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Nutrition and family health nursing is a very specialized filed of nursing sciences. In this field a nursing professional is specially trained to take care of the general health of a family and maintain their nutrition intake and diet plans by continuous monitoring and measuring their BMI on regular intervals. This field of nursing is highly involved in life style related disorders which is becoming most fatal and chronic diseases specially in developed countries. A nutrition nursing professionals also requires to understand the demographic factors of the society in which they are practicing and develop intervention plans which suits the major requirement of their patient. This branch requires people who are vigilant and conscious about their patient and always active in their effort even though results are very slowly progressing.

Nutrition nursing is a branch of future and it is expected that this branch will have a very wide scope in near future because majority of rising diseases in the world are now based on the diet and general activity of a person. It is very important for a nursing student to understand the core theoretical concepts of the subject and develop skills to apply them in a practical manner. this branch of nursing has a very active involvement of psychological and behavioral sciences because without understanding the behavior and psychology of a patient it becomes very difficult to develop an effective nutrition planning. Under the purview of nutrition nurse patient of different age range are present. In order to develop such skills a student is expected to put in his hundred percent in understanding and practicing the concept of nursing care.

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