Reflection Report for British Gas Dissertation

Reflection Report for British Gas Dissertation

British Gas Dissertation - Introduction

Reflection Report British Gas Dissertation is a process of continuation of research study in which the researcher pens down his own learning from the entire process of research study and his thinking towards the subject matter. Reflective reports are an integral part of a dissertation study to provide a complete reflection of the study and give it a wholesome approach. In current study the author will summarize the entire study process and then in the end he will describe the knowledge enhancement he gained from the subject matter. Following that author will analyze the conceptual clarity and new insights he gained from the research design and research methodology and also the challenges he faced during the research process. After this the author will describe his own learning and refinement in his skills because of the dissertation study he conducted and in conclusion the author will describe the short comings or loose ends in the study which can be picked up as an initiating point for further studies by different researchers. The logic behind developing a reflective report is to evaluate the learning process of the researcher from the study and to ensure that all academic objectives of involving a primary research for a student are meeting. It will also help the instructor of the study and course to identify any shortcomings in the current procedure and make any changes in future if required.

Reflection Report for British Gas Dissertation

Reflective thinking

A reflective thinking can be explained as responding in a personal way towards various experience a person might go through the entire study like new concepts’ knowledge’ information’ situation’ people and culture. Essentially it is a ‘processing’ phase where thinking and learning take place simultaneously and each part encourages the researcher to search for more information and understanding of later. The universal law of reflective thinking is that it is not divided into any wrong or right pattern but it is more of an exploration of the innermost thinking and knowledge enhancement.  Before starting any reflective thinking the best possible option for a optimum result is to go for a self analysis and identify your own thoughts and analyze them then only a researcher should begin the process of writing a reflective paper. It can also begin by first going through the knowledge or information we already have about a subject and then remove any biases or prejudgments’ before examining it objectively. The main consideration here is to understand not only what and when of a research topic but also why behind every decision we take or learning we make. The examination of your beliefs, values, attitudes and assumptions forms the foundation of your understanding. Reflective thinking demands that you recognize that you bring valuable knowledge to every experience. It is a way of helping you to become an active, aware and critical learner.

Reasons to conduct a reflective report
  • To make connections
  • To examine your learning processes
  • To clarify what you are learning
  • To reflect on mistakes and successes
  • To become an active and aware learner
  • To become a reflective practitioner once you graduate and begin your professional life.

Thoughts about the topic

As soon as I was provided with the topic for dissertation it evoked a mixed feeling inside me I was very excited to work on an industry which fascinated me from long time. But I was also a bit worried about the possible obstacles I might face while gaining access to a big corporation like British gas and then to ask them questions about their pricing policy which is a very sensitive topic for many organizations. It was also concerns that would an academic essay study be able to do justice with the topic which has so many long term implications on the masses. With due time all my doubts were cleared and all worries were diminished and with the support and encouragement from the instructor and cooperation of the officials of British gas the study became a reality. Energy sources and their exploitation are a very old industry and one of the most important industries of the world. Many economies round the globe are dependent on their energy sources. Recently the demand of gas has experienced a sudden up rise especially with automobiles and powerhouse started operating on gas instead of gasoline and coal respectively. Gas is a much cleaner source of energy in comparison to coal or petroleum’ it is more efficient in burning’ more cost effective for the consumers and it is available in more quantity that crude oil in reserves. Understanding the pricing concept of a product like gas is a very complex procedure as many countries claim that energy producing countries form a cartel and artificially enhances the prices so normal concepts of demand and supply do not apply to this sector efficiently. However during the study process it was observed by me that British gas is one of the most ethical corporations I have come across in this sector. Their pricing policy is much transparent and based on market forces which keep on revising as per the market developments. The only problem which was located as the main issue is their lack of properly communicating the reason behind changes to their consumers which occasionally creates confusion in the mind set of a consumer. British gas is a house hold name in many parts of Europe and it has a huge clientele base spreading across 25 different countries. Company enjoys the loyalty of both domestic as well as industrial consumers making it a perfect corporation to conduct such studies and understand the pricing patterns involved.

