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Scala was designed by Martin Odersky and his group in the year 2003 at EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland. Martin took ideas from the Funnel to develop Scala which was a programming language based on Petri nets and functional programming. The idea behind Scala was to have more focus on interoperability with regular platforms. Scala is not a superset or extension of Java rather it’s completely interoperable with Java. The Scala complied programs has efficiency to that of Java because it translates to Java bytecodes. In late 2003 Scala was released on Java platform and in June 2004 on .NET platform. In 2011, Martin launched a company named Typesafe which provided services, training and support to Scala. The language has gained popularity ever since it’s launched.


Scala (programming language)  

Scala is general, statistically typed, elegant and concise programming language. Scala got its name from 2 words “scalable” and “language” meaning that it was developed to grow as the demands of its programmers grows. Scala is a multi-paradigm programming language designed in such a way that blends features of both functional and object-oriented programming which helps Java and other developers to be more productive. As Scala is interoperable with both Java and .NET, the Scala complier (scalac) generates Java class files which can be executed on the JVM machines or the other complier that generates binaries which can be executed on the .NET CLR .When compared to an equivalent Java application the codes size is reduced to two to three times. Many multinational companies for business applications are moving towards Scala from Java because it enhances scalability of application, development productivity, and reliability of overall application. Scala has also come up with new features like traits, support for Domain Specific Languages (DSL), closures, and objects that can be treated as functions for easy and efficient programming.

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