Project management Report Assignment

Project management Report Assignment


Brief details about the Project:


The design part of the Ice rink is submitted by the technical team. Briefly, having the off-site visit of the location through internet and considering the other technical assistance available, the park is designed in such way where it is seen from the far sight. The Rink shall have two types of area, the closed ice rink as well as an open ice rinks. Roofs and tents are designed distinctly (Dinsmore, 2005). The old France Heritage style is taken as the reference for the designing the park uniquely.

Moreover, it is also seen that in the radios of at least 20 kilometres no such amusement park exists, with a view to avoid the direct competition.

There shall be sub ice rinks for the different visitors. These visitors are classified from the demographical segments. There shall be aggregately five different sets of ice rinks in the recreational area (Ireland, 2006). The park mainly consists of the following parts of the design part.

RinkFor massesRates
Rink- 1General PeopleModerate
Rink-2MalesModerate to Premium
Rink-3FemalesModerate to Premium
Rink-4ChildrenModerate to Premium

Moreover, as specified, it is going to be the event specific theme park, too. Hence it has to be looked after that the Music Band Performance should also be considered. For that, there are two provisions kept. The first one is to make a separate stage for the band performance. This is a common set up and can be followed quite easily. While the other set up is a little different. As per the second set up, it is planned that the band night shall be performed on the VIP Ice Rink and the rest Ice Rinks (Auditorium 1 to 4) shall be kept open for the audience (Phillips, 2003).

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Risk and risk analysis:

The design part is over, considering the major risk factors. There are many contingency on the project altogether. Following are a few to list:

External Risks:

  • Rehabilitation Issue with the residential
  • Seasonal Variations
  • Low rate of acceptance within the country people
  • New entrants
  • Hurdles and disturbances of renovation work in surrounding, if that do not get completed in time.

Internal Risks:

  • Improper temperature settings within the ice rinks
  • More accommodation than tolerance
  • Lack of trainers


There will be many resource required to constructing this project. To list a few, they are the followings:


For Project Construction Part:

Financial Resources are arranged from internal as well as external sources. As this is going to be commissioned by the XYZ group of Italy, they are also going to take part in resource sharing.

ABC Company is going to provide 50% of the financial resources for construction part while remaining 50% shall be borne by the XYZ Entertainment Group.

For Maintenance Part:

So far as the maintenance part of the Ice Rink is concerned, it shall be set off through the ticket collection and other operational income.


For operational part, initially, the resources required shall be both technical and non-technical supports.

Human Resource

There shall mainly two sets of people be required for the Ice Rink. 1) Technical Manpower and 2) Non Technical Manpower. Furthermore, following types of labours will also be required for the further operations so far as technical labour is concerned:

  • Skilled Labour
  • Semiskilled Labour
  • Unskilled Labour

Technical Staff (Skilled Labour): this staff shall be looking after majorly to on site activities. For technical front, people from UK are arranged to be provided. The trained people having the sound technical knowhow, knowing the parent companies policy for technical part, having flair of parent company’s operational knowledge are planned to be placed. This is mainly because the construction will have to meet the promised deadline (Ireland, 2006).

Non Technical Staff

While for the non technical front, people from local site shall be absorbed. These staffs mainly include people for back office work. They will be for looking after for the following departments:


Transportation for Employees:

The transportation required for the labourers and for the technical equipment will be a crucial part (Stevens, 2002). The flight distance between the site, i.e., France and parent company, i.e., UK is about 581 miles / 935 km. Hence, the flight transportation is arranged. However, for the local labourers, no pre arranged transportation is arranged as they being the country people, knowing the site location better.

Transportation guide for the visitors:

As of now, the company is arranging a full location map loaded web-site to make its visitors journey hassle free. The company is also planning to put separate lines of guidelines for visitors coming from different parts of the area (Dinsmore, 2005). The train schedule, bus schedule, taxi-cab schedule are also to be uploaded soon on its website.


