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Community nursing is also known as public health nursing. This branch of nursing deals with the health of public and community of a region. It is designed in such a manner that a nursing student can learn and develop the skills of assessing the disease risk and prevalence in a particular population and then form intervention techniques which are most suitable for that population. It is important that a public health nurse should be highly educated and experienced in public speaking and also have good communication skills. A public nursing professional also requires developing skills to adjust in different communities and people who belong to different strata’s of the society.

A community nurse’s role in health care service delivery is very important because they have the ability to prevent the diseases or arrest them at the beginning stage making it very easy for the government and hospitals to deal with the number of patients. If community nurses play their role effectively in a community they can improve the overall health condition of a community. One drawback of the community nursing is their effects emerge in a slow manner and a community nurse has to keep patience for years before their efforts can bring fruits in the health care status.

A community health nursing student’s curriculum is very rigorous with many field visits and spending time with the patients in their natural environment. Along with that a nursing student has to undergo a long series of lectures’ practical classes and clinical sessions along with the additional training of working in community centers with minimal equipment. With such a rigorous coursework and demanding curriculum, it becomes very difficult for a student to spend time on trivialities like assignments’ minor projects and dissertations. It has been observed that students occasionally spend a lot of time on these academic requirements and miss out on the actual learning and conceptual clarity of the topics. LOCUS RAGS is here to help students of nursing studies with their academic requirements. At LOCUS RAGS we assure you that our highly qualified and experienced team of nursing faculty which is highly dedicated towards nursing studies. We assure you that our team will be providing excellent services within stipulated deadline so that our help in nursing assignment can not only secure good grades but also provides you more understanding about the subject.

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