Research Proposal Assignment Help

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Research Proposal

When the handle pressed, the flush valve chain opens through the connection opens the flush valve for the water in the reservoir to flow into the bowl. The float ball then drops due to the lack of water in the tank, opening the inlet valve to let water flow into the reservoir. The flush valve then closes, and the incoming water keeps the valve closed. The inlet valve then closes after the water reaches a certain level. The governing equations and the fluid dynamics behind it The mechanism of operation is basically a siphoning model, siphoning is used in transporting a fluid from a higher elevation to a lower elevation. This can be explained by Bernoulli’s equation. Where the parameter in the equation mean:

To compute the flow rate:

Q = A*v

Where A is the area of tube and v is the velocity of the fluid. Assuming the density remains constant therefore from the law of conservation:

A*v in = A* v out

Types of proposals

Solicited proposals

Submitted in response to a specific solicitation issued by a sponsor. Such solicitations, typically called Request for Research Proposal (RFP), or Request for Quotations (RFQ), are usually specific in their requirements regarding format and technical content, and may stipulate certain award terms and conditions. Broad Agency Announcements (BAAs) are not considered formal solicitations.{Read more : Research Report on Greece Sovereign Debt Crisis}

Unsolicited proposals

Submitted to a sponsor that has not issued a specific solicitation but is believed by the investigator to have an interest in the subject.


Requested when a sponsor wishes to minimize an applicant's effort in preparing a full proposal. Preproposals are usually in the form of a letter of intent or brief abstract. After the preproposal is reviewed, the sponsor notifies the investigator if a full proposal is warranted.

Continuation or non-competing proposals

Confirm the original proposal and funding requirements of a multi-year project for which the sponsor has already provided funding for an initial period (normally one year). Continued support is usually contingent on satisfactory work progress and the availability of funds.{Read more about-: Marketing Research on Cosmetics Assignment}

Renewal or competing proposals

Are requests for continued support for an existing project that is about to terminate, and, from the sponsor's viewpoint, generally have the same status as an unsolicited proposal.

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