People Performance Management Assignment

People Performance Management Assignment

This people performance management assignment is a  part of diploma of business and diploma of management, in this group management has been discussed.

Assessment 1

Question 1 What is Performance?

Performance is defined as the completion of a job which is then checked against some set standards which can be in terms of precision, cost, promptness and completeness. It is an act of doing a task.

Question 2 KPIs

The key performance indicators in this case will be:

  • Quality
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Average overcome time

In a BPO these are three most important performance management indicators. There should be a proper balance made by the consultant among these three factors to perform well. It is very important to maintain the quality of call and satisfy the customer in the time duration that has been assigned for a particular call.

Question 3 :  You have designed three Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that the new team must meet or exceed on a monthly basis.  When must you inform your team of these KPIs?

Key performance Indicators is the measure of the performance and hence the team must be aware of their performance criteria as soon as they start their work. The team should be told about the KPI on the day they are going to start their work so that the members are well aware about the points which they have to keep in mind while working to give their best performance.

Question Three stages of Performance Management?

The three most important phases of performance management are:

Planning phase: the first phase is the planning phase which helps the employees in understanding that how they can divide their work and perform well in that. This phase helps the employees to find out the work and responsibilities that are on priority, and then they analyze the competencies which are needed for those responsibilities. If required work on their skills in order to perform well and also discuss the thing with their managers.

Performing phase:the second phase is the most important phase, the performance phase where the employee starts keeping a track of his performance, tries to get the feedbacks and reviews on his performance etc.

Reviewing phase:the review phase is the usually a discussion between the employees and their leader. They discuss the performance and also plan for future.

Question 5 Goal of a Performance Management System

The main goal of performance management is to ensure the achievement of the business plans and objectives. It helps in assessing the performance of the job and hence fills the gap between the employee’s performance and the requirements of the organization. It helps in improving the performance of the employee and hence increases the productivity of the organization.

Question 6 four groups who are involved in Performance Management

The four groups involved in Performance management are as following:

  • Executives
  • Managers
  • Human Resource Department
  • Employees

Question 7 Three policies that need to follow that are related to performance management

The policies related to performance management are:

  • Annual leave policy
  • Recruitment policies and procedures
  • Wage condition and bonus requirement

Question 8 GROW and provide two possible questions for each stage of the process

The “GROW” model is a way designed for coaching which can help in enhancing the performance of the employees.

The GROW model stands for:

G=Goal:At this stage the team members along with their leaders decide on the goals and objectives of the organization. The goal must be achievable and realistic. The two questions for this stage are:

  • How will you know that goal is achieved?
  • How will you know that problem is solved?

R= Reality:This is the stage where leaders try to know about the real condition of the employee, he tries to know whether the employee have all the relevant and required data to solve the problem. Sometime the employees miss out some important data and hence there is a decrease in the performance. The two questions are:

  • What is happening now?
  • What is the result of that step taken by you?

O=Options:Once the real situation is known now is the time to look at all the alternative and options available to solve the problem. This includes a healthy discussion between managers and employees. The ideas come from both the side, but the managers should always try to get the ideas from the employees first. The questions are:

  • What else could be done?
  • What are advantages and disadvantages of every option?

W=wrap up:the final step will involve the commitment from the employee’s side on a specific course of action to achieve the goals. The two questions will be:

  • So what will you do now?
  • How likely is this option to succeed?
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Question 9

While giving the feedback to Mike, first of all I will congratulate him on his success. I will talk about the rewards and recognition with him. This will help him to get motivated to perform in similar manner in future.

In the second phase of discussion I will discuss about the future plans with him. I will make him to understand his importance for the organization.

Lastly I will give him some suggestions where there will need of some betterment in the performance.

Question 10

The feedback should always be a balance between the positives and the negatives. As mentioned din the case that Louise has shown some improvement in the performance but still she has got some issue in starting the required test on time. So in this kind of situation I will first give Louise a chance to explain that why she is been not able to deliver on time. Then I will try to make her understand that she is working well and improving on certain key factors but if the product is not delivered on time, then it will not be of any use and hence the improvement must be shown in the results. I will tell her to concentrate on the way she is working but will suggest her to speed up her work so that the results can be delivered on time.

Question 12 How would you provide assistance to an employee

 Employee A: the one who has got problem in doing job, I will discuss with him and try to find the exact problem or issue for under performance. Then I along with the employee will analyze the problem and try to find out a solution for it. Once the solution is given to the employee, I will monitor the Employee performance  and from time to time will give some positive feedbacks to him so that he is motivated to work.

