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AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, but the XML is not used here and also the requests made to the server need not to be asynchronous always. The term AJAX was first coined in Feb 2005 by Jesse James Garrett. AJAX is used for updating numerous parts of the webpage without actually reloading the whole web page and hence it is useful for creating dynamic and fast web pages. AJAX is used on the client-side to create many web applications. AJAX is not a new language, it is simply a way to use interrelated web development techniques or to use the standards which already exists. With the help of AJAX, we can send and retrieve data from server asynchronously i.e. in the background and hence it does not disturb the behavior or the display of the existing working page.

AJAX is a group of technologies not a single technology. Mark up and style information in websites can be done with the combination of HTML and CSS with AJAX. The live display and interaction of the user with the information on websites is done with the help of Document Object Model (DOM) which accesses JavaScript. Both JavaScript and the XMLHTTPRequest object allows exchanging the data between server and browser asynchronously which stops the full page getting reloaded every time.

AJAX works in following steps:

  • An XMLHTTP Request is created on the browser
  • It sends the request to server via Internet
  • The server processes the HTTP Request
  • It then creates the response and send data back to the browser via Internet
  • The browser then processes the data by using JavaScript
  • After reading the data it updates the content accordingly.

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