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Ruby was designed by Yukihiro Matsumoto in Feb’93. He wanted to create this language because he wanted a language which has features of both imperative and functional programming. As Matsumoto said that “I wanted to have a scripting language that is more powerful and useful as compared to Portland provide more object oriented features as compared to Python”. So he created Ruby for the above mentioned two reasons. Ruby 1.0 was released on Dec’96.

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Ruby is a dynamic, modern, open source and a pure object oriented programming language. It is a programming language which focuses on productivity and simplicity. Ruby has a syntax which is very easy to write and read and hence make developer to learn quickly and simplifies their work. It can be installed in various environments viz. POSIX, Windows etc. That is the reason it is preferred over Smalltalk which is also a true object oriented programming language. Ruby is a scripting language which has various features and syntax similar to Perl and Python. However, there also various differences between the languages like the instances of the variables used in class are fully private to that class only which is not the case with Perl/Python. Ruby has a memory management system which is very unique and a dynamic type system. Various paradigm like object oriented paradigm, imperative paradigm, functional paradigm etc are also supported by Ruby. With Ruby smaller as well as bigger programs can be easily written and these programs are easily maintained.

Ruby can be used in the following ways:

  • It is used to write CGI (Common Gateway Interface) scripts.
  • Development of various intranet and internet applications can be done with the help of Ruby.
  • Ruby has a large set of built-in functions.
  • Databases viz. MySQL, Oracle can be easily connected with Ruby.

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