How to do Referencing of an Assignment?

How to do Referencing of an Assignment?

High Quality Referencing of an Assignment

Referencing of an Assignment

Referencing of an assignment is an important part of writing good assignment. While writing good assignments, we always acknowledge some books, research papers, articles. We refer them because we use them in writing our assignment. A good assignment is written with deep research and understanding. We use someone else’s work; ideas, excerpts from a journal, book, website etc. then we need to put the citation regarding the taken work. In many assignments, such as scientific research papers, case studies, law assignments, we write and use other’s words or ideas. That is why there is a need to mention and include the detailed information on the sources that we have used in our assignments.

A good assignment includes referencing both within the text i.e. the in – text citations and then at the end of the assignment i.e. reference list or bibliography. A simple way to understand referencing is when you buy any research book, on the last pages of the book, you may find the reference list with names and works of writers included in the book, or when we buy clothes, we find an attached label showing who made the cloth, brand identity is like writer of the book.  Referencing of an assignment shows respect for the original source. The research papers and research work needs referencing to show that the assignment is written on a thorough research that you have done.

Referencing is very important as it makes the reader to understand the assignments in a better way. It helps them to look for the original source that you have cited, referred in your assignments. Referencing of the assignments also improves writing skills, adding authenticity to good assignments. Referencing of an assignment acknowledges the thoughts and ideas of others. Referencing of an assignment is done in order to avoid any kind of plagiarism. Referencing of an assignment involves two steps. One is an in – text citations which shows that the particular fact, idea or concept is taken from someone else. The second is a complete list of referencing which gives the full citation details of all the referred work in the assignment.

There are various styles of referencing depending upon the type of the assignments. Such as science assignments, law assignments, business assignments, commerce assignments, case study assignments etc have different types of referencing of an assignment.

Some common types of referencing of an assignment are listed below:

  • APA (American Psychological Association) Style of Referencing
  • ACS (American Chemistry Society) Style of Referencing
  • AGLC (Australian Guide to Legal Citation) Style of Referencing
  • MLA (Modern Language Association) Style of Referencing
  • Oxford Style of Referencing
  • Harvard Style of Referencing
  • Chicago Style of Referencing
  • CSE/CBE (Council of Science Editors/Council of Biology Editors) Style of Referencing
  • IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) Style of Referencing
  • Vancouver Style of Referencing
  • Note Systems Style of Referencing
  • Parenthetical System Style of Referencing

These are some of the common types of styles of referencing of an assignment. All these styles of referencing of an assignment have their own specific rules for properly citation of the sources. Though a college or a school may have any defined preferred style of referencing, but these are universally accepted and used. The Australian universities mainly use the AGLC (Australian Guide to Legal Citation) Style of Referencing. In AGLC footnote referencing system is used. It is a uniform system of legal citation. This style of referencing an assignment is followed in academics, legal practitioners and law students. Another widely accepted style of the APA style which is mainly used for psychology but its use is significant in other subjects as well. The Chicago Manual is used in arts, humanities and business.

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A good assignment includes a proper systematic, accurate referencing. A systematic referencing of an assignment includes the full details of the authors, date, title, submissions, publication details etc. If the sources are taken from electronic journals, eBooks, web pages, the URL addresses and the dates accessed should be mentioned. A good assignment needs days of practical approach, thorough research of the topic and study. If the assignment is not provided with the proper referencing, it may be rejected back. This can be a great loss as there is a huge investment of physical and mental effort, time and even money. It may even invite legal action if it is found to be plagiarized. is Australia based company, which provides the best online assignment help. With our best online assignment help services, you get the proper referencing of the assignment. Accurately and systematically referencing of assignments brings you good marks as it leaves an effective and positive impression on the professors who examine your assignments. With our complete organized referencing of assignment system, you will be able to put good strong impression on your university professors. Because it will demonstrate that the assignment is written with complete research, considering and aanalysingthe others’ work.