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The first microprocessor was built in 1971 by Intel, named Intel 4004. The first microprocessor can only perform addition and subtraction of 4 bits at a time but it was astounding to see everything on one chip. Before the introduction of 4004, the computers were built by engineers from either the discrete components or from the collections of chips. Intel 4004 bought a revolution and was the first movable electronic calculators. In 1974, Intel 8080 was the first 8-bit computer on a chip that was incorporated in the home computer. In the year 1979, Intel 8088 made a real splash in the market and made it to the IBM PC. From there on many developments and improvements have been done in microprocessors.

A microprocessor or CPU (Central Processing Unit) is ‘brain’ of the personal computer. These names are used interchangeably. A microprocessor is a full computation engine on a single integrated circuit (IC) or at most a few IC.  With microprocessors, the processing speed was greatly reduced because whole CPU was integrated on a single chip. On single-chip processor there were lesser electrical connections to go wrong and hence it increased readability. A microprocessor is a programmable device and is used for many purposes.

A microprocessor reads digital data or machine instructions and provides output as results with the help of instructions stored in their internal memory. They make decisions and follow other set of instructions based on the result of decisions.  Different microprocessors have different characteristics but below are three characteristics which differentiate between microprocessors:

  • Instruction : The number of instructions that can be executed at a timeSet
  • Bandwidth:  The number of bits that a microprocessor can process
  • Clock Speed: The number of instructions per second that a microprocessor can execute.

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