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Knuth in mid-1960’s coined and founded Analysis of Algorithm. An algorithm is a finite step-by-step procedure for processing of data, calculations and automated reasoning. The algorithm starts from first step to final step, processing all the steps in between, to get the desired results. The algorithm takes inputs as strings of any length and is designed to work with it.

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The analysis of algorithms in computer science is the need to find out how much resources such as time and storage are required to execute the algorithm. The efficiency of an algorithm is calculated by a function relating the input length to the number of steps in the algorithm, called as time complexity or input length to the storage location called as space complexity.

The complexity of an algorithm is calculated by the complexity function for input of very large length and is also called estimating it in the asymptotic sense. Three notations used for calculation the complexity in asymptotic sense are Big O notation, omega notation, and theta notation. The asymptotic estimates are popular because same algorithms in different times may differ in efficiency. For exact calculation of the complexities of algorithms i.e. not asymptotic it requires a certain number of assumptions regarding the algorithm and is called Model of Computation. For the calculation of complexities there are 2 cost models which are generally used:

    • A uniform cost model assigns a constant cost irrespective of the size of the number to every machine operation
    • The logarithmic cost model  assigns a cost to every machine operation proportional to the numbers of bits involved

The analysis of algorithm is needed to have the estimates of resources which will be needed by different algorithms for any computational problem. These estimates will help in the search of efficient algorithms for a type of problem. This is a complex subject and if you face any difficulty with your course work, we have a team of experts who are experienced in this type of analysis and they will be able to help you with all your course requirements. They can assist you in your projects, research work, dissertations etc. If you have any problem regarding the fundamental of this topic then you can get online tutoring lessons from our Experts. For online tutoring sessions, visit our online tutoring site. For analysis of algorithm assignment help or help in programming assignment for various languages, contact our team of programming experts by using our contact us page. You can also send us your assignments directly by uploading it on the website.

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