Performance Management Assignment Help

Performance Management Assignment Help

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Employee performance management is a method with help of which the human resource management can establish a shared workforce understand of the targets which are to be achieved at the organizational level.  With help of an effective performance management system, the human resource department of the organization can align the organizational objectives in accordance with the employee’s skills, measures, capabilities and competency requirements. In simpler terms, performance management is to keep right people at right place. Performance management is such a system where the employees and the managers work together to plan and monitor the work objectives for an overall organizational contribution. Performance management is a continuous, strategic management process. It’s more than just any annual performance review. Performance management highly emphasizes on improvement, learning and development. It targets the overall business strategy of the organization to create a high performance workforce. The basic orientation of performance management is employee effectiveness improvement. It is a job specific system which covers a wide range of jobs in the organization.

According to Armstrong and Baron (1998), “Performance Management is a strategic and integrated approach to increase the effectiveness of the companies by improving the performance of the people who work in them and by developing the capabilities of the teams and individual contributors.”

Performance management creates a working environment where employees can work and perform to the best of their abilities. Performance management starts when any job is defined as needed and ends when the employee leaves the organization. It is an ongoing process where the manager and the employee communicate with each other to accomplish strategic objectives of the organization, including expectations clarification, objective planning and identification, feedbacks and results reviewing.  With help of performance management system, managers can assess the employees, organizational processes to gauge the performance to accomplish the predetermined organizational objectives. Performance management is a setting in which organization can ensure if the organizational goals are being met effectively and efficiently.

performance management assignment help

Performance management system can be applied to any work – place where the people interact with each other for any common goal achievements such as schools, sports teams, community meetings, churches, governmental agencies etc. Performance management is a cyclic process with discussions varying year – to year based on the changing objectives, which includes planning, checking – in and review.  Generally, there are three types of performance management systems.

  1. Long – Cycle Performance Management:This type of performance management system is done for a year. It is based on every 6 months or quarter. This performance management system has been able to receive great attention due to its implementations.
  2. Short – Cycle Performance Management:This type of performance management system is utilized weekly. Bi – weekly or monthly basis. Short – cycle performance management system is industry – specific.
  3. Micro – Cycle Performance Management:This type of performance management system is generally used minute basis, hourly or daily.

Performance management is an important system which provides an accurate picture of every employee’s performance. It includes a collaboration process to set goals and review the performances which are based on the two way communication, taking place between the managers and employees. Managers can plan and ensure if the work goals are in support of the strategic organizational objectives, providing a constructive and continuous feedback on the performances. Performance management monitors, measures, identifies and recognizes employees’ accomplishments. In order to establish an effective performance system, time and resources are required.  Performance management helps the managers in identifying areas of poor performance so that the managers can take suitable actions in order to eliminate those areas and can plan strategically to improve the areas. Performance management directly affects the organizational performance. Organizational performance can increase quickly if there is an effective, correct implementation of performance management with specific objectives with operational plans. It further helps in communication improvement between the managers and the employees within the organization and thus is able to drive organizational performance outcomes. With help of performance management, managers can establish frequent communication bridge which can reduce work stress in the workplace.

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