Research process

Reflection Report British Gas Dissertation begins with the designing the proposal for the study. In this phase I have decided upon the structure of the study’ the research methodology of the choice for this topic’ designing of primary and secondary research’ deciding on the sample size’ data collection method’ data analysis tool and also observe the possible limitations of the study. After the initial phase of research proposal I conducted an in depth literature review of the subject matter in which I undergone reviewing various journals’ articles’ e journals’ books and previous research studies to gain new insights on topics like pricing theory’ pricing mechanisms and the overall history and structure of oil and gas industry. This activity was able sharpen my skills in reading and understanding the concepts of economics like pricing theory’ models of pricing and price changes mechanism and their linkage to international market. I was also able to develop skills in extracting useful information from the immense data available based on the parameters of the study. Following literature review I begin the process of developing questionnaire and semi structured interview for both customers as well as officials of the British gas. I was able to reflect on the intricacies of developing a good questionnaire and also studied the factors which needs to be incorporated and topics which should be avoided while asking a questions. After the questionnaire development I began with the process of gaining consent and access from the officials and customers of the British gas. I gained knowledge about the human behavior and also understood the importance of trust and mutual understanding when I started this part of the study. The customer were very skeptical about a stranger asking them questions about their consumption and officials were concerned about publication of their names as a participant in such studies. After providing non disclosure agreement and agreeing to the term that their name will not be divulged in any case they agreed for the interview. One official also asked for a brief preview of the question to ensure that no inappropriate information might be asked from him during interview. All these issues and challenges brought a new understanding of the practical aspects of research study and I understood that a few things like getting consent from the respondent looks so easy on papers but in practicality it is one of the most difficult things to attain.

After the data collection I began the process of data sorting and analyzing. In this stage I experienced most technical difficulties like many times the respondents were not clear enough in their responses or they did not understand the question in a proper way. Occasionally I had to revalidate the data by contacting the respondent again and verify the answer. At this stage I understood the importance of reliability and credibility factor in a study. Having proper records of each respondent assisted me in gaining access to them even after the data collection part was over. Sorting also helped me in discarding any redundant data and only validated data was entered in the phase of analysis. Various qualitative and quantitative data analysis technique was used in this phase to obtain the results. I was very excited to use the analytical software SPSS which is a wonderful tool in the hands of a researcher and it can reduce the data analysis time requirement dramatically. I learned how to conduct regression analysis ‘conjoint analysis and co relational analysis using the software which has honed my skills in the research studies and prepared me better for my professional role after the course.

The analyzed data was then compiled in a articulated manner and recommendations and possible solutions to the problem were extracted from it. The extraction of recommendations from data analysis is a art and science which requires keen observation and precise pin pointing of the issue in question. While providing the recommendation I also learned the importance of rephrasing the results so that even an individual from non technical or research background can understand the results and their implications. All results were converted into simpler terms and language and then finalized for the publication. In the entire research study process it was observed that the scope of research is a constraint and because of the limitations of resources as well as financial constraints researcher has to overlook many factors or gaps which can be studied. Since the nature of the study was purely academic a few assumptions can be incorporated in the study because the main aim and objective of this entire exercise is to sharpen the skills of students in research process and execution of a research study. It was observed during the entire study that non availability of required access to the data or individual is one of the biggest obstacles it faced.

Enhancement in the knowledge of researcher and conclusion

The researcher was able to obtain a lot of knowledge about the pricing theory’ British gas corporation ad research methodology. It was observed that all though pricing may seem arbitrary to the consumers as well as low level employees there is a very deep level thinking and logic behind a pricing decision and it is also observed that in most of the cases the pricing decision is strictly controlled and based on market forces. British gas follows the basic principle of demand and supply while determining its prices but it also considers factors like bulk purchases’ long term agreements and prices of the competitor organizations working in the same market.  by designing the research study I was also able to gain confidence in my own ability and skills in research study and research designing. All though the study I have conducted does not have any practical implications in the market or decisions of the organizations but it has huge importance in academic circles where a single study covered broad aspects like pricing theory’ pricing decision’ factors influencing it’ consumer behavior and perception of pricing decisions and price changes of an organization by its consumers. In conclusion I would like to say that this research has helped me a lot in developing my skills as a professional researcher as well as taught me some practical aspects of the life in which challenges are to be faced and solved in a assertive manner. I am sure I was able to meet the academic requirements of the study and gained the skills and knowledge base which was expected out of it.