Employee B: The employee who need to work on skills for promotions require on job trainings so that he can improve his abilities. I will develop a coaching plan for him. He needs more of a motivation in order to work hard on his skills for promotion and also he should be told about the benefits of promotion.

Question 13

In order to end the conflict I will first talk to both the employees separately so that I am aware about the story of both the side. I will try to find out the exact underlying reason of the fight. Then I will fix up a meeting with both the employees and try to come up to solution which will be acceptable by both the employees. Both the employees need agree on the common solution to the problem.

At the end of the meeting I will inform them about the discipline rules of the organization and tell them about the harsh steps like termination against them if the fight is repeated again.

Assessment 2

Part A

I will discuss my plan with the shop manager i.e. Judy walker as she is managing all the sales staff and hence she is the best person to help me in relocating the work of the staff members. 2. Work plan for new employee:

Job title: Sales Executive

Key Duties:

  • To handle the walk in customers in the shop
  • Develop good Customer relationship Increase the sale volume of the shop


The main objective of the employee will be to achieve and sales target and customer satisfaction


The goal will be achieved when the sales person is motivated enough to sell the product. To motivate him there will lots of rewards and recognition schemes. In order to sell the product he must know all the details about the product for which training will be provided to him.

Performance Standards:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Sales volume

Performance measurement:

The performance can be measured by keeping a track of revenue collection and by taking the feedbacks from the customers.

3. Sally Smith, Senior Salesperson

Sally looks after the walk-in customers at the store. She will work on weekends also.

Peter King, Salesperson and Accountant

Peter works full time, Monday-Friday. He is responsible for looking after customer enquiries from 3pm-5pm. He also looks after the accounts for the business. Need not to work overtime; instead he can look after the enquiries full time.

Judy Walker, Shop Manager: she can continue in the way she was working

Matt Damon, Valuer and Jewellery Cleaner

Instead of him, one man who can work as a valuer as well as sales person can be recruited.

Casual staff X 3:

Usually, over Christmas, up to 3 additional casual staff is employed to look after sales.

4. Salary:

Sally Smith: 38-40 Australian Dollars

Judy walker: 50-60 Australian Dollars

5. The performance of the staff can be managed by keeping a track of the feedback from the customers and of the sales volume. There need to be feedback form which should be filled by every customer regarding the services offered. The sales track can be monitored by asking the sales person to fill a log book as every sale. These are the two most important factors which need to be monitored for performance management.

6.  There are various steps which should be followed in order to evaluate and manage the staff performance:
  1. Goal Setting: the goal should be achievable and aligned with the mission of the organization
  2. Regular supervision: a continuous supervision should be there in order to ensure the achievement of the goal.
  3. Feedback: feedbacks helps the employees in understanding their performance level and if required improve themselves
  4. Formal Reviews: this is an individual discussion about performance between the manager and the employee.
  5. Reward System: it is very important to bring in the motivation in the employees.



Part B

1.  I will give the positive feedback to Matt Damon and encourage him to do his work in the similar manner.

2. I will talk to sally and try to get the feedback from her on the complaints which we got from the customers. I will inform her about the good work she has done in the past and then will informally tell her that few customers came with some complaints against her.

3. I will keep the record properly as even the informal discussions will also help me to understand the details of the problems in the performance of Sally.

4. Main Issues:

  • Coming late to work
  • Being rude to customers

G: I will tell her about the goal and the objective of the organization which is customer satisfaction and sale volume

R: I will ask her to go through all the customer feedback forms which are filled for the services which she offered to the customers.

O: I will ask her to be polite to the customers and also come on time so that there is no loss of customers.

W: I will ask her to tell her plans, so that she can come on time and will do a practice session in order to get an idea about her way of talking to customers.

Part C

1. Small Business fair dismissal code checklist

  • 1 - Under 15
  • 2 - Yes
  • 3 - No
  • 4 - No to all the 4 options
  • 5 - Yes, I dismissed her because she was not doing her job properly and was being rude to the customers which are not acceptable in our type of organization.

2 - Due to dismissal of sally, not the number of sales employee decreased. Since she has been dismissed due to non-performance she will try to bad mouth the company.

3 - Before dismissing I should have informed her so that she is mentally prepared for the same.

4 - Fair Work in Australiafair-work-in-australia

6 -Misconduct means where the employee is involved in some wrong act, this is usually due to carelessness of the employee. Serious misconduct is where employee is involved in very sever act of wrong doing. This results in the severe damage to the organization and the employee involved in this process is usually terminated at the end of the day.

Stealing money cannot be considered as the serious misconduct until and unless it is repeated again and again. One must try to understand the reason behind the stealing, might be the employee is in real need of money and he is not able to ask for the same.