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In 1950 the electronic computer came into existence. When they were first developed they were huge centralized system. They were used by trained professionals and to the common man they were quite unknown.

With the development of VLSI technology and particularly with the invention of microprocessors in 1970, came the era of mini and personnel computers. With the invention of these low cost small computers the companies could now afford large number of these computers for different departments and sections. Parallely based on the same VLSI technology came the development of communication systems with the deployment of telephone networks.

Organizations having large number of computers worldwide wanted a means of communication between them for sharing of different data, software and other information. This led to the development of Networking Systems with the integration of communication systems and computing devices.

The Networking can be classified based on two major categories- Transmission Technologies and Scale. Based on transmission technologies they are categorized as Broadcast Networks and Point-to-Point networks. In broadcast network there is a single communication channel between machines whereas in point-to-point there are multiple lines of communication between a source destination pair.

Based on Scale the Networks are classified as Local Area Network(LAN) which are used to share data within a span of few kilometers, Metropolitan Area Networks(MAN) whose networks over entire city and may be a single wire connection or a collection of LAN connections, Wide Area Connections(WAN) providing long distance transmission of data and lastly Internet which is a collection of networks or networks of networks providing quicker transmission f data.

The Networking Systems are used in all walks of life whether it be industries, businesses, entertainment or by the common people. Some of the common applications of Networking Systems are in Marketing and Sales, Teleconferencing, Manufacturing etc.

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