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UNIX was designed by Ken Thompson, Dennis Ritchie, and many others at Bell Labs.  The work was started in the year 1969 and was then called as PDP-7.  It was renamed later to UNIX. UNIX operating system was first launched in the year 1970. In 1972-73, it disapproved all notions that complex things like operating systems had to be written in assembly language and it was re-written in C which helped in development of the portable software. Over the years, many improvements and additional features has been introduced in UNIX.

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The UNIX operating system has 3 main parts and they are:

The Kernel: It is core of the operating system. It assigns resources like time and memory to programs. When system calls are executed UNIX searches the filestore and handles the communication.

The Shell: It acts as a middle-layer between the kernel and the user. The shell starts when the user is logged in via correct username and password. Command Line Interpreter (CLI) is generally referred as shell. It helps in implementing the commands given by users and after the completion the shell waits for another prompt.

Programs: The programs are nothing but the commands or a set of commands executed a time. Eg. rm, mv etc.

UNIX is an operating system which is used in laptops, servers and desktops. It is a stable, multi-user (various users can use system at the same time), multi-tasking (various tasks can be executed concurrently) system. UNIX provisions a simple to use environment as it has similar Graphical User Interface to that of Microsoft Windows. In telnet sessions, where there are no graphical or windows interfaces the users requires the complete knowledge of the operations that need to be executed in UNIX. UNIX comes in different versions in the market and some of the most famous are Sun Solaris, GNU/Linux etc.

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