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Python is one of the most prominent programming languages that I have ever seen. Python is preferred by programmers from all over the world over other languages due to its distinctive features. Python is a high level programming language but there are many distinguishable features of Python which makes it ahead of its competitors. Some of the highlighting features of Python are as follows:

Powerful: Python is a very powerful and fast programming language assignment help. It helps programmers to build complex programs in a very short span of time. Even a few lines of coding are enough to make a complex program that can use to operate a web server. Secondly, the codes written in this language runs very fast due to its compiler feature.

Platform Independent: Python is platform independent that is the codes written in this programming language can run on any platform like windows, Mac and Unix/Linux. So, the programmer who is writing codes for a particular operating system needs not to worry about other operating systems.

Easy to grasp: The most spectacular fact about Python is that it is very user friendly and is very easy to learn. This is the main reason why Python is preferred as the first programming language by some programmers.

Integration with other programming languages: Python can be easily integrated with languages like .Net, Java, C and C++. The thing is that if there is a need to write a particular line of code that is not available in Python, you can easily mix Python with other programming language and can make the tasks easier.

Object Oriented Features: Python is again a language like C, C++ and java that supports object oriented techniques which makes it very powerful.

Web development features: Python is often chosen over other languages like PHP and Perl for web development because of its uniqueness.  You can get the idea about its popularity from the fact that python became the most preferred web designing tool with PHP and Perl just after its release.

There are many other distinguishable features of Python which I will cover in the subsequent blogs. If you have anything to clear about Python please do write us.

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