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Emergency care nursing is a nursing specialty branch which deals with the acute cases or patient who are in the critical stage of their diseases and sufferings. An emergency care nursing professional remains extremely busy and their work schedule is highly unplanned in nature.  The word emergency it self indicates that it has to be dealt immediately and effectively because patient's life or death is dependent on it most of the time. Some of the basic requirement of a emergency care nurse is highly dedicated, aggressive in treatment approach and planning, ability to work for long hours and at odd time of the day and genuine care for the patient in distress. Emergency care nursing study involves routine nursing sciences studies along with a very hard and rigorous training of emergency room management.

In emergency care nursing a nurse has to be aware as well as highly deft in administrating life saving procedures and also develop the ability to work in extremely stressful conditions. Many times patient is almost in the sinking stage and relatives are in a very aggressive mode. Such situation are dealt both delicately and firmly by the nursing professional. an emergency nursing student has to undergo one of the highly complicated and tight scheduled course where along with routine lectures and practical session there is an intense clinical training. In such condition it is but natural that finding time for academic requirements like essays, assignments and projects hamper the way to achieve excellence in professional standards.

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