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Perl is one of the most powerful languages that have a wide variety of application. PERL stands for Practical Extraction and Report Language. This language was created by Larry Wall in the year 1986 with the aim of making the programming task more sophisticated. Perl has a wider area of application in the field of programming because it is a high level programming language. Perl language is basically an extension to languages like C and C++ that is the main reason why we can see a larger area of application of this programming language. There are many different areas of application of this programming language. The major application of this language is in carrying out network programming, website assignment help and many more.

Some of the important features of Perl programming language are as follows:

Database Integration Features: Perl is a very powerful programming language and its database integration features gives this language a unique identity. Perl can easily be combined with other database like Oracle, MySql, Sybase and other databases.

Ideal for Web Development: Perl is ideal for web programming due to its distinctive features. Perl can be used to carry out e-commerce transactions. The most important feature of Perl is that it can be mixed up with HTML and other markup language to enhance web designing experience.

Works with different Operating Systems: Perl supports many operating systems that is the code written in Perl can made to sun on different platforms like windows, Mac, Unix/Linux and other.

Perl is indeed one of the most important and dynamic programming language. The features that I have discussed here describe this language very well. The other important features will be covered in the next articles. Perl language due to its vastness has some minute concepts that If not paid attention can be very tough to cover. Keeping this thing in mind, we are helping students in learning this linear programming language. If you want to ask something about Perl programming language you can always write to us.

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