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Assembly language is the most fundamental and a low-level programming language for any processor viz. computers, microprocessors, microcontrollers, and other programmable devices. Every machine language instructions correspond to a statement written in the language. Assembly Languages help users to read machine language. As machine language consists of numbers which are impossible to read and write, assembly language converts those numbers to names and helps the developers to program with ease. This is done by assembly language as it has the same set and structure of commands as machine languages. Assembly languages are computer architecture dependent, so an assembly language program written for one type of architecture won’t work on another type. They are not portable between various families of processor and lacks services like functions and variables unlike the high-level programming languages. In this, working is done only with the operations which are directly implemented on the physical CPU.

Assembly language is used where speed is more important or there are operations which can’t be performed on high-level programming languages. It also gives the insight to develop efficient code in high-level language. It is the most powerful computer programming language available. Assembly language helps users to know the operations of their PC better which in turn, helps them in consistent development of software. With the help of an assembler you have full control on your PC. The programs created in assembly languages are smaller and have much more capacity than ones developed with the use of other languages. In assembly language, symbolic memory addresses are used for used to remember where data is stored instead of remembering the exact memory location. To translate the assembly language statements into machine language code, an assembler is used.

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