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Haskell was first defined in 1990 by logician Haskell Curry His knowledge of mathematical logic helped him in the foundation of the language. Lambda symbol is used in the logo because it is based on Lambda calculus. Haskell is a modern, standardized computer programming language. It is purely functional (functions will not have any ‘side effects’), type polymorphism (where instances of various classes having common super class uses one name), lazy or non-strict evaluation (evaluation strategy where expression is not evaluated until its value is needed) programming language, unlike the various other programming languages. Haskell supports overloading in a systematic form and a module system because it has an innovative type system. Haskell has a wide variety of built-in data types like arbitrary-precision integers and rational or the conventional ones such as Boolean, integer types and an easy-to-read syntax. It is designed in such a way that it can handle a wide range of applications.

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Haskell makes it easier and cheaper to write and maintain large software systems which are difficult and expensive. It increases the productivity of programmer, it helps in writing the cleaner, shorter and maintainable code, it has shorter lead times, the programmer and the language have very small semantic-gap, and provides with fewer errors and high reliability. It also eliminates the unforeseen interactions because it has good control on side effects.

Haskell is used in various commercial situations. It is used in implementing interpreter and compilers in Perl 6 language. It is also used in Glasgow Haskell Compiler (GHC) which is used in the testing of features and optimizations of advanced functional programming. For verification and strategic development of cryptographic algorithms, a language and tool chain is developed in Haskell named Cryptol.

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