As on the date, material that is needed is mainly of construction and installation material. The company as already having presence in the market in UK, it shall be easier to set up the channel in France through the existing channel of suppliers of UK.

Construction material and raw materials:

Mainly, company should seek the most competitive price rates. Hence, well in advance the tender notice in the local news paper has already been published. People have started sending their filled tenders and responses. A good number of inquiries have already taken place for material supply (Cleland & Gareis, 2006). The material purchase will be bidding based. The lowest bidder will get the material order. The experience into such field will also be given preference.

Ongoing purchases throughout the year:

As far as this category of purchase is concerned, ice is the major purchase which will be purchased throughout the year. For the ease, the company is planning to give an Annual Maintenance Contract to local vendor.

Access to Bands

As mentioned above, it is going to be the joint venture between two groups. The event management group comes majorly in this part. Different music bands are also sent invitation for their performances and their rates. They are asked to give rates for different parts. Rates according to their:

  • One night performance
  • Once a month performance
  • Twice a month performance
  • Once a week performance
  • For this, the event management company has also conducted the market survey for the local people preferences.

Installation Plans

The installation plans will go as per the construction schedule of the company. As per this schedule, the installation plan will start in June 2011 and will be finished up to the next winter holidays.


The communication to the audience is through various ways. These communications will be part of the marketing team, mainly. They are going to show the full plan on this regarding how they are going to communicate their presence to the local peoples.


The Ice Rink will be handed over to the XYZ Entertainment group as soon as the work gets over. After that, the profit sharing part will be as per the capital employment ratio of the two companies.

Review what you have learned about Project Management during the course and in undertaking the assessment. What strengths and weaknesses have you identified in your present skill set?

What is Project Management and learning’s?

In today’s, ever changing and cut-throat competition’s business world, the organisations are persistently in search of prospect may be in the variety and mode of new and innovative product, new enterprise and ventures, very new market segments which are yet to be tapped, spreading out of the prevailing product offerings, different and new-fangled strategic alliances, etc., and in the course of dealing these concerns, the companies are compelled to head the superior customs of project management. Organizations have comprehended that it is very imperative to ensue good management practices to attain the goals of venture commenced by them. It is domineering that projects are administered to acquire the buoyancy of stake holders, become conscious about the competence and efficacies in all stages of the projects and to perk up the life cycle function of the projects. The higher the project turn over, more it is beneficial to the organization; as the organization can undertake more projects throughout the year or season (Kwak, 2005).

Defining the project management, project management is known as obedience of forecasting, planning, classifying, assuring and administrating the available as well as arranged resources. They basically conglomerated to bring the profitable completion of the given work and assigned short term project (Witzel, 2003).

Hence one can say that the project has mainly four defining elements:

  1. Definition
  2. Planning
  3. Execution
  4. Control
  5. Closure


Temporary thrive: Any project, as the name suggests, is a interim enterprise for a company.

Defined End and Beginning: The projects are not ongoing process like a permanent enterprise. Hence, projects have pre defined starting point with a well stated end point, called deadlines.

Added advantage and value addition: Projects give companies value additions adding to their profile. Projects are meant to provide benefits to the project furnishers as well as for the group who wants to get the project done.

Challenge: The most basic challenge for the project risk management team is to meet the overall project goals as well as the temporary short term goals of various teams. The Project Management team should recognise this intersecting point in order to set up a win-win situation for both (Phillips, 2003).

Constraint to be overcome for the Project Management team:

The most archetypal constrictions which are faced by the Project Management team are Project latitude, epoch and period of the project (time factor) and finances.

The derived and consequential which is more ruthless contest is to make the optimum use of allocated resources and incorporation of contribution and involvement essential to assemble pre- delineate objectives of the organization (Lock, 2007).

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Traditionally, the following is the simple most approach to address the Project:

 Project management Report Assignment  


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