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PLT a programming language was founded in 1990’s by Matthias Felleisen.  In the next few years, the programming environment called DrScheme was found. PLT Scheme, a programming language, was mainly supported by DrScheme. In the years that followed, PLT added many other innovations in DrScheme.  In June 2010, PLT Scheme was renamed as Racket.

The principle tools of Racket’s are:

  • Racket, the interpreter, complier and run-time system;
  • DrRacket (formerly named DrScheme), the environment used in programming; and
  • Raco, Racket commands are executed by a command-line tool that build libraries, install packages and more.

Racket is a programming language that supports more than one programming paradigm i.e. it is a multi paradigm programming language. Racket is derived from Lisp/Scheme and takes many features from them. It also inherits traits from functional and object-oriented programming. Racket is used as a platform for the designing, creating and implementing a language. The module system in Racket helps programmers to write modules in different members of the Racket family and to safely associate these modules equally. In a way, the programmer sees the tasks and selects the most suitable programming style and language then creates the module and joins various modules into one. Racket is designed for tasks ranging from scripting to developing of application also.

The most amazing feature of Racket is macro system which gives the expressive power more than any programming language. With the help of macros users can write language constructs on the top of the base language. Also for high order languages Racket has first contract system. Racket virtual machine processes a byte code format which is translated by a byte code complier or the Racket’s complier. The allotment of Racket platforms is free and open source.

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