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A computer network, usually called simply a network, refers to a collection of computers or other computing hardware which are interconnected through a medium of communication and can transmit, store and receive data, resources and information. As a sub-division of computer engineering, computer networking performs the important function of setting up connection networks, in the absence of which online communication wouldn’t be possible. There are many variables that go into determining the perfect network configuration for a given system network. A network is set up on the basis of its scale, topology, communication protocols and organizational scope. The scale of computer networks can be broadly classified into Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN) depending on the range of a given network. The topology refers to the structure of the computer network which can be ring, bus, star, mesh or full connection shaped depending upon the operational purpose it is intended to serve. Network layouts may also have overlay features in which case layouts would lie on top of each other, creating a complex network matrix. Communication protocols provide the rules on the basis of which the interchange of information and data takes place. There are numerous distinctions within the communication protocols themselves depending on their intended purpose, the most common ones being – Ethernet, internet protocol suite (TCP/IP), synchronized optical networking (SONET) and asynchronous transfer mode (ATM). Obviously, with so many issues and concerns to be taken into consideration students often find is hard to consolidate their theoretical knowledge with its practical applicability. This is why they need regular computer networking homework help to get through their academic criteria with ease. The programming assignment help site offers computer networking homework help to students all over the world. Our programming assignment help team consists of professional computer programmers who have been providing online programming assignment help to our international clientele of students for nearly 7 years now. They have extensive experience in computer programming and networking and can readily provide proficient computer networking homework help to anyone needful. Our additional services like online tutoring, free post submission consultations etc. are aimed at providing students with a holistic view of their subject and allowing them to gain a better understanding of it. To get the very best computer programming homework help send your assignment or contact us. Other Recommended Pages:-

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