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A machine does not understand the normal languages that we use in our day to day life. The input that we are providing to a machine needs to be in the machine language. In order to do away with this problem, we have different programming languages. A programming language is a language that has been created to help users to communicate with a machine. Without a programming language, it will be very difficult for a user to pass his instructions to a machine.

There are many types of programming language that have been created in the past to make the communication process more reliable and more sophisticated. In this article, I am going to discuss a very important programming language that forms the basis of nearly every programming language that is in use today. C programming language is one of the most comprehensive languages of all times. C programming language is one of the widely used programming languages of all times.

If an individual chooses to make a career in the field of programming then he generally starts with C programming language. The main reason to choose is the fact that this language is one of the basic programming languages that are present today. Many programming languages like C++javaC# are basically an extension to C programming language. One of the key features of C programming language is that it is a machine oriented language. Many programmers also define C language as an inter link between low level language and high level language. These are some of the most important features of C programming language which gives it a unique place in the field of programming languages.

But, the thing is that due to the popularity of this programming language, sometimes it becomes difficult for an individual to code a particular program. Many a time they get confuse about the correct style of coding. This is the main reason that after knowing this programming language the students are not able to apply the knowledge in solving practical problems. I will try to cover all the important concept of C programming language is the next articles.

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