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Visual Basic 1.0 was developed in the year 1991. But before Visual Basic 1.0 developers find it hard to design the GUI. The programmers have to be well qualified in C++ programming and Windows API. This means that only few were able to execute their application on Windows. But the invention of Visual Basic 1.0 changed everything and made the tiresome job of developing UI (User Interface) very easy. It allows the developers to drag and drop the controls for designing. This drag and drop functionality was designed by Alan Cooper and his company called Tripod. This functionality helped programmers to focus more on the business problems and at same the time allowed them to design their own UI. With the introduction of VB 3.0 the programmers were able to develop front-end applications fully with Visual Basic. In Version 6.0 ADO (ActiveX Data Objects) was introduced which facilitated developers to write easy to maintain and robust applications. VB.Net was introduced as a successor to VB 6.0 and was implemented on .NET framework.  It used its framework to run and compile.

VB.Net is an object-oriented, structured, imperative and declarative programming language. Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and Visual Basic Express Edition 2010 are the two IDE’s (Integrated Development Environment) supplied by Microsoft. The former is for commercial use while latter is free of charge. The word “Basic” in the language suggests that the language is designed for novices but it can create very sophisticated and powerful applications. The language has very easy syntax which helps programmers to not to write hundreds of lines of code instead many shortcuts are available to make task simpler in this language. With the help of VB.Net programming environment graphical interfaces are designed.

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