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Psychological health nursing or mental health nursing is a very complex and demanding area of nursing sciences. In this field a student not only understands the concept of nursing care and practice but also considers the understanding of the psychological condition of the patient. A mental health nursing student has to undergo extraordinary training procedure to develop the knowledge and skills of practice. Another key role which a mental health nurse has to play is in context of the family and society in which a patient lives. A mental health nurse has to deal with them and answer their questions repeatedly as most of the mental health patients are treated in community or at home rather than at hospital.

Majority of the diseases which impacts the psychological condition of a patient are depression, social anxiety, schizophrenia, psychosis, paranoia, dementia and bipolar disorders. In this field of nursing studies nurses are provided with an additional training in field of therapeutic alliances and development of intervention plans on the basis of psychological therapies. In the entire nursing plan of mental health patient a nurse always seek to develop a relationship and mutual understanding with the patient. They tend to develop trust on each other so that further treatment can be built on this.

A mental health nursing student has to keep a very fine and delicate balance between individuality and developing relationship with the patient because it cannot be allowed that a mental health nurse can get too close to the patient because it will hamper the decision making process and cannot be that detached that patient doesn’t trust the nurses. This art is learned by a long and rigorous process of education and on the job training by the nursing schools and colleges.

Mental health nursing today is playing a very wide and effective role in providing a wholesome and efficient health care delivery to the mental health patients. It is not possible for the doctors to reach and personally care for each patient round the clock and monitor their progress. This role can be played by a nurse only who can be the bridge between the patient and the doctor. In mental health nursing a student has to learn some other aspects of health care delivery as well which are not important in other specialties of nursing studies. These aspects are maintaining equality among patient, promote respect as well as independency, therapeutic relationship and alliances without any personal relationship development, developing clear cut boundaries and demonstrating the art of self awareness. In such a unique and multidimensional subject it becomes very difficult for the student to decide whether time should be spent on understanding the concepts and practice them or on the academic requirements like assignments, essays, projects and dissertations. LOCUS RAGS here is available with its latest concept of providing a very specialized and focused assistance on mental health nursing specialty. An entire team of highly qualified and experienced experts is dedicated by us towards the nursing studies assignment so that we can serve our clients in a much efficient and effective manner.

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