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Java Programming Assignment Help

Java is a general purpose programming language that supports object oriented programming. Java is possible one of the most comprehensive programming language in the present time. There are many features of java which makes it different from other programming languages. Java was originally developed by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems.

One of the most important features of Java language is that Java programming language supports object oriented programming. The main reason why Java supports object oriented programming is that Java is basically an extension to C++ and C. Since C++ supports the concepts of object oriented programming therefore Java being an extension to C++ also supports the concepts of classes and object oriented programming.

The most fascinating fact about Java programming is that although Java is an extension to languages like C and C++ but it also supports many low – level facilities that are not available in C and C++. Presently, millions of websites are running on Java platform and the numbers of websites are increasing day by day. Java is very fast, reliable, efficient and secure which makes it ideal for creating applications that can run on laptops, desktop, gaming console, and mobiles.

The main difference between Java and C++ is that C++ uses the concept of pointers while Java does not use anything like pointers. Instead of pointers Java uses named objects which make it ideal to use on distributed platforms. One of the second most important feature of Java is that it is platform independent that is the software that is coded in Java can run on any other platform which again enhances the features of Java programming language. As it is mentioned in the beginning of the article that Java is secure which means that the applications that are created in Java language are virus free and systems secure. What it means is that since the programs that are built in Java language are to be used on distributed networks and therefore security is an important factor for these programs. Java provides a secure mode of security through which we can easily manage these programs.

There are many more important features of Java language which will be covered in the subsequent articles. For any help on programming languages like C, C++, Java and any other subjects contact us.

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