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Out of the different programming languages that are present today, Prolog is the most used logical programming language. Prolog is basically the synonym for programming in logic. This is the main reason for the name ‘Prolog’. The main highlighting aspect of this programming language is the fact that Prolog is mainly used for creating tough lines of coding that are basically used to develop computer programs which in turn run computer oriented intelligent machines.  Prolog was developed by Colmerauer and Philippe Roussel. Prolog was developed earlier with the idea that this language will be mainly used for creating intelligent computer oriented machines and software. But due to its popularity, Prolog is now being used in areas like gaming, computer networking, graphic designing and many more. There are many important features of Prolog language which makes it one of the best programming languages used for artificial intelligence as well as for general purpose programming language.  In this article, I am going to mention some of the highlighting features of Prolog language.

Use of logical variables: Use of logical variables is one of the most prominent features of this programming language. The main highlighting fact is that the logical variables that I have mentioned here are somewhat different from the logical variables used by other programming languages like C, C++ and Java programming.

Robotics and intelligent machines: One of the most important features of Prolog is that it is used for creating intelligent software oriented machines that can make the tasks of present generation easier.

Database linking features: Prolog programming language has the most influenced database features which again makes it a very powerful programming language. Prolog can be easily combined with MySql and other databases tools make the management of databases very easy.

The features that I have mentioned here are just a few. But the fact that I want to bring into your notice is that Prolog is a very vast language and needs a comprehensive mindset to study and to learn.

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