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ASP (Active Server Pages) was first launched in 1998 by Microsoft as their very 1st server-side scripting engine. It is used for dynamically generating web pages, web services, and web applications. ASP is normally written in VBScript.

ASP.Net is the next generation of ASP. As it supersedes the classic ASP it has more advanced features and is written in the .NET language. ASP.NET allows software developers to write their code in any supported .NET language which is built on the Common Language Runtime (CLR).The main difference between the Classic ASP and the ASP.NET is that in the latter the code always complies while in the former it was always interpreted which makes ASP.NET faster and has more performance benefits. ASP.NET has a very large set of user controls, components which are XML based, excellent language support and an integrated user authentication. It is written in C# or VB (Visual Basic) and ASP.NET pages have .aspx extension. A plain HTML is returned to the browser whenever a browser requests an ASP.NET file. In the process, the ASP.NET engine first reads, compiles and executes the scripts in the file.

ASP.NET supports three different types of development model namely MVC (Model View Controller), Web Pages, and Web Forms.

  • Web Pages: In this, ASP.NET websites are made and you can HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and server code with C# or VB. The development tool used is either Web Matrix or Visual Studio.
  • MVC: It is also used for development of web applications but it is lighter than ASP.NET and also carries all the features of ASP.NET. The development tool used is Visual Web Developer.
  • Web Forms: IT is the classical way of creating a Website. It is based on postbacks and event-driven web forms. The development tool used is Visual Web Developer or Visual Studio.

Creating web applications with ASP.NET may seem easy for simpler applications but as you go for dynamic applications the coding becomes tough and tricky. Our experts can help you with this and will guide you to how to make light weighted dynamic websites with all the required features. Their in-depth knowledge and wide experience in this field will help you in solving all your queries and also with your assignments, project reports or dissertations. For any help in understanding the coding, our experts can also help you with the online tutoring to make your concepts strong.

Students now have the option of getting best quality ASP.NET assignment help from the best minds of ASP.NET programming language. This will not only save your time and help you achieve high marks but will also improve your understanding of the subject. If you have an ASP.NET programming assignment you need help with, contact us now or upload it on our website. 

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