Research Methodology Assignment Help

Research Methodology Assignment Help

This is solution of Research Methodology Assignment that involves various types of methods to develop a research paper and method.


 This assignment is aiming to develop and hone the research skills in students by giving them an opportunity to critically assess and evaluate an already published research study This critical evaluation would be based on different aspects of a research study like its academic rigor, methodology used, structure, knowledge contribution and underlying principles and assumptions used in the research study. By conducting a critical review of the research paper a student would also able to appreciate different philosophies of research studies, practical application and their limitations.


Knox, K. (2004) “A Researcher’s Dilemma - Philosophical and Methodological Pluralism”, Electronic Journal of Business Research Methods Volume 2 Issue 2 (119-128)

Summary of Research Paper

This is a very interesting and insightful research paper which enhances the knowledge about research approaches itself and its critical review opens new doors of thinking for both students as well as faculties in research studies. a critique of the research paper is done from different aspects in this assignment like its research methodology, rigor, content, data analysis etc. in this critique writer has also assess the scope of the research paper and how it would impact the research methodologies in future. It is also mentioned in the conclusion that this research paper has a high importance in academic circles and development of research methodology on a global level (Jonassen, 2004).



On critical evaluation and review it is observed that this research paper argues that there is a mass anomaly in research studies all over the world if there is a fundamental separation of data collection tools and research approaches. He doesn’t say that all methods and approaches are applicable in all research studies but writer is of the opinion that there is no fundamental law of segregation when it comes to decide a research approach. Methods do get influenced by the research arguments and their measurement objectives but it is just a decision of being most suitable in nature and no one linkage is fundamentally acceptable (Robson, 2000). Author has also provided empirical evidences in research paper proving it in a conclusive manner that one cannot employ external methods in a logical manner without assuming their reality as external and there is no valid point in it because such reality is neither counted nor categorized by a normal reader or fellow researcher. Author argues here that with such a definite division and decisive approach in research tool selection many unique opportunities are lost by the researchers where they can combine research approaches and tools and develop innovative ways to make research studies highly focused, objective and accurate in nature. Another point which writer argues in the conclusion of the research paper is the fact that due to conventional linking of the philosophies with the research methods there is a high probability of confusion and making decision without objectively evaluating all approaches of research study. We can indicate that this phenomenon is analogues to the stereotyping in which a particular event is linked to same person or group without getting into the reality very deeply. Stereotyping takes place because maximum number of times that phenomenon is true and linkages are correct but in a minority case they are wrong and this would lead to a failure of the objective attainment for the research scholar.

Structure of Paper

Structure of the research paper is appropriate in nature and it provides a logical flow of information so that readers can easily grasp the essence of the research paper and understand what the critical parts of the paper are. Another point which is important in critical evaluation of the paper is the fact that what researcher is arguing in his research paper is a valid point but general acceptance level and rule of thumb cannot be ignored while designing research studies. There is a general need of balance and pure thinking before deciding on the research methodology which is basically author is trying to put forward.

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Research Methodology

Research methods and design used by the author in his research paper are appropriate and suitable for the research objective. This research study impact the general method of selecting tools and approaches thus in turn it impacts all the research papers. This research paper’s scope is beyond any particular stream, subject or discipline and it covers a topic with a far exceeding impact. Since research papers are dictating scientific development and growth of new technologies stereotyping cannot be accepted here even in a minor form and each and every research study should be critically evaluated and it is determined if they are complimenting with the research approach and tools used by the researcher no matter if they are qualitative or quantitative in nature (Saunders, et al. 2007). In this research study a particular fact of research texts and papers is emphasized that there has been a conventional orientation of research approaches being either qualitative or quantitative in nature and both are perceived as polar opposite to each other. Author argues in this paper that all though methodological pluralism is a reality and it is accepted in literary circles but philosophical pluralism is not an accepted approach in research studies.


In this research paper author has also presented a hierarchy of the research needs in a objective manner. This is a very effective scale for researchers where they can evaluate and prioritize the research needs and determine which attributes of a research study should be considered first while making a decision. Research paper presented here is a very clearly written, formatted and logically developed in nature and author was able to successfully make his point across the mind of readers. Methodology used by the author in the research paper is appropriately suitable and author was able to answer the research questions in a satisfactory manner. Content is developed in such a manner that it can be understood by subject scholar of all levels right from students to the subject veterans. Scope of research paper is very wide in nature and it would have a general impact on all research papers published on different subjects’ worldwide. It is estimated that in a year approximately 200 thousand research paper published all over the world and they all use different research approaches and data collection tools for their research papers (Kothari, 2005).

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Importance of this research paper also highlighted because in changing world of academia research studies are slowly becoming an integral part of post graduate and sometimes even undergraduate level course making it very important that research students should be well aware of the underlying rules and principles of selecting research tools before making a snap judgment on the basis of conventionally accepted stereotypes (Gomm, 2004